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Появление блох в доме всегда влечет для хозяев массу неприятностей. Давайте посмотрим, что нужно делать для скорейшего избавления помещения от паразитов...

Fleas in the house always appear unexpectedly, especially when the owners do not keep pets. In such cases, usually there is bewilderment: how so, there are no animals, and there are fleas in the house, is it possible? ..

As a rule, fleas begin to especially pester their bites much later than when they first found themselves in the house. The fact is that these parasites lead a rather secretive way of life, with only adults biting. At the same time, for example, flea larvae feed completely differently, and can develop in large numbers in the house, for the time being without attracting the attention of unsuspecting tenants.

Личинки блох не так заметны в доме, как взрослые особи, но с ними тоже нужно активно бороться

Only when the number of parasites in the house becomes significant, and their bites - regular, then the acute issue is the fight against fleas. About what to do if there are fleas in the house and how to make the struggle with them as efficient and quick as possible, we'll go on and talk in more detail.

So, first of all it is necessary to reveal, where the insects appeared. Usually they penetrate into the dwelling in one of two ways:

  1. On the wool of pets from the street or other rooms - the entrance, the basement, combined with the house of the garage. Блохи легко могут проникать в дом на шерсти животного
  2. Either directly "in its own way" from all the same cellars or attics, where they parasitize on rats or pigeons. В больших количествах блохи могут обитать в подвалах, паразитируя там, например, на крысах.

If there is a pet in the house who at least occasionally walks in the street, almost certainly it is he who brings parasites here. If there are no animals at home, but to the attic or basement nearby, we can assume an independent migration of insects. Depending on the path of entry of fleas into the house and the measures for their destruction should be adjusted.


All fleas are dangerous because they carry eggs of worms, pathogens of very dangerous diseases (including plague and encephalitis), and also cause strong skin reactions with their bites. At the same time fleas coming from the basement are more dangerous than "coming" to pets: among them, there are more often rat fleas - the most known carriers of plague and some other infections.

What should I do first?

If you have fleas at home, and you do not know what to do, start with the following simple steps:

  • Treat flea bites to prevent infection through damaged skin. To do this, solutions antiseptics (3% hydrogen peroxide, sulfuric ointment, alcohol solution, you can even use vodka or a solution of soda). When you have a severe allergic reaction, you should see a doctor: in this situation, usually prescribed antihistamines. To remove the itch from flea bites, you can also use various ointments used for insect bites in general. Для снятия зуда от укусов блох можно воспользоваться Фенистил-гелем
  • It is also important to find out where the fleas are in the house in the largest number. Since on animals they jump temporarily, it is necessary to look for parasites under bedding and couches, in basins with sand, under carpets. Also, often fleas are found behind the skirting boards and in the slots of the parquet, but to see them there is problematic. To begin with, it is enough to clean the place where it is possible, and wash and take out carpets and bedding for a while on the street. В большом количестве блохи и их личинки могут находиться на подстилке животного или под ней
  • The third step is to protect yourself from fleas until they are completely removed. To this end, people should be treated with any drug containing DETA. You can also put under the bed a bunch of wormwood, scaring off parasites, or turn on the fumigator in the room. Для отпугивания блох с целью предотвращения их проникновения в дом можно воспользоваться фумигатором

In the photo - fleas in the house on the floor:

Мертвые блохи на полу

And on the next photo - they are on cat's bedding:

Блохи на кошачьей подстилке

Above, preliminary measures were indicated before the fight against parasites. Next, consider what you need to do to reliably and quickly destroy fleas in the house.

Plan for the elimination of fleas

If the fleas appeared at home, they should be combated in a comprehensive way, adhering to the following plan:

  • If the house has animals - mammals and birds - you must necessarily etch them from fleas. And all, regardless of the size - and mice, and rats, and cats, and dogs, and parrots. Начинать борьбу с блохами в доме нужно с обработки всех домашних животных
  • It is necessary to take measures so that in the next few days after treatment fleas again did not attack the healed pet. For dogs and cats, the anti-block collar works well for this purpose, for rodents - careful cleaning of the aquarium, and for birds and animals living in a cage - moving to another room until the end of the fight against fleas.
  • The next important step is the thorough harassment of fleas in the room. Even if you only occasionally notice that fleas are jumping at home, this is a good reason for such treatment. Often, the larvae of parasites are already hiding in hard-to-reach places, and they can be destroyed only with the help of special means. Личинки блох могут прятаться, например, за плинтусами или в ворсе ковраДаже одна замеченная в доме блоха - повод провести тщательную санитарную обработку жилья
  • If fleas have started at home , having penetrated from the basement (this must be checked), you should also process the basement itself , in parallel carrying out deratization - the destruction of mice and rats. Fleas in the basement of the house is a sign that rodents can live here. Если в подвале дома живут крысы или мыши, то почти наверняка здесь же будут жить и блохи

Even after treatment, appropriate measures should also be taken to prevent fleas from re-entering the room.


"We had such joy - there was not a single living being in my house besides me and my mother. And then after the holidays I look - the flea in the house on the balcony. I thought at first that she accidentally fell, and then bitten me at night, then my mother started complaining about "bedbugs". I began to disassemble the rubble on the balcony, and there are thousands of fleas. The balcony is right above the basement, and the neighbors live on the balcony. Well, in short, three days I flooded the house with Dichlofos Neo. A good such Dichlorvos, does not stink, not an example to the old. The fleas were gone, but at the same time their neighbors were being poisoned. I do not know, maybe we'll have to process the basement, but my money will not suffice for this. "

Lesya, Yakutsk

Let's start with the first step - choose the means by which we will poison the fleas on the pet and in the house in general.

Choosing the right means for breeding fleas

Be sure to remember that preparations for breeding fleas in pets and preparations for treating the house from fleas are completely different means. The former are expensive enough to handle the premises, while the latter can be dangerous for both humans and animals if they are used incorrectly.

For pets, most often use agents such as drops on the withers, sprays and shampoos - they allow you to rid the pet of fleas in a matter of hours.

After that, it is desirable to wear a collar on an animal.

Пример инсектицидного ошейника от блох на кошке

Of the chemicals are very popular drugs Hartz, Bayer, Frontline in the form of drops and sprays, shampoos Phytoelita and Dr. Zoo, collars Hartz, Beaphar, Kiltix. When choosing a remedy, the weight of the animal, its age and health status should be taken into account - in all the rulers there are means for treating sick animals, large and small, growing young of different ages.

При выборе средства от блох у животного нужно учитывать вес, возраст и состояние здоровья питомца

Of the means for treating apartments from fleas, the following drugs are optimal in terms of price-effectiveness ratio:

  • Get (microencapsulated suspension); Средство для уничтожения насекомых Get
  • Executioner; Еще один вариант средства для обработки дома от блох - Палач
  • Cucaracha. Средство Кукарача можно применять не только для уничтожения тараканов в доме, но также и блох

There are more powerful drugs such as Diazinon and Tetrix, but they require a professional approach and have a strong unpleasant odor. Means of the Raptor and Reid type can also be used, but their effectiveness is somewhat lower than those of the above options.

Выбор более мощных препаратов для обработки дома от блох лучше доверить профессионалам

Fleas can also be etched out of the room with kerosene, vinegar and turpentine. However, compared to specialized insecticides, such folk remedies against fleas in addition to the relatively low efficiency also have many other disadvantages - they leave behind a strong persistent unpleasant odor and are generally dangerous in use.

We are getting rid of fleas of domestic animals

Processing of a pet from fleas should be carried out strictly according to the instructions to the means used.

  • Drops on the withers are applied to the pet behind the neck at the base of the skull, or at several points along the spine and diligently rubbed into the skin. After this, it is advisable not to bathe for several days. Инсектицидные капли, как правило, наносятся на холку животного
  • With shampoo from fleas, the pet is simply bathed, and it is important to rinse it thoroughly after such water procedures. При использовании шампуня от блох нужно следить, чтобы он не попал в глаза и рот животного.
  • Spray the animal is sprayed throughout the body, with the hair spread by hand, so that the product gets on the skin. After such treatment, for several hours the animal should not be licked, and then one should just carefully bathe it. Через некоторое время после обработки спреем животное необходимо выкупать под проточной водой

Some remedies have a certain residual effect and allow you not to use collars from fleas. These are, for example, drops from fleas and some sprays. After shampoos, you should always wear an animal collar from fleas, at least until the fleas are removed in the house and before every walk on the street.

We clean the room of parasites

Fleas in a private home can be quickly destroyed completely with the total processing of special preparations of all surfaces and places in which both adult insects and their larvae can live.

Aerosol formulations in cylinders are used in the form in which they are sold. Special concentrates for dilution are diluted with water and sprayed with conventional household spray.

Especially careful processing should be subjected to skirting boards, shelf cabinets in closets, corners in which pets like to sleep. In general, the more surfaces in the house will be processed, the more likely that all fleas will be destroyed.

For the time of treatment, all animals and people should be removed from the premises. After applying the drug, you need to close the windows and doors and leave the house for several hours. Then the room is thoroughly moistened.

После обработки дома от блох следует затем провести в нем тщательную влажную уборку

Fleas in the basement are derived in a similar way, but here it is advisable not to spend any cleaning as long as possible - this will guarantee that the parasites will surely perish.

In the future, as a prophylaxis of repeated reproduction of fleas in the house should be at least once a week to carry out thorough cleaning with washing floors. Thus in water for washing it is necessary to add a decoction of wormwood or tansy, well deterring fleas . On pets that are on the street, at the beginning of the warm season should be worn in anti-block collars, at least for the duration of walks. Such measures are usually enough to prevent fleas from appearing in the house.

If you decide to fight against fleas on your own, then we recommend using only proven in practice tools that have shown their high efficiency:

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  1. Tamara :

    I live in Tula, they have torn the fleas in the apartment. Grilled - helped by my friend who works for this specialty. Nothing has passed. Only they became more aggressive. Sprayed with dichlorvos. Only it became very bad, and they were like in my room, so it is. But my neighbors do not. What to do? Strongly very bite. I ask for help. Already on the body there is no living place. Save! What else can you do? My name is Tamara Nikolaevna. Give me an answer as soon as possible. Thank you.

    • Maria :

      Try Front-line spray. All clothes, bed linen and towels are washed and insulated in bags. From the furniture that you can, take out on the street to be frozen.

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