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Than to process an apartment for destruction of fleas: we clear the house independently

Разбираемся, как и чем можно эффективно обработать квартиру от блох...

Before processing an apartment from fleas, most owners face a serious problem of choice - in the hardware stores and in the markets there are dozens of different preparations for treating the apartment from parasites, and the prices for all kinds of cans or bottles with concentrates for breeding can vary at times. And from all this variety it is necessary to choose the means that will surely work, will not affect the health of people and pets in the room and will not hit hard on the pocket. Such means against fleas are, but not all of them know about.

It is important to remember that even before processing the premises from fleas, you must first get rid of the parasites of all pets living in the apartment. In this treatment from flea cats, dogs, rodents and birds is often even more tedious process than the removal of parasites in the room itself.

Обработка животного от блох является первым этапом тотального уничтожения паразитов в квартире

But this important initial step is a pledge that the fleas will be exterminated completely.

So, when the animals will be rid of the fleas, and those of them who regularly walk on the street, will be dressed in special anti-flea collars, you can safely choose a remedy and proceed with the treatment of the fleas of the apartment itself. This stage we will go further and consider in more detail.

Fundamentals of flea remedies: deal with insecticides

When choosing a remedy for fleas, first of all you need to look at its composition. The most effective and safe preparations use natural and synthetic insecticides of the last generations, which do not have a strong unpleasant odor and are almost completely harmless for warm-blooded animals.

Treatment of the house against fleas with preparations containing such substances will be most effective and at the same time safe for tenants. In the flea remedy, you should look for:

  1. Pyrethrin 1 or Pyrethrine 2, sometimes - Pyrethrum. These are natural components of Dalmatian chamomile flowers, quite effective against fleas and other insects. Of the known modern drugs, it is found that in the so-called Piretrum powder. Порошок Пиретрум
  2. Permethrin and its derivatives: Cypermethrin, Deltamethrin, Tetrametrine, Talstar. These are synthetic analogues of Pyrethrins, even more effective and very widely used today in various means from insects.
  3. Fipronil, used more often in the means for breeding fleas in animals.
  4. Benzyl benzoate is also a very well-known insecticide, because of its relative safety it is often used to remove lice. Бензилбензоат часто применяется и для выведения вшей
  5. Piperonyl butoxide - this insecticide is often combined with others, for example, with permethrin, to obtain a synergistic effect.
  6. Sometimes for the treatment of an apartment against fleas use and organophosphorus compounds - Dichlorvos, Carbofos, Diazinon, etc. These substances have significant disadvantages, in particular - a certain, though not high, toxicity and a relatively strong unpleasant odor. Today, drugs with their content are rarely used to remove fleas, and buy these funds is only for processing industrial or non-residential premises - they are cheaper than those that contain, for example, pyrethroids.

Некоторые устаревшие инсектициды вполне способны уничтожить блох в квартире, но в то же время они могут нанести вред и здоровью жильцов

It is interesting

All modern preparations with the word "Dichlorvos" in their name do not have a relation to the actual chemical substance, but contain pyrethroids, sometimes Piperonyl butoxide. The substance itself is inferior to these components by action on insects, but the producers did not want to lose customers knowing the means with this name as an effective fighter of fleas and other parasites. So the drug "Dichlophos" today was not containing proper Dichlorvos.

When choosing a drug, you should pay attention to the fact that it contains not one of any insecticide, but at least two, preferably - more. This will guarantee that the fleas will actually be destroyed - today because of the frequent use of funds with the same poisonous substances, parasites sometimes develop resistance to them.

В ряде случаев у блох может вырабатываться резистентность к применяемым отравам

In large cities, disinfesters that sanitize fleas are already identifying insect populations that are not susceptible to Cypermethrin and Pyrethrum. Accordingly, the richer the composition of the drug, the drug itself is usually more reliable.

Which preparation to choose?

On the shelves of shops today you can find drugs to treat the apartment from fleas in various forms of release:

  • it can be concentrated solutions of insecticides that require dilution in water (often they are also called emulsion concentrates);
  • aerosols ready for spraying in cylinders;
  • as well as dust and pencils (dusty all kinds of insecticidal powders are called).

Of these, concentrates are most universal and effective, most of them actually kill insects on the spot and at the same time are inexpensive - one bottle of such concentrate is usually enough to handle a large area. It should be noted, however, that some of these drugs are quite toxic and not always devoid of an unpleasant odor. If you want, after the treatment of the apartment from the fleas of smell in the room was almost not - you can pay attention to the concentrates of microencapsulated insecticides.

Микрокапсулированный инсектицид Get

Aerosols in cans are convenient for rapid treatment from fleas of residential or office premises. They do not require preparation or breeding, sometimes they have a pleasant smell (due to fragrances) and often give a good result. But in general they are the most expensive.

Insecticidal dusts and pencils can be used in the control of flea larvae - adult parasites do not eat anything other than blood, and therefore do not get dust in their body. The exception is the means of contact action, but their effectiveness is still lower than in aerosol formulations and spray solutions obtained from concentrates.

Aerosols from fleas

Of the aerosols used to treat apartments from fleas, the most popular means today are Raptor, Combat and Reid. All these preparations are very convenient, flavored with smells of mint, lavender or eucalyptus and are relatively safe to use.

Средство Combat SuperSpray

Aerosol treatment should be done as carefully as possible, paying special attention to hard-to-reach places: various cracks, small holes, shelves and cabinets with old things. In such places, as a rule, larvae of fleas hide, and without their destruction processing will only give a temporary result.

Aerosol should fully handle all surfaces in the house, carpets and joints of wallpaper. Particular attention is paid to the litter and stove of pets - they are the main shelters of parasites.

В кошачьих подстилках зачастую присутствует множество блох и их личинок

On a note

Many ill-prepared sellers today mistakenly refer to all aerosols as dichlophos. Of course, this is wrong.

During the processing of the apartment from fleas of all people and animals from it should be withdrawn. At the time of processing, all windows and doors are closed, and after it has been completed for several hours, the room must be infused so that the aerosol with air current penetrates into all the cracks and parasites, even where the person does not exactly reach. Cells and aquariums containing hamsters, mice or rats should be cleaned of litter and feed stocks, washed and also thoroughly treated.

After treatment in the room, wet cleaning and airing are carried out.

После обработки квартиры от блох нужно провести влажную уборку и проветривание

It is necessary to distinguish aerosols from fleas for processing apartments from those for processing animal wool. On the effectiveness they are approximately comparable, but treating furniture from fleas with aerosol for animals will be very expensive pleasure, and the use of aerosols for putting against fleas on the pet can lead to animal poisoning and serious side effects.

The price of all aerosols is approximately the same. 250-ml balloon means Raid and Raptor costs about 150 rubles, and Combat - about 200. They are also similar in efficiency, so you can buy the one that was first on the counter. Only in the process of exploitation can it become clear that a particular drug in a particular apartment is less or more effective than others.

Средство от летающих и ползающих насекомых Raid


"After the fleas were stung by Chingiz, the question arose how to get them out of the apartment. Although insects were few, but they constantly bite during the day during sleep, and in different rooms (the dog quietly walks around the house). We bought Raid, but it did not help. The seller explained to us that sometimes fleas develop resistance to individual remedies. Reprocessed, this time Raptor from creeping insects. Very convenient drug, it smells of mint, two cylinders were enough for the whole house. The fleas really disappeared, but just in case, we changed the litter of Chingiz and a few days they were roasting the carpets in the sun. "

Alexey, Taman

Concentrates for dilution

Among the concentrates there are many professional tools used by sanitation workers for disinsection of premises. It is the concentrates that are considered to be the most effective drugs from domestic insects, including fleas. However, they can also be quite toxic and require precaution when used.

The most famous concentrated insecticides are Get (Get), Tetriks, Tsifoks, Kukaracha, Executioner, Agran, Medilis Ziper, Zona, etc.

Пример: концентрат инсектицидного средства Кукарача

Средство от насекомых Палач эффективно уничтожает и блох

Tetriks, Medilis Ziper, Tsifoks and Kukaracha have a strong unpleasant odor. Get and Zone are microencapsulated means from insects and smell practically do not have. In general, although it is a rather expensive drug, But at the same time, due to its effectiveness and absence of odor, it can be considered optimal for self-treatment of an apartment from fleas.

On a note

Microencapsulated preparations are available in the form of a suspension in which the insecticide itself is concentrated in microscopic granules. After spraying in the room, these granules settle on the surfaces and bodies of the insects themselves, and later on, the parasites involuntarily cling such capsules onto their limbs. Insecticides in these products penetrate the integument of the flea body and lead to the same poisoning as when ingested through the mouth.

Средство от насекомых Get создано на базе так называемой инкапсулированной суспензии

Микрокапсулы на фотографии при сильном увеличении

Микроскопические капсулы оседают на поверхностях, в том числе и на теле насекомого

Before use, all concentrates must be diluted with water at the manufacturer's specified ratios, and then poured into normal household spray and used in the same way as aerosols. When applying, you should spray the entire apartment, carefully treat the flea floors, especially if they are covered with parquet. After the application of microencapsulated preparations, those surfaces on which food is not prepared and children do not play, it is advisable not to wash for several days.

Microencapsulated insect preparation Get

Get today is considered one of the most effective remedies for domestic insects in general, but most widely it is used against bloodsucking parasites (bed bugs, fleas). The cost of a 100-ml bottle of it is 720 rubles, this amount of a substance dissolves in 1 liter of water and is sufficient for the complete processing of a large room with furniture.

Препарат Гет, 100 мл

The Get facility can be effectively treated against fleas and carpets - it is in carpets that often there are adult insects and their larvae. In a day or two, after treatment, they will all be exterminated, and there are no stains and unpleasant smell.

It is important to distinguish the real Get out of microcapsulation technology from counterfeits: the tool should have only one letter "t" in its name, the bottle must be white, and when it is opened, a foil membrane with the logo "Get" should be visible.

Delta Zone and Lambda Zone

These agents are also based on microencapsulated insecticides. The Delta Zone contains microencapsulated Deltamethrin, and Lambda Zone - Lambda-Cyhalothrin.

В состав средства Дельта Зона входит микрокапсулированный инсектицид Дельтаметрин

Both these drugs are specialized drugs for fighting fleas in the apartment. Implemented in bottles of 50 ml, each of which, with the correct dilution is sufficient for processing 100 square meters. m. of the apartment. The cost of one bottle is about 500 rubles.


The drug contains Cypermethrin and is one of the most budgetary options for treating an apartment from fleas. A 50 ml bottle costs about 200 rubles and allows you to process an area of ​​up to 100 square meters. m.

Средство Цифокс содержит циперметрин, который вызывает быстрый паралич и гибель блох

On a note

The area of ​​treatment indicated on the preparations implies the area of ​​all surfaces on which the product will be applied, but not the area of ​​the room in general. So, in an apartment with an area of ​​36 square meters. m. The total area of ​​all surfaces together with carpets, furniture and shelves on loggias, which must be processed, can exceed 100 square meters. m.

Dusts and their use

Dusts (insecticidal powders) against fleas are used mainly to fight flea larvae where there are a lot of them and irrationally spray them with aerosols. For example, it is quite effective to use dust in cellars and cellars, in attics-in general, in rooms where no one lives, but of which adult fleas can migrate to rooms and apartments.

Here, the Clean House, the Phenaxin and the Tornado are well established. They are inexpensive and quite effective. Use them in living quarters should be done with great care.

Инсектицидный порошок (дуст) Фенаксин

In general, the ways of self-processing apartments from fleas are good for their economy: even in the case of a large area of ​​the premises, the budget of such an event can be accommodated in 1500-2000 rubles. However, the drawbacks of this approach are their laboriousness and the probability of errors and oversights that can give some parasites a chance to survive.

It is much more reliable and simple to call a team of pest controlists who will treat the apartment with effective means, remove fleas where an inexperienced fighter with parasites will not even look for them, and give a guarantee for the absence of insects for several months. In those cases where an additional 1000-2000 rubles are not critical, it is better to entrust the treatment of the apartment from fleas to specialists.

If you decide to fight against fleas on your own, then we recommend using only proven in practice tools that have shown their high efficiency:

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      A month ago, the flea flew at the cat with droplets, the fleas became smaller, but there are a lot of eggs and pupae in the wool, there are many bites and it itches hard. Now she bathed in a special shampoo, dried the cat and combed it. It took 3 hours before it itches. In a few days I will process the apartment with a solution of delicada.

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