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What you should treat flea bites in humans

Когда следует лечить укусы блох

Flea bites, despite all their soreness and long-lasting pruritus, in most cases do not require special treatment and usually pass by themselves. As a rule, within 1-2 days the swelling on the site of the bite completely disappears, and after 3-4 days all the traces of reddening pass. But it does not always happen ...

Often in children, and sometimes - in women and just people with a sensitive enough and tender skin, flea bites can lead to strong local irritations, allergic reactions and even serious skin diseases. And in these cases, the consequences of insect attacks should necessarily be treated properly, and sometimes - consult a doctor.

In any case, it is not difficult to treat flea bites in humans and first aid can be given to yourself or a loved one yourself with such damages.

First aid with flea bites

Treatment of flea bites in humans is required when the various symptoms do not go away within 3-4 days, or if in the first few hours the painful sensations are too strong to endure (and sometimes this).

В большинстве случаев лечение укусов блох не требуется

Itchiness from flea bites is the first symptom that attracts attention and requires the application of appropriate measures. And it is from the itch that suffer and children, and adults, and pets.

A flea bite is usually a small swelling of red or pink with a well-marked center. In this center there is a tiny hemorrhage. In the photo below, you can see characteristic flea bites:

Следы от укусов блох

And in the next photo - a heavily parasitized foot:

Укусы блох на ноге человека


"And we rested cool! If it were not for fleas, there would be paradise in general. Already on the first day we rested in the room, and fleas bitten my legs, and then - and my husband. It is clear that on such an ancient base of rest and parasites it was possible to get stronger. In principle, there were not many of them, and we all day swam at sea and the bites quickly passed. Once I only smeared them with the "Rescuer" and everything quickly passed. "

Anna, Vorkuta

Regardless of the strength of the sensations in the places of flea bites, all swelling should be treated as soon as possible with warm water with antiseptic soap. And if the insect has just bitten, you can immediately attach a piece of ice to the wound or frozen meat from the refrigerator.

There are several means by which it is necessary to smear flea bites already after a certain time:

  • sulfuric ointment, which allows you to quickly sooth itch
  • baking soda solution
  • calamine solution
  • any solution of ethyl alcohol, perhaps simple iodine, zelenka or even vodka.

All these remedies will help a little to ease the itch, speed up getting rid of traces of flea bites and prevent secondary contamination of the wound. This is basically all you need to do if you've been bitten by fleas.

And more serious measures should be resorted only when the bites begin to ache, swell and cause other alarming symptoms.


In no case can you comb the bites of fleas. When combing, it is possible to open and infect the wound, which is fraught with infection, inflammation and suppuration.

As a rule, fleas bite their feet, even if they attack a sleeping person. In case of severe lesions, the legs are easier to bandage in the places of the bites of fleas, having previously smeared them with ointment or lotion from itching.

On a note

On their feet, flea bites are often confused with irritations from various plants. Especially - the bites of small fleas: rat, cat, fox.

When flea bites cause allergies or a specific skin irritation, you need to start more serious treatment.

Actions for allergies to flea bites and development of irritations

Allergy to flea bites is just as common as a similar reaction to the bites of other insects. Therefore, if a person often sprinkles bees or bedbugs on bites, he also reacts to flea attacks quite sharply.

Фото: аллергическая реакция на укус блохи

Common symptoms of allergy in flea bites are:

  • rashes on the body in the area of ​​the bites themselves
  • increased excitability of the nervous system: anxiety, general agitation
  • headache
  • temperature increase
  • diarrhea
  • shortness of breath (this is a particularly dangerous sign).

On a note

Medicine knows cases of anaphylactic shock after flea bites. Therefore, if the first signs of severe allergy after the attack of insects have appeared, it is necessary to begin treatment as soon as possible.

To treat exacerbations after flea bites, it is necessary only after contacting a doctor. Self-administration of drugs without taking into account the characteristics of the body can lead to the opposite effect and worsening of the condition of the bitten.

Usually, to reduce the manifestations of an allergic reaction, the doctor prescribes:

  • antihistamines - Suprastin, Dimedrol, Loratadine
  • means for lowering the temperature. The specific prescription depends on the age and general physical condition of the person
  • sedatives.

Universal means for first aid to the bitten will be Hydrocortisone - ointment from the bites of fleas and other insects with its presence immediately suppresses the manifestations of an allergic reaction. If it is known that a person reacts sharply to insect bites in general, then the flea bites should be anointed with such ointment immediately, even before the appearance of the main signs of allergy.

Hydrocortisone is also helpful in allergic reactions from flea bites in children.

Pronounced dermatophilia as a reaction to flea bites and what to do in this case

Dermatophiliasis is a kind of borderline skin between a simple bite reaction and a pronounced allergy. He already has a rash, but there are no generalized symptoms of an allergic reaction.


Dermatophiliasis, caused by flea bites, is also called pelicosis.

When it is necessary to take almost the same measures as in the simple processing of bites:

  • disinfect wounds with a simple antiseptic soap
  • treat bites with sulfur ointment or alcohol solution
  • apply a cold compress.

In this case, all actions should be performed more often, more carefully, and in any worsening situation, consult a doctor.


Running dermatophilia without treatment can be the cause of dermatitis of different symptoms. Therefore, they should be treated as early as possible.

What infections can fleas carry?

Fleas are carriers of pathogens of a large number of diseases, among which there are deadly dangers to humans. For example, the effects of flea bites can be:

  • anthrax
  • brucellosis
  • plague
  • hepatitis
  • encephalitis
  • salmonellosis
  • trypanosomiasis

…and many others.

Крысиные блохи являются потенциальными переносчиками бубонной чумы

In principle, each insect can be a potential carrier of one or another pathogen, and therefore the bites of these parasites should be avoided, and in the premises they should be diligently harassed.

Infection with the infection can also occur after combing the bites. Therefore, it is safest to treat affected areas of the skin with means that reduce itching, and then - immediately bandage the places of bites.

Folk remedies for the treatment of flea bites

The most famous traditional preparations for the treatment of flea bites are:

  • Aloe juice, which need to accurately lubricate bite marks
  • apple cider vinegar, whose aqueous solution also helps to soothe itch
  • lemon juice or lemon juice
  • ammonia
  • simple soda solution.

Существует ряд народных средств, помогающих снять симптомы укусов блох

As practice shows, it is very effective right after a bite to lower a leg or an arm or a hand in cold water. After ten to fifteen minutes, the itch will pass, and the tumor will diminish in size much faster than when it is bandaged.

Today there are repellents that protect people from flea bites, even where these insects are known to be in abundance. Such drugs are very useful for travelers and those who work in nature.

A good remedy for flea bites contains special substance DETA, which reliably deters insects. Such repellents are usually sprayed on their feet, which creates a reliable protection for several hours.

Those who are bitten by the fleas at home should first of all find out how badly the apartment is infected and start fighting with parasites as soon as possible. Remember: getting rid of fleas is much easier and more reasonable than constantly treating their bites.

If fleas rise to the apartment from the basement, then do not wait and hope that they somehow "dissolve" by themselves. While you wait, the parasites multiply rapidly, bite the rats, and then settle into the apartments of the high-rise building. In such cases, it is necessary to act swiftly and decisively.

If you decide to fight against fleas on your own, then we recommend using only proven in practice tools that have shown their high efficiency:

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  2. Anonymous :

    That's horrible

  3. Anonymous :

    And my landlady has many animals, I rented an apartment and noticed bites, and itching on the body. While there is no way to go to another home, I'm suffering, but at the first opportunity I'll leave.

    • Anonymous :

      If you move, well, in another apartment they will bite you further

  4. Masha :

    My boyfriend has flocks in the apartment, and while I sleep, they bite me. Very beginning to annoy these bites, and now a very small desire to go to his home.

  5. Anonymous :

    We bought a room, and there lived drunks with a cat. They began to take out furniture, on me, from head to foot, fleas were sitting and eating. Now terrible sores, and it itches all hands, body, legs - the strongest. Also the first floor. I do not know how to live there. Already dichlofosili and painted everything, but they do not care. Neighbors also complained that they are constantly bitten, but they do not have such rasches as I have.

    • Jeanne :

      Treat with neocidol. Bites are menovazine.

  6. Pelin :

    My God, I also have problems (I moved to a friend, and she has fleas at home, they do not bite, they eat me, and there are traces of a bruise.) What can I do? Help me, how can I get rid of traces?

  7. Glory :

    Appeared from where it is, full. Even with his hands he caught on his feet. Mostly legs. I scratched for several weeks, I was freaking out, I washed myself in the bathroom every day. And then they disappeared without a trace, unnoticed, as they appeared.

  8. Lisa :

    The child stroked the dog on a visit and now, without a single animal in the house, we had fleas ((

    • Anonymous :

      Fleas do not live in public! And the child could not bring it on himself.

      • Anonymous :

        Even as he could. My son played at a neighbor, came home, took off his shirt, and there fleas 5 pieces on the inside of the tank top, where the seams. Mike is white, fleas immediately flew into view.

        • Karina :

          I confirm, I could not bring myself. I'm a biologist. Most likely (sorry), the child brought on himself not fleas, but human lice (pubic or ordinary).

          And those who have fleas in the apartment, I advise you to call the disinsector. Most likely, insects came from the basement.

          • Anonymous :

            You are a biologist, but in life, probably, you have not seriously encountered practice. I personally brought from my neighbor fleas, when the cat fed. Then, when I went out, I constantly shook myself off.

          • Anonymous :

            It's definitely a mouse, a lot this year.

  9. Daria :

    There are five of us living in a private house, but they only bite me, so much so that there is hardly any living place on my feet. For a day I catch on my feet a minimum of 10 pieces. I was perspiring with dichlorvos, it helped for exactly one evening. This is a temporary phenomenon, they go away with colds))

  10. Nina :

    I advise everyone - pick wormwood, brew in a saucepan and wash the floors. Fleas will disappear. Or buy a collar from fleas for dogs. Cut into pieces and lay them in different places.

  11. Anonymous :

    Yes, this infection does not bite everyone! They say that insects choose the composition of blood. So, I'm gnawed at everything: fleas, flies, mosquitoes ((Only the animal is nearby, its passengers are on me! It's always combs and blisters.) What should I do so that they do not touch me?

  12. Anonymous :

    Urgent treatment of the premises: CARBOFOS, do not confuse with dichlorvos (it does not help). then buy FAS tablets, dissolve and sprinkle the room, the instruction is attached. Bites: as long as there is no wound, lubricate the usual nail polish until they pass - it is checked, it works 100%. Good luck to all.

  13. Anonymous :

    A full hard, climb out of the basement. The second positive blood group, in general full pipets, stick, like a bee on honey or as a fly on you know what. CC and Housing do not want to work, take money and wipe their feet about us and all honest people. They are scammers. Do not be afraid to talk about it, do not be silent, register it and stop talking! PS Or are you used to tolerate when your mouth is caulked? ..

  14. Anonymous :

    From the bites of fleas are wounds, long do not pass and leave dark specks. What to do?

  15. Vasilisa :

    I slept with cats for two days, from nowhere - fleas. So it itches, that has bought or purchased shealku. No more cats in bed! ))

    Guys, I found the effect of flea bites: pour lemon juice on the bite site and rub. Juice is not a store! Squeeze the juice from the lemon. I just smeared, helped. At least it does not itch already. Try it, it helps.

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