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Do fleas bite people and how does it happen

Кусают ли блохи людей?..

Fleas, like most other bloodsucking insects, are obligate parasites. In other words, they can not eat anything other than blood - the device of their mouthpiece basically does not allow them to use other sources of food. Therefore, do not puzzle for a long time about why fleas bite a person - they do it only in order to eat, live and multiply.

Another thing is that in most cases, fleas bite a person not as their primary host. Very often a person is bitten by insects that parasitize mainly on other warm-blooded animals - dogs, cats, rats, birds. In the end, and the question of whether the feline bites people or whether the dog bites a dog flea can safely give an unambiguous answer: bite, and very active.

Блоха кусает человека

Фото: блоха пьет кровь человека

Nevertheless, among a large variety of flea species there is one for which the main owner is the person. But this should be discussed in more detail.

Types of fleas that bite a person

Wondering which fleas bite people, we first begin to blame the parasites of our pets. In principle, this is correct: in the overwhelming majority of cases it is the parasites of domestic cats and dogs that are the culprits of unpleasant itchy bites in humans.

Nevertheless, among fleas there is just a human parasite - a human flea . This insect can quite successfully attack and on medium-sized animals - the same cats and dogs - but prefers the person. For piercing human skin, the oral apparatus of this species is optimally adapted, and its general biology is somehow connected with people and their dwelling.

The photo shows an adult human flea, and below - its larva:

Человеческая блоха

Личинка человеческой блохи

On a note

The expression "flea in humans" is not entirely correct. It is used by analogy with lice, but fleas have the main difference - they do not live on a person constantly, but only attack him, bite and leave the body. Therefore, you can not talk about the infection of a person with fleas - it's like saying "this person has mosquitoes."

In general, potentially the majority of more than 2000 species of fleas can bite a person. However, only some of them, in addition to human, account for the majority of bites. Among them:

  • canine flea, perhaps - the record for the number of bitten people. Dog fleas bite people much more often than other parasites of animals due to their number: dogs usually carry more parasites on themselves, and even cling them on the street often.
  • Cat flea - another unique. The peculiarity of this species is that they are widely distributed around the world and bite, perhaps, not less number of mammals than canine fleas. One should not even think whether cat fleas can bite people: they can, and it's very easy. And the reason why cat fleas bite people, the same - they just need to actively eat. In general, feline fleas bite people most often in apartments, since cats are rarely allowed inside private houses, and parasites have to manage those masters that they can meet on the street.
  • Rat fleas - in modern cities bite people seldom, terrorizing mostly provincials and visitors to villages and villages. Nevertheless, they carry with them the largest bouquet of pathogens of various diseases and are the most infectious dangerous.
  • Rabbit fleas, the least likely to bite a person, but, nevertheless, from the entire large cohort of jumping bloodsucking parasites, they also belong to one of the most common.

В основном человека кусают блохи с блохастых кошек и собак

In the most general case, animal fleas bite people at the first convenient opportunity: even those species that parasitize in mice and small birds are quite capable of piercing the skin of a person. Therefore, having noticed on the clothes or in the house of a flea, it is always worthwhile to understand that to any kind of a particular specimen belonged to, he will not miss the opportunity to bite you.


"I never knew if fleas can bite people. Probably just did not come across them. And once my father-in-law took me out hunting and we dug a foxhole with him half a day. After that I found out what the torment was-until we reached the house (and on the old Niva 40 km off-road - it was more than an hour and a half), it seemed that I was cauterized all over my body with cigarettes. At home with me these fox fleas were poured like sand after the beach. "

Leonid Zakharov, the Republic of Adygea

Many people are interested in another question: do cat fleas or other species bite repeatedly for a single feed, as, for example, bugs are done, or does the insect have only one bite, after which it leaves the host's body.

In fact, human fleas usually bite from 1 to 3 times per food. In this they are somewhat inferior to bedbugs.

So, with a question, whether fleas of animals of a man bite, have understood. Now you need to find out exactly how they do it.

How the flea bites - the process in illustrations

Like most insect parasites, the flea's mouthpiece is a very elongated jaw, in a folded working condition similar to a thin needle. The insect pierces the human skin over the blood vessel, reaches the very channel and begins to suck blood.

In the photo, at a large magnification, this insect stiletto is shown:

Человеческая блоха под микроскопом

Кошачья блоха под электронным микроскопом

Собачья блоха под электронным микроскопом

It is interesting

Because of the very small size of the parasite, it is sometimes difficult to get your proboscis to the very blood vessel. Therefore, when bitten, the insect literally puts its head and the front part of the body in the skin, trying to drill as deep as possible, and its body turns vertically during the bite. This is especially evident in a photo taken with a microscope. The human skin is much softer than the skin of animals (even cats and dogs), so you can say that people are biting the fleas with particular pleasure.

При укусе блоха может вгрызаться в кожу

The process of how to bite fleas is generally quite interesting. Like other parasites, they introduce into the wound with their saliva enzyme, which prevents blood clotting and facilitates the process of its sucking.

But if other bloodsuckers inject into the wound an analgesic, thanks to which the victim for a time may not notice a bite at all, then the fleas bite people without such local anesthesia - thanks to a dense chitinous cover and a flattened body they are not afraid of mechanical effects from the itching victim, and therefore especially do not hide their meal.

In general, the bite of a flea is quite specific and feels like a prick with a needle. Few insects attack this way.


"I could never understand who is biting me so hard behind my back when I rest on the veranda. Only once I felt the same prick on my leg, and before I scratched myself I looked at it. It turned out that she was bitten by a flea. Very small, but it bites more than bugs or mosquitoes. "

Anna Pavlovna, Ekaterinburg

What do flea bites look like?

The bites of fleas are quite specific. Features they have several:

  1. Insects prefer to hit the legs and lower back. If a person sleeps, the fleas usually bite their arms and neck.
  2. The trace of the bite is very similar to the mosquito: on the same swelling is located a small central point of skin damage.
  3. Bites are usually arranged in pairs or triplets: each insect, if possible, pierces the skin sequentially in several places, located at a distance of 1-2 cm from each other. At the same time, typical flecks that are characteristic of bug bites, do not leave fleas.
  4. If the fleas bite a person, then the bite sites themselves usually heal more than mosquitoes. In this case, and the pain from each bite is long enough.

In the photo below you can see in detail fresh bites of a large number of parasites. Differences in the reactions of the skin of different people to bites are clearly visible:

Укусы блох у ребенка

Укусы блох на ноге

Еще одно фото с блошиными укусами


"I can not spend the night not indoors. I'm bitten by fleas, and constantly. My husband always pulls me for fishing, hiking, but I can not even sleep at the dacha: only I cover myself with a blanket, somewhere I will surely ring. And he even had one bitten! "

Alya, Odessa

"And my boy constantly asked if a flea can bite a person. In short, they went once to walk with a dog and a friend about a bet, and found a hole in the ravine. Either a badger, or a fox. Home came stuck, roaring, these fleas from them and sypyatsya, all over the body of each bite. I washed them, and the dog had to be splashed with a special canine dichlorvos. "

Tatyana, Izhevsk

Fleas are quite indifferent to the choice of the victim: it is important for them that it is a mammal. And questions like "Why do not all the bites bite everyone?" Are a consequence of the fact that some people - especially men - do not feel their bites. Especially when fleas bite at home during sleep.

This creates the illusion that these insects bite only the most sensitive women, and on thick-skinned representatives of the stronger sex do not attack at all.

Dangers of flea bites

Despite their small size, fleas are considered very dangerous parasites, not conceding even to mites.

The dangers of biting these insects for the human body are several:

  • Strong allergic reaction to the enzyme, preventing blood clotting. Sometimes it's just redness and itching, sometimes - rashes all over the body, and sometimes - severe swelling and even anaphylactic shock.
  • The possibility of infection of the wound itself flea. These insects are carriers of pathogens of many fatal diseases, among which are plague, salmonella, typhoid, encephalitis, hepatitis and others.
  • Risk of infection of the bite by combing it.

Пример умеренно выраженной аллергической реакции на укус блохи

In general, in medicine, there is even a special term for a combination of symptoms caused by flea bites - pulicosis. It can be expressed in an intense sensation of itching and involuntary combing of bite sites.

What if they bite fleas? First of all, find out whether this is an exceptional case (for example, fishing or walking), or the fleas have settled firmly in the apartment. Bites themselves should be treated with alcohol solutions, allergy should be taken antihistamines, and with a particularly strong reaction - to see the doctor.

It is also useful to know how to protect yourself from flea bites in the event of getting into the place where there are especially many. These parasites are terribly repelled by powerful antimony repellents with a high content of DETA substance. It is enough to sprinkle the hands and feet with such a means before going on a fishing trip, and fleas will not disturb all day.

And remember: instead of checking whether the fleas bite, you should provide protection in advance so that you do not have to worry about bites even if they are present.

If you decide to fight against fleas on your own, then we recommend using only proven in practice tools that have shown their high efficiency:

To the record "Do fleas bite people and how it happens" left 75 comments.
  1. Natalia :

    Thanks for the interesting site and article !!!
    She rented a linoleum-baseboard in the apartment and almost died of disgust: under the doors there are whole platens of dry larvae! (((Then I remembered that when settling in the 80s, there were supposedly many bedbugs in the house and people were terribly bitten. I could not sleep with a baby and everything was gnawed.) Apparently all the same fleas ...

  2. Raisa :

    I save my body with an electric racket, killing them with electric current. The bites are allergic. Ointments and spray squashes do not help against fleas.

  3. Andrew :

    Thank you! Very useful article!

  4. Olya :

    Help, today took a kitten street, brought. And of course, I immediately began to wash it with flea remedies. Mine and I see: there are some beetles, I do not know what it is, but I think they are fleas. What to do, I took it in hand, stroked, I wanted to sell it tomorrow, but it's like that. But I immediately threw it out on the street, there was milk and a rag where to sleep. And now I'm afraid that I will have these insects. Help! Yes, and I think, if there are any pimples - I'll go to the vet right away.

    • Alexey :

      You at least softened and aesthetically written, and then - found to sell (living creature), "on the street it threw out," some kind of cynical. I would not be surprised if no one answered and did not help you.

    • Alexey :

      I also picked up a flea kitten, and we all cured him of these parasites, now he is a member of the family. And when he grew up, he thanked us with kittens, this is the story. You can not drive out the harmless friends out into the street, if you brought it from there, take care of our younger brothers.

    • Hera :

      Before you take the animal, and then throw it out, turn on the brain. Poor cat.

    • Anonymous :

      Yes, so that these beetles eat you alive. I marvel at the women - I took a kitten to sell ... But immediately threw it out on the street ...

    • Anonymous :

      So they'll eat you alive.

    • Anonymous :

      The answer to your question: buy an anti-block muzzle and anti-block collar, put it on, go out for half an hour. And the main thing: every day for a month, wash with anti-block shampoo. You should be helped.

  5. Karina :

    Thank you very much from Kuzi, my cat.

  6. Vladimir :

    At work there were fleas, bite. It's bad that in your article so little attention is paid to remedies for fleas. Surely there are a lot of drugs that repel these parasites, and there are plants and grasses that can clean the premises of fleas, because in their history, people probably learned to fight them without resorting to anti-mosquito repellent folk remedies ...

  7. Catherine :

    Remedies for fleas - "Effective Ultra", "Chlorpyrimarck", "Sinuzan", "Neostomazan" (Hungarian remedy, ampoule dissolve in a liter of water and process the room), "Tetriks", "Bolfo".

    • Anonymous :

      I run to seek and try, thank you very much! We have a cat and a child who was bitten, that they did not do. I hope your tool will help.

    • Christina :

      Can you use these facilities to process upholstered furniture, a bed and a crib?

  8. Maya :

    I also brought a kitten, and he, of course, fleas. I smeared with ointment, they stayed there anyway, than to bathe it - I do not know, it's scratchy. I'm afraid that the fleas will be in my hair. What to do?

    • Anonymous :

      Now a lot of funds for cats from fleas. Personally, I use droplets that I rub cats (I have two of them) in the scruff of the neck, and for half a year we have no fleas. And in general, animals require care, as are small children. Just periodically wash your fuzzy at least once a week, and no fleas will be.

      • Milena :

        Hello, Anonymous! Tell me, please, what are you rubbing? I buy folin, little effect. And shampoo before squirting mine against fleas, etc.

    • Anonymous :

      Buy in the drugstore wormwood (just not packed like tea bags, but just grass), brew 1 liter of boiling water 4-5 tablespoons and dilute in 4 liters of water and bathe in this solution. To my cat it helped.

  9. Svetou :

    Our cat, too, gave us such a surprise. The whole apartment was strewn, even remember creepy. Have deduced for some days. She bought a collar from fleas, carpets, rugs and everything possible shaking up on the street, washing. Wash the floors with vinegar, not regretting. It helped.

  10. Albina :

    I got rid of the cat, I took everything out onto the street, but these bastards are not even going to leave our apartment. What to do?

    • Julia :

      Now the fleas will avenge you for the cat - get rid of you =) It was necessary to treat the cat with drops and wash the floors at home. Get rid of the cat - it's like? Killed, thrown out, eaten? Pipets ....

  11. Artem :

    If there is dampness and fleas in the underground, how can you get rid of them?

  12. St. Gregory :

    And is it possible to poison fleas from a Yorkshire terrier in 3 months?

  13. Lena :

    I live in the countryside. Without cats-dogs in any way! Output in a private house and yard is unreal (I tried more than once). Fleas bite only me - the husband and children are not bitten. And my feet - scary look. And ahead of summer. Is it possible to accept something so that they do not bite? Or, maybe, something to splash, smear? Help me please!

    • Valentina :

      Lena, try to treat the house and carpets, as well as animals with Butox-50. It is diluted in water and sprayed from the atomizer. Fleas from animals and houses will be lost.

    • Anonymous :

      Buy a collar yourself :)

      • Anonymous :

        What, probably, already on myself tried? And how, helped?

  14. Irina :

    I really wanted to find an answer in the article, why some people bite the fleas, but others do not. I have a dog at home for 15 years. I her fleas did not bite (walking on the street, as expected). The cat was up to the dog - the feet were terrified. And bites, or rather, stains, came off several years after that. There were bluish specks. Now at home again the cat. A few months was all right, but a few days another cat lived, who allegedly did not have fleas (they asked for the time of departure). Now I'm back on track. And in this case I'm just a little skilled. My adult son, who lived during the session in another city in the apartment, also strongly bitten by fleas. Therefore, the version that men do not bite fleas is wrong. Perhaps it depends on the composition of the blood or the smell of the skin? I have a friend engaged in cats. At home she has from 12 to 15 cats always. What is flea bites - she does not know!

  15. Nikolay :

    Here I do not understand? Why do some bite, but others do not. They love me very much!

    • Lydia :

      They also like me very much, we tried and washed floors and carpets too ... But everything does not help exactly. And they bite very much, even I'm afraid to get them out.

  16. Lena :

    My father and I have the 1st blood group. They bite us, and the rest of the family "do not notice" (my mother and brother, 2 nd group). A few more of my friends with the first group of fleas are being harassed. So you have to either endure, or fight!

    • Irina :

      At me the second group of a blood and me have bitten recently, on one leg or foot on an anticnemion in two places on 3 points it is close nearby, itched terribly, too any cyanotic points have remained, I am afraid, quickly will not descend. Wicked at her husband, brought a kitten, without consulting anyone, and we also have a child with atopic dermatitis. The month was all right, and then some sand fell from it, I sat down to look for the infu - fleas. Drops dripped, they bathed in a special shampoo, put on a collar, took it off in a day, like a poisonous one. Her husband still wrote some drops, assures me that they will help me once or twice, and in the meantime I was worn out from all the surfaces where she would lie down, clean these white eggs, and shook this hemorrhoids.

    • Anonymous :

      And at my home one has the first blood group and bites me too ((

  17. Ziyad :

    Fleas - they bite my children. They hurt to look at, help, what should be done by people's means? Help me please! Nothing helps, even the doctors of Kyrgyzstan.

  18. Tatiana :

    Wormwood grass. Insist and wash her floors. Very well kills germs, fleas are afraid of her. Or just put in the corners of the room.

  19. Barbara :

    Now I have a cat, he has fleas. I do not want to throw it out, I like animals very much and I feel sorry for them. Well, last week these fleas tortured me, I do not know what to do, my whole body itchs, I wash it and all the bestolku. Already tried everything. I read the comments, and on other sites they say to buy "Dichlophos". I'll try, if it does not work, then I'll try differently.

  20. Zoya :

    BLINDS - it's just unbearable! It seems to me that I'm already mad at their bites.

  21. Tatiana :

    I, too, are terrified of them. I have neither a cat nor a dog, and never was, and the fleas prevailed. And by the way, I have the third floor, where?

  22. Salty :

    What wormwood is that ?! What are you about?! The apartment is 50 sq.m. two balloons of dichlorvos. We close the windows and doors in each room and process the walls from the floor to a height of 1-1.5 meters, along the wall of the plinth and all the soft furniture with niches. And run away from home with the whole family. An hour later, come around, open the windows to ventilate the room, and take a vacuum cleaner along the plinth and the niches of upholstered furniture. And in the end, wash the floors. That's how I got rid of these critters who chewed me for about a month.

  23. Alya :

    When we lived on the first floor, we also had fleas. At first I noticed that my dog ​​itches, although on the street we do not walk it (walks on the baby). Then in the morning I noticed a painful bite on my stomach. It was repeated again and again. And the neighbors told me that they were fleas. We took them out with grass and wormwood and bought some powder.

  24. Gena :

    Guys, hello. A house on earth for 2 owners, neither me nor my neighbor has animals. Fleas got it ((Guys, help with advice.

  25. Katya :

    We had a small kitten, he was flea. Well, we kept it for 3 days, he mewed everything. We decided to take it back, but after 1 month my child began to itch, red dots began to appear. The main these points - biting itchy on the body, go along the chain. I thought at first that the chickenpox begins, then I thought it was allergic to sweet. Then I thought - streptoderma. It turned out, too, no, all over the body went a terrible itch, turned to the doctor dermatologist, and she said that it is bites or fleas, or bedbugs. And in fact, the fleas were left from the kitten, although it's been 3 months since it's gone. I did not know that to this extent they can bite children, and they have tender thin skin. It's just awful!

    • Julia :

      Kaplyami from kitten flea was not destiny to process? And wash the floors?

  26. Anna :

    Tell me, but how to check for diseases that are carried by fleas? They, after all, and worms carry? ((Do fleas change blood composition?

  27. Julia :

    People, are you stupid? Animal fleas are treated with flea spets. drops that can be bought in any vet. pharmacies. Expensive and effective means - stronghold. Fleas perish within a day. Apparently those who threw animals because of this, suffered punishment =)) And in general, fleas you can bring from the street on shoes.

  28. Elena :

    Fleas flee from under the floor, from the skirting. Pour boiling water under the plinth and sprinkle it with dichlorvos.

  29. Nadia :

    And I sometimes feel bites or as if something is stirring on the body, and not a single spot on the ground bites. And, besides, I do not see them anywhere else. I do not know how to check whether these are fleas or what can be. I bought a quartz in the pharmacy for 2 thousand, I periodically turn it on. How do you prophylaxis, since my girlfriend has these fleas.

  30. Elena :

    In general, nothing helps, no grass, no dichlorvos, no firecrackers in the basement, nothing. No bleach, no dust, no whiteness. As a thaw, so eat, straight at all. First floor, we do not keep animals' houses, as they are eaten by basement fleas. They tried to take a kitten and took drops, that they did not buy until they carried it to their house.

  31. Anastasia :

    I just do not know what to do! My family is big, we live in a private house, of course, there is a dog and a cat. Tried different ways to get rid of fleas, but in any way. They bite only me, the blood group is the second positive, but my mother and brother do not bite, I do not understand why only me ?! I'm so sensitive that I comb it into my blood.

  32. Vitaliy :

    To be honest, DETA can not be applied to a bare body, because the redness of the body will go away. Better on clothes.

  33. Sarapul :

    Aah, gave the flea kitten, now I'm suffering. I sit, I feel, how on me move, an itch.

  34. Vanya :

    Foxes are often released from fleas on the body, and they do it in an amazing and cunning way: they take a reed in their mouth to breathe, and plunge into the water until the fleas drown. Apparently, therefore, fleas settle in their burrows.

  35. Diane :

    No strength any more ((Private house, fleas, most likely brought from the street or climbed from under the floor, biting me and the child is terrible.) What should I do with them if there is a small 8 month old child in the house?

  36. Anonymous :

    Fleas, fleas, what kind of creatures they are :(

  37. Valentina :

    Spread wormwood all over the house, hold it for a day, there will be no trace of these creatures.

  38. Katya and Dasha :

    People, you have imagination, fleas do not bite people, they bite animals. But there is another type of flea that bites people. Your pets are not to blame for this, you must have been bitten by a mosquito. You probably did not notice it, you did not notice it for several days, combed it and thought it was a bite of a flea.

  39. Elena :

    Katya and Dasha, did you at least read articles on fleas before writing about the imagination? Fleas bite people, and feline, and canine!

  40. Andrew :

    I live on the 8th floor - the fleas are already in the apartment, they only bite me (the second is positive). From the entrance and went out 5 fleas chicken - tomorrow in the housing and communal services.

  41. Andrew :

    After the planned shutdown of hot water in the apartment, the serpent (towel warmer) flowed in the direction of the flow. They called the plumber to replace the gasket, because The riser is switched off in the basement. So this kitten robbed me from the basement flea, 3 days fighting with these creatures, for three days I killed 10 of myself. More in such quantity they to undertake there is no place (6th floor, and on a floor there are no pets). So far, thank God, they only bite me (at home the child is 4 months old). In the vetaptek, only delicacy was given: he spread it, sprinkled the whole apartment out of the bullet, left it for an hour. In general, all the instructions made. The effect is as of water. Now I'll go for the wormwood ... Mazafak-Mazafak!

    • Anon :

      Mazafak-Mazafak! )) I live in Germany in a very steep house and then attack this. They bite me and the child, there are no animals in the house at all, neighbors also bite, but they do not intend to do anything. They tell me - well, it's just an itch ...

      Therefore, I will fight alone. Mazafak-Mazafak! Where can I collect the wormwood, I'll wash the floors with vinegar!

  42. Nikita :

    At me too legs or foots are strongly bitten (on caviar territory) and it is a little on a neck and arms or hand. Here on Saturday I will go to the dermatologist and I do not know what he will say and prescribe. I have a cat, that's from her I have fleas (I slept with her a couple of times and, you see, they went to me). The cat was washed, bought a collar from fleas and droplets. I do not even know the name, but we and you, perhaps, should have a large selection of collars and droplets in the pet store (choose yourself). But in the article they almost did not write what to take out fleas from a man. In a drugstore, it's embarrassing to say, for what, and the specific name is needed (shampoo or ointment). Prompt, than to deduce precisely fleas at children and adults?

  43. Piter :

    There was such a story about 5 years ago. Bites of fleas that have left the cat after applying good anti-block drops (I do not remember the names). The spraying of the whole apartment (floor, walls up to 1 m in height) was helped by the essential oil of tea tree diluted in water (drops of 30 to 0.5 liters).

  44. Xu :

    Cat fleas really bite people. I've experienced and am testing myself up to now. After reading the information I realized that I was bitten by fleas! The veterinarian was told that people do not bite cat fleas ... Pipets! At me too 2 group of a blood, positive. I do not know, does it really play a role or not? My husband does not bite. Even weird. Thank you all for your advice. I'll try everything!

    • Anonymous :

      Try garlic: crush 2-3 cloves of garlic and pour water. With this water, treat the entire apartment. Fleas do not like the smell of garlic ...

  45. Anastasia :

    Thank you very much for the information!

  46. Daria :

    I first had one bite under my arm. After a couple of days, the second ... Then 2 bites on the abdomen (after 3 days), then 2 bites on the labia (outside) - after a week. Bites look like a hole, and a tumor around. It seems that you can squeeze out from there. The friend and the neighbor child have bites under the eye, they do not bite all. What is it? Fleas or not? Maybe lice? The dermatologist said that it's bites, but nothing else is determined.

    Tell me, pliz. Still: there are no animals at home, but I can not pass any animals, feed them or just stroke them.

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