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Overview of the most effective remedies for fleas for dogs and puppies

Средства от блох у собак и щенков поражают своим разнообразием, но все ли они достаточно эффективны?..

Remedies for fleas for dogs today are so numerous that an inexperienced dog can lead to a runaway in the fight against parasites, and he only has to look at the pet shop window. Nevertheless, all these preparations are strictly classified, and each remedy for fleas for dogs can be attributed to one of the following types:

  • Drops from fleas , considered the most versatile means;
  • collars, very convenient as a means of prevention;
  • sprays, radical but effective drugs;
  • shampoos against fleas. Often it is among them that you can find the best remedy for fleas for puppies - shampoos act neatly (sparingly) and rarely cause side effects;
  • tablets and intramuscular injections, almost not common in our country.

Each of these types of funds has its advantages and disadvantages, which must be taken into account when choosing. And having already chosen the type of the tool itself, one can safely study the corresponding products of the most famous manufacturers.

Drops from fleas for dogs

Insecticidal drops on the withers - today, perhaps, the most common means of fleas for dogs. Their popularity with dog breeders is determined by several advantages:

  • ease of use: dropping the drug on the neck of the pet and rubbing into the skin is much easier than bathing the dog or treating with aerosol;
  • reliability: the majority of means provides destruction of parasites already present on a body of an animal and protection against fleas for two months;
  • availability: on average about 300-500 rubles you can buy a pipette, which is enough for one or two months.

In this case, drops have some drawbacks. For example, a certain toxicity and the possibility of side effects after their use, because of which many drops from fleas (not all) can not be used for puppies under two months, pregnant and lactating dogs, sick and convalescent animals.

Капли от блох просты в использовании, вполне надежны и доступны по цене.

However, for most adult healthy dogs, the drops are excellent. Basically, drops are used for dogs living in a house or apartment, but regularly on the street. They are convenient to use as in cases when the dog is already infected with parasites, and to protect it from possible infection. Therefore, such preparations from fleas for dogs are deserved recognition from the owners.

The remedies for fleas and mites for dogs produced by Hartz are deservedly popular all over the world. The American company strictly monitors the quality, efficiency and safety of its products, and therefore, by buying and using these tools, it can be quite certain that the fleas in the dog are likely to disappear.

Капли Hartz от блох могут быть предназначены для разных категорий собак и щенков

A range of Hartz drops includes several products, including Hartz Ultra Guard Flea & Tick Drops for Dogs and Puppies - a special tool for puppies over 10 weeks of age. The active ingredient of this drug is Fenotrin, effectively destroying fleas, ixodids and mosquitoes.

All drops of Hartz are applied to the withers: the whole pipette is gradually poured onto the wool, and the liquid is carefully rubbed into the skin of the dog. After several hours the dog can be bathed and walked in the rain - wetting will not affect the effectiveness of the drug.

Stand Hartz drops from about 150 to 500 rubles, depending on the particular drug. One treatment of the animal is enough to protect against parasites within 1 month.

This remedy against fleas in dogs is considered one of the most effective. After proper application, the dog will be protected from insects for 2 months (and for 1 month - against ticks).

Капли Stronghold от блох для собак считаются одними из наиболее эффективных

Stronghold can be used for puppies over 6 weeks of age. The drug is safe for animals and humans even if swallowed, compatible with most other veterinary drugs (including vaccines). But for this versatility it is necessary to pay: a package with 3 droppers of Stronghold drops can cost over 2000 rubles.


I tried every drop that we sell. Stronghold - the best. The dog never has saliva, it's on the drum, it's raining or not. Of course, fleas never happen. When I gave birth, before that I processed it, and the puppies did not have fleas.

Ivan, Mytischi

Bars is a domestic preparation, it is quite effective and inexpensive. The cost of packing with 4 pipettes Barca is about 150 rubles.

Капли Барс от блох

The drug can cause side effects - profuse salivation, allergy - and is not recommended for use in puppies up to 12 weeks of age.

This remedy for fleas and mites for dogs is based on the action of standard insecticides - Fipronil and Permethrin - and provides pet protection for 2 months from fleas and 1 month from ticks.

Капли Чистотел от блох у щенков можно использовать только после двухмесячного возраста

For puppies, the drug is used only after two months of life. Within two days after the application of the product, the dog should not be washed and allowed to enter the children.

Flea Sprays

Sprays are generally considered to be the most effective and quick-acting drugs for fleas and ticks in dogs. They kill insects and mites for several minutes after processing the animal's fur and retain the residual effect for several weeks after application.

But at this efficiency they are also quite toxic: puppies can not be treated with many sprays, and when getting rid of parasites of adult animals it is necessary to watch that they do not lick the drug itself.

Спреи от блох у собак - эффективное, но довольно токсичное средство

Typically, sprays are applied for twenty to thirty minutes on the entire coat of the animal other than the area of ​​the muzzle. Then the aerosol is thoroughly washed off.

A number of drugs in the form of a spray can not be used to treat pregnant and lactating dogs, puppies and sick animals. The optimal option for their use is healthy adult dogs, often infected with fleas in the field or on the hunt, which need to remove parasites as quickly as possible. Sprays are used by workers of shelters and various cynological clubs.

Front Line spray is perhaps one of the most known aerosol preparations for dogs today. Very effective, easy to apply, but it is quite expensive (one bottle for 250 ml costs about 1500 rubles).

Один из наиболее известных, но при этом недешевый спрей Фронтлайн от блох

It is not used for patients or convalescent animals, and in healthy cases it can rarely cause allergy, vomiting, nervousness and dermatitis. For puppies can be used after two days of age.


Mine is also constantly catching fleas in the holes. Especially dachshunds, their hair is longer. Foxes are not like that. We have to buy Front Line and sprinkle after each hunt. But the fleas do not even have time to jump, they die right on the fur.

Andrey, Astrakhan

In addition to spraying, Beaphar also produces other preparations from fleas in dogs, but it is aerosols that the cynologists use most often: the products of this manufacturer combine high efficiency and safety.

Спрей от блох Beaphar сочетает эффективность и относительную безопасность

You can treat puppies at the age of three months.

Hartz aerosols differ little from the others, but are known as one of the safest: the agents rarely cause side effects.

Аэрозоли Hartz известны своей безопасностью для собак

Specially for puppies, Hartz UltraGuard Plus Flea & Tick Spray is a spray that can be used for babies from the age of three months.

Flea Shampoos for Dogs

Shampoos are the best remedy for fleas for puppies and small decorative dogs. They are quite effective, have a gentle delicate effect, are easy to use. Many manufacturers add to their shampoos components for cleaning the wool and softening the skin, which makes them also great tools for caring for animals.

Shampoo Phytolite - a classic drug for fleas for puppies. The basis of it is infusion of medicinal herbs. Permethrin works here against the parasites themselves, destroying already existing insects on animals and discouraging those that can potentially infect the dog.

В составе шампуня от блох Фитоэлита - лекарственные травы

Puppies and adult dogs with shampoo Phytoelite should be bathed for 5-6 minutes in warm water (up to 37 ° C), and after bathing for at least a few hours keep in a heated room. It is important to ensure that the animal does not take shampoo by mouth while bathing.

Dr. Zoo is also an effective shampoo, very mild in its effect: some products of the line can be used for puppies of two weeks of age.

Шампунь Доктор привлекает натуральным составом и ценой

It has a completely natural composition. It is also good at its price - a tube of shampoo costs about 100 rubles.

Beaphar is an expensive imported shampoo, quite effective and safe.

Шампунь Beaphar от блох дорог, но эффективен и безопасен для собак

The cost is approximately 500 rubles. It is not recommended to use it for puppies younger than 2 months.

Collars of fleas

Collars from fleas are used mainly to prevent the infection of dogs with parasites. Collars deliver a minimum of hassle to the owners - for effective use it is enough to equip this product with an animal once.

Ошейник от блох очень прост в использовании - его нужно просто надеть на собаку

However, in some breeds of the Yorkshire terrier type, anti-flea collars can cause irritation on the skin, up to dermatitis.

On a note

Anti-dog collars are also useful for animals that live in an apartment, but spend the whole day in the yard. The collar will not only protect the pet from fleas, but will also let the employees of services to catch stray animals that they have a pet dog in front of them.

This is one of the most "long-lasting" collars. They retain their insecticidal effect for 5 months, and in many cases for dogs of one collar is enough for the entire warm period of the year. Do not use together with other insecticides.

Ошейник Beaphar сохраняет свои свойства до 5 месяцев

Such a collar can be used for puppies from 6 weeks of age. There is one collar about 250 rubles.

Depending on the model, Hartz collars retain their anti-block effect for 3-7 months. And they cost about 500 rubles.

Ошейники Hartz также долго сохраняют противоблошиный эффект

Can be used for puppies with one and a half months of life.

Kiltix - also quite powerful and effective collars against fleas . Operate for 7 months, contain insecticides of the last generation - Flumetrin and Propoksur.

Ошейники Kiltix от блох для собак

These are also quite expensive collars. The price of one product is about 800 rubles.

In addition to the above, there are special flea tablets and preparations for injection. Now they are just beginning to conquer the market, their effectiveness and safety have not been fully tested, and therefore comparing them with other means is too early.

Those who want to save their four-legged friend from fleas, it is best to use proven and affordable drugs.

If you decide to fight against fleas on your own, then we recommend using only proven in practice tools that have shown their high efficiency:

To the record "Review of the most effective means of fleas for dogs and puppies" left 23 comments.
  1. Barbara :

    For my dog ​​I buy Leopard, he is already familiar and native to us. Periodically I change means - a spray on drops and on the contrary. Somehow, we did not have a collar. It's great that there are good and inexpensive Russian drugs. So I support the domestic manufacturer))

  2. Karina :

    For a long time has refused drops and sprays - all the same they are unprofitable (to put it mildly), first of all, for the animal. And the usual collars from fleas, from which the drug enters the animal's skin, I also do not use it. Guys, in the 21st century we live. Already so much safe for animals and convenient for their owners came up with, and you all use antediluvian drops, and even on the advice of veterinarians (I would not use the services of veterinarians who advise toxic drugs - my animals care!)

    I have a cat and a dog. Both have bought or purchased on an ultrasonic collar. It scares off insects due to ultrasonic waves. Suitable for both flea treatment and prevention. In addition, this collar also helps with ticks. Double benefit - I do not have to fool myself, how to protect my animals, who like to take a walk in the suburban area, also from them. Everything is already there. And most importantly - this thing is absolutely harmless for animals and their owners. No toxic effects, no chemistry. Each collar cost me just over 900 rubles in a store - I think I saved a great deal, because I spent one time, and I'll use it for a long time. In addition, it provided both treatment and subsequent prevention!

  3. Irina :

    I use the good old Bars in drops, and I'm used to it, and the dog does not resist, and the fleas never found it after treatment. Periodically I alternate spray and drops, the collar somehow did not have to try.

  4. Mila :

    Has worn out with these fleas already, I bathe the doctor zoo, dry land and at once I put a collar, however fleas all the same are present. I thought a bad collar - changed, but the same trouble. Drops of the week for a half helped. They love my dog, and every morning we catch fleas, the dog does not like it, it turns, bites. I think it's already a folk remedy to use, they say, the broth of tobacco helps, but the smell is specific. Maybe someone has a similar problem - will you advise something?

    • Maria :

      Mila, I'm not in Russia, but in France I live, but the problem we had was the same: we tried everything that could be done - a collar, drops of three manufacturers, 2 types of spray, essential oils - all useless. As a result, they bought tablets, and we had all the fleas with Jackie in half an hour. We give 1 tablet a month and everything is fine, not a single flea has seen more.

    • Anastasia :

      Mila, you can not do this, before you drip drops or wear a collar, you must at least three days not to wash the dog before applying. And after that, do not wash for at least 3 days, and then the effect will be!

    • Maroussia :

      I'm dripping my Dick Advantix. Although we originally bought these drops to prevent the bites of ticks, but noticed very quickly that they also got rid of the fleas at the same time.) By the way, droplets are also good protection from ticks, our neighbor in the country last year took a bottle from us, so now he himself is the same he buys his dogs.

  5. Catherine :

    I have two dogs that live, one yard, the second home, both collars Foresto put on, until no complaints. Drops and sprays do not buy for personal reasons, so I can not say anything about them, but I am happy with the collar. I wear it in the spring and until late fall (in the instructions, the action for 8 months is indicated), I could not find the tick-ticks yet, fleas, too. It makes me very happy.

    • Vovochka :

      I read about this collar, but until I decide to try it, I drop my drop of Advantix drops, in my experience this is the best defense. The fleas disappeared the next day, and the mites fall off their wool before they bite. Moreover, these drops also frighten mosquitoes with flies, which are also vector carriers of diseases are actual in the village, there is no overture there. But Stitch is happy running, at least that.

      • Tasha :

        We bought this collar, it's like a cast-iron bridge) We dressed everything according to the rules, and here's to say - pyroplasmosis was caught ((Now injections, droppers ... I hope my puppy gets out.

  6. Elena :

    Any remedy should be properly applied and strictly follow the instructions. We have a spaniel, and we buy him drops from ticks, mosquitoes and fleas, we use them for 2 years and without censure, she loses her collar when her husband takes it on a hunt, and with drops it is under constant protection and yet no tick does it bitten for all this time.

  7. Yana :

    And we have a problem with the basement. Psin dribbles and the collar is, BUT ... Going to the elevator, we are somehow close to the door to the basement (she's right opposite the elevator). And all the time I catch on the 9th floor after arriving on Grich fleas. Here's the trouble simply (

  8. Sasha :

    I do not know, girls, why you are not happy with the collars, for the summer season the perfect option! In the beginning of the summer you dress, at the end you take off, not a single insect, the flea will not jump on your pet.

  9. Marina :

    I shampoo "Meadow" my own. We live in the summer in the country, do not know what kind of living creature decides among the wool to settle)) And with fleas, he copes 5+

  10. Valentina :

    Nonsense. I tried a lot of money. And the dog still finds ticks on the site.

  11. Camila :

    Our Jack did not want to wear a collar, and fleas picked up on the street - do not mum the mother! So I had to go to the wind. pharmacy, so that they can still advise us on any means. Since our handsome man loves water procedures, we bought specials for him. shampoo from fleas Four with a tail and drops Bars. We applied them after shampooing after 3 days, this complex approach worked) Jack's fleas do not disturb, and he is happy that he does not need to wear a collar)

  12. Maxim :

    Drip drops Dana Ultra, and they do NOT help. Although, perhaps, they helped, but in this case itchy, the dog continues to itch. I train her every day, fleas (itching) well, very much interfere!

  13. Den :

    Drops from ticks Bars. I processed the dog according to the instructions, everything was as it should be. After 4 days, right on the spot where I dripped, I took off the mite of fats. Leopard does not work ...

  14. Julia :

    Ticks for dogs are dangerous, so at a time when these insects are particularly active, you need to less often walk the dog in the woods, parks, high grass thickets. It is necessary to process an animal from them. We use drops, as far as I know, drops are yet the most effective tool in the fight against these parasites. They are sold in pet stores. We have been using it for a relatively long time, there are no ticks, it helps well against fleas, since we had appeared in the winter last year (still a mystery, from where). After application in a few hours they began to die, after a day they did not become, but you can wash only after 2 days. After a walk, inspect the dog for the presence of ticks, just in case.

  15. Oleg :

    I am an avid doggie and have not yet found better protection against fleas than drops. It's for dogs. Now I'm dripping my own sheepdogs, and I put the collar on my cat. I tried to drip the cat somehow, he was so dodging that he nearly swallowed these drops. Collar is easier. I put everything on and on.

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