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Effective remedies for fleas for cats and dogs

Знакомимся с основными видами средств от блох для домашних животных

To choose the best and most effective remedy for fleas for a dog or cat, you need to clearly understand the conditions in which this tool will work, know the characteristics of your pet and take into account the specificity of each drug. Only at first glance it may seem that this is all very difficult: in fact, for each specific case it has long been known its best remedy for fleas.

If the owner of the pet has the task of protecting the pet from parasites, it is sufficient to use the following instructions for choosing and buy the most suitable drug.

Choose the right type of device

Flea remedies are always selected in accordance with a specific situation:

  • collars and drops on the withers are used to prevent infection of the animal. These means of fighting fleas have a fairly sparing effect on the pet itself, rarely lead to side effects, but at the same time reliably deter fleas.
  • If the flea in the animal is small, also the best remedy for fleas from him is a collar or drops.
  • If the parasites are strongly infected, you must resort to the use of special sprays from fleas or shampoos.
  • For pets that regularly go out on the street, but who live in the city, collars will do just fine. At home they can be removed, and the skin of the animal on the neck will not be annoyed.
  • Animals that are exported for a long period to the dacha need to drip drops on the neck.
  • Kittens and puppies at the age of a month can be bathed with special shampoos. Grown young can be treated with drops and cling to them flea collars.
  • To lactating and pregnant cats and dogs, it is not recommended to use any insecticides at all. Only if too much infection, threatening serious lesions of the offspring, you can use special drops or bathe the animal with shampoos.

In general, for cats, the best means are shampoos. A feature of high-breed animals is an excellent appearance of the coat, and the use of collars and drops can lead to its deterioration.

Многие шампуни от блох позволяют одновременно ухаживать за шерстью животного


The least allergenic are shampoos and aerosols. Collars and drops can cause severe skin irritation up to dermatitis. Aerosols and shampoos are single agents, and therefore rarely lead to skin reactions. Shampoos should be used for animals with particularly sensitive skin.

Short resume

  1. Aerosols are the most effective remedy for fleas. Suitable for a quick one-time disposal of parasites of a seriously infected animal.
  2. Drops on the withers are the most versatile tool for the destruction of fleas. Provides disposal and protection from parasites.
  3. Flea shampoos are a means to get rid of flea puppies, kittens and animals with very sensitive skin and coat.
  4. Flea collars are easy-to-use tools for the prevention of flea infection.

And only now, when it is clear what type of tool is needed, you can start to choose a specific product.

Flea Sprays - Speed ​​and Reliability

Sprays are used in critical situations, when the animal is infected too much, or there are no other means at hand. Almost always the spray is the most effective remedy for fleas from the whole range. But it requires particularly careful following the instructions: if it is misused, it is possible to poison the animal.

To process a cat or a dog is desirable in gloves and cotton-gauze dressing. The pet is sprayed with the entire body except for the muzzle, after which it needs some time (up to several hours, depending on the remedy) not to wash to allow the active substances to act. At this time, you can not let your pet lick your hair. After the animal must be carefully redeemed.

The most well-known sprays from fleas are the following:

  • Hartz, represented by a large number of rulers for adult cats and dogs, as well as for kittens and puppies. Спрей от блох Hartz
  • Frontline, a very powerful remedy for fleas, which, nevertheless, causes the most side effects and is toxic to humans. Depending on the type of product Frontline costs from 600 to 800 rubles. Спреи от блох Frontline
  • Bolfo-aerosol, which can handle both the animal itself and the litter on which it sleeps. Аэрозольное средство от блох Bolfo

With the correct use of aerosols from fleas, even after bathing, they retain a protective effect for several weeks.


"Nursing dogs have a specificity: they spend two weeks in the booth, and then one day they go to burrows, and if they go out, they are plastered to the ears with fleas. There's nothing to be done. We with muzhiks even tried to buy them collars, but it is useless. In the fox burrow fleas so much that they do not notice the collar. But my dogs are used to the fact that the next day after the hunt I sprinkle them with Front Line. And their booth, too. Then it remains only to sweep the fleas with a broom. "

Alexander, Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky

Drops on the withers

The main advantages of drops on the withers are ease of use and long lasting effect. Drops are either applied to one place at the base of the animal's head, or drip along the spine. After that, they need to be rubbed into the skin, and they themselves will gradually spread throughout the surface of the body.

Капли от блох на холку Rolf Club

Капли от блох для кошек и собак Stronghold

Капли от блох Hartz

In this case, drops from fleas only in exceptional cases cause allergies or skin lesions.

After application of drops, the animal will be protected against parasites for a period of months to two, depending on the brand of the preparation. In most cases, drops on the withers are the preferred (best) remedy for fleas for pets. One pipette costs from 50 to 300 rubles. It is enough for one time and about 1-2 months of protection.

Very popular drops Stronghold. In this line of funds there are also drops for dogs and puppies with a half-month's age, which almost never cause poisoning.

In the droplet rulers Hartz and Frontline, there are drops on the withers both for dogs and for cats.

All drops from fleas can not be used for pregnant or lactating animals.


"We did not like the amount of flea remedies that we liked the Hartz drops the most. They not so extinguish parasites, as any aerosols, but work long. One dropper dripped, raster and forgot about the fleas for a month. They even have a drop for puppies, which can not but please serious breeders. In any pharmacy you can buy a choice of Hartz for animals with different weights and different ages. So do not fool around and take it. "

Ilya, St. Petersburg

Collars as a means of preventing fleas

A special collar is perhaps the most common remedy for fleas for animals today. It usually performs a protective function, but can also be used to rid the animal of fleas with little infection.

Ошейники от блох особенно хорошо подходят для профилактики появления паразитов у питомца

For example, Kiltix collars are very effective (but also expensive). One item costs about 600 rubles, but it protects the animal for 7 months - the entire warm season.

Ошейники от блох Kiltix

A little cheaper are the collars of Bolfo and Hartz. Their price is up to 300 rubles, and from the previous they differ in service life, exhausting for two to four months.

You can buy such a remedy from fleas in virtually any veterinary pharmacy.

Shampoos, gentle and effective

And, finally, shampoos, the most delicate and suitable for cats, small decorative dogs and cubs. To use them simply: the animal swims with it, as with simple soap, and after spreading and foaming keeps in the bathroom for several minutes. Then the shampoo is washed off, and the animal's hair is washed with clean running water.

Phytoelite - a well-known shampoo, which includes medicinal herbs. Its insecticidal component is Permethrin. Shampoo is good and simple as a means for bathing animals, and getting rid of fleas with it increases its versatility.

Инсектицидный шампунь Фитоэлита

Shampoo Rolf-Club - an elite and effective remedy for fleas. It has pronounced anti-allergenic properties, promotes softening of the pet's skin and healing of various wounds. Effectively destroys fleas, lice, and withers.

Шампунь от блох Rolf Club


"My husband and I did not stint and bought a Rolf-Club. A great tool. It is better to redeem a cocker with him once than five times with some other one. Parasites destroy immediately, and the wounds from their bites heal in a matter of days. "

Alla, Kiev

Mr. Kiss is an extremely delicate preparation especially for elite cats and dogs. It destroys fleas, improves the condition of the coat, softens the skin and promotes rapid healing of parasite bites.

Choosing which remedy is best against fleas, you should always take into account the characteristics of your pet. Some animals are prone to allergies, others have stress during bathing, others can get off the collar. In the optimal case, before purchasing and using the product, it is worth consulting with a veterinarian.

If you decide to fight against fleas on your own, then we recommend using only proven in practice tools that have shown their high efficiency:

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