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Getting acquainted with tablets from Fleas Comforts

Таблетки от блох Комфортис имеют много плюсов, но есть у них и определенные недостатки

One of the problems that the owners of four-legged pupils have to face is the fight against external parasites, including fleas. To combat them veterinary pharmacies and clinics offer many tried and tested means, for example, such as sprays and drops of Stronghold, Advantage, Frontline, etc., as well as preparations for oral administration, which include and tablets from fleas Comfort.

However, the tablets also have their own characteristics, which it is important to know even before you start giving them to your pet.

Means for breeding fleas

There are many forms of issuing funds (both imported and domestic) to combat fleas. But despite the efforts of producers, they are not always easy to use and often require special skills and training of the animal.

Для борьбы с блохами существует много средств, и все они имеют свои особенности применения

As a rule, the best result of the flea remedy is given when used in a complex, and the master's task is to properly take into account all the characteristics of his pet when selecting specific antiparasitic drugs. The most popular drugs are:

  • drops from fleas in pipettes
  • anti-block collars
  • shampoos against fleas
  • anti-flea sprays
  • tablets against fleas.

Противоблошиный ошейник - одно из наиболее популярных средств для борьбы с блохами у животных


When using any remedy for fleas, you must follow the instructions.

For all the ease of use, insecticidal drops, shampoos and sprays have one common drawback: the possibility of poisoning when licking the wool (licking the drug). Collars can also cause toxic poisoning, and in some cases - cervical dermatitis. Tablets are the same from fleas specifically designed for oral administration, and therefore the above-mentioned disadvantages are not inherent in them, although in this case, it is not always possible to avoid side effects.

It is interesting

All fleas have very poor eyesight. When jumping, they do a lot of headlong forward, and at the same time they can not distinguish a person from a tree. But on the antennas on their heads they have organs, thanks to which the fleas perfectly feel the approaching victim, and danger, catching the slightest shudder of air. Therefore, it's very difficult to catch them with your hands.

Today, popular tablets from fleas are such as Capstar, Sentinel and Comfortis. About tablets of comfortis we also will talk further more in detail.

Comfortis - a new word in the treatment of pets from fleas

For the prevention and treatment of parasite infection of animals, insecticides of the systemic action of the spinoside group are increasingly prescribed today. One of the representatives of such drugs are tablets from fleas Comfort. For a better understanding of the features of this tool, let's take a look at the instructions for its use.

Действующее вещество в составе таблеток Комфортис - спиносад - имеет высокую активность против блох

According to the instructions for use, the active substance of Comfortis tablets - spinosad - acts on the nervous system of parasites in a way that causes paralysis, and then the death of insects. Spinosad begins to kill fleas as early as 30 minutes after eating, not allowing them to lay new eggs. This substance is considered environmentally friendly.

After taking Comfortosis tablets, the drug protects the animals for a month, protecting them from a new infection.


If the kitten is more than 6 months old, then we bring out fleas by Stronghold. Treatments are done 2 times at intervals of about two weeks. But it is more effective to use tablets against fleas Comfort. According to our observations, shampoos are not very effective, since they act only when they are on the surface of the skin and on the coat. Fleas must be treated, even if the animal does not itch. Prophylactically it is desirable to do this at least once a month. If you do not find Comfort, then you can also use drops from Flea Advantage.

Ekaterina, Moscow

Ways of application and dosage, conditions of storage Comfortis

Comfortitis - tablets, which are used orally, for this they even let out with the aroma of beef. The medicine is given to the animal after eating or with it, and it can be prescribed already from the 14-week period.

Таблетки Комфортис применяют перорально

The maximum concentration in the blood of the active substance of the drug reaches 2-4 hours in dogs, and after 4-12 hours in cats. When determining the dosage of Comfortis tablets, you must strictly follow the instructions so as not to harm the pet. Usually dogs for 1 kg of weight are prescribed 50-70 mg of spinosad substance, and cats - 50-100 mg.


I read the tablets description, I was very surprised. It is not very clear why you are asked to feed the cat with pills, when you just enough to drop on the withers. Fleas live on the surface of the cat, not inside. It's illogical somehow. Not to mention the load on the liver and excretory system. Of course, I'm far from being a doctor, but for some reason my intuition tells me that when taking a substance, the load on the body will be greater.

Nina, Kazan

Keep tablets from Fleas Comforts in a closed container at a temperature of 5-30 degrees in places inaccessible to children and animals, separately from food and feed. Shelf life 3 years. After that, according to the instructions, you can not apply Comfortis anymore.

Contraindications and side effects

According to the instruction, Comfortitis tablets are contraindicated in pregnant and lactating females, animals suffering from epilepsy or having, for example, individual sensitivity to the components of this drug. To identify this kind of contraindications to its use, it is better to consult a veterinarian.

Не стоит давать таблетки Комфортис  беременным и кормящим самкам

After the first use of the drug, carefully monitor your pupil. Unfortunately, in some animals the use of tablets from fleas Comfortis can cause a side reaction in the form of vomiting, loss of appetite and lethargy.

Where to buy Comfortis tablets?

Currently, Comfortis from fleas to buy in zooprotech or veterinary clinics is not so simple. In addition, experience has shown that not all employees of these institutions are generally aware of the Comforts tablets (now you will be more enlightened in this matter).

Here, our Internet friend becomes a wand-bastard! Comforttis tablets can be bought in online pharmacies in just two minutes, without registration, even with delivery to your home or to the post office. And also you can buy the drug on ads on large bulletin boards, for example, on Avito.


The dermatologist said that our cat has dermatitis from fleas. And the fact that we have repeatedly poisoned them, and revolutionized, and advantagezh, and neostomozanom - it's all nonsense, he recommends tablets comfortis. But they cost about 2000 per cat, and I have five, I'm sorry ...

Packaging of the drug contains from 1 to 6 tablets.

Упаковки средства Комфортис на 6 таблеток

Dosage is also different - from 270 mg to 1040 mg of active substance. Recall that the use of Comfort is strictly according to the instructions, taking into account the weight of the animal.

So, the most convenient and reliable way to buy tablets from Fleas Comforts is to leave an application on one of the online pharmacy websites. Wait for delivery, and then follow the instructions.

And remember, fleas are parasites that can cause not only great anxiety, but also real harm to the health of the animal (and often, of the person). You need to get rid of them as quickly as possible. However, whatever you use to fight this evil, pills or something else, going to the vet will never be superfluous.

We wish you luck and health to your pets!

If you decide to fight against fleas on your own, then we recommend using only proven in practice tools that have shown their high efficiency:

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  1. Anonymous :

    How much does the tablet work?

  2. Anna :

    We moved to another country, there are no ticks, but fleas are a lot. As the veterinarian said, this is the main problem for owners. Drops and shampoos did not help at all. The vet immediately prescribed Comfortitis tablets. And only they are our salvation now. Labrador, 1 year.

  3. Light :

    Same. There are cats and dogs. Horror, it is impossible to get rid of fleas. I live in France. Only pills, one salvation.

  4. Oleg Zverev, Krasnodar :

    They help and work, I advise all lovers of dogs and cats.

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