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Overview of effective remedies for fleas for cats and kittens

Выбираем наиболее эффективное средство от блох для кошек и котят

Fleas with this or that regularity appear in almost every cat. A domestic pet, at least occasionally on the street, inevitably brings home insects, and its owner should always know well what means of fleas for cats exist and how to apply them correctly.

For owners of the same shelters for animals or nurseries of elite breeds, preparations for fleas for cats are the same basic necessities as good feeds.

Funds from fleas today are very numerous, and they are represented not only by different brands, but also by different types of means. An inexperienced fighter with parasites can get confused when faced with a purchase with such a variety. Here it will help the experience of other owners of cats, simple and purebred: they have already had time to test different products and know in which cases what means of fighting insects will be optimal.

Comparative characteristics of preparations for fleas for cats and kittens

All the numerous remedies for fleas for cats are divided into certain types, depending on the form of their release and the way the animal is treated.

Кошачья блоха

The main types of funds:

  • Insecticidal drops on the withers, considered the optimal means for an adult healthy animal. Such drops act very gently for the animal itself: after rubbing into the skin, they gradually spread throughout the body.
  • Sprays from fleas, considered the most effective means. The animal either splashes directly, or the agent sprinkles on hands and the cat simply is ironed. The lack of sprays is in their relatively high toxicity. The very procedure of applying them requires caution and adherence to strict rules, the animals often show side effects, and contraindications for sprays are greater than all other means. Applying sprays is advisable to get rid of fleas of heavily infected animals, very often and a lot of walking in the street. Хотя спреи от блох весьма эффективны, однако использовать их нужно очень осторожно
  • Flea shampoos are very soft and effective. According to many owners of cats - this is the best remedy for fleas for kittens: they have a very mild effect, and many specialized products also care for the hair. The minus of shampoos is that they can be used only for one-time disposal of a cat from fleas, but not for prevention.
  • But anti-dog collars are, rather, a means of prevention. Fleas, they also destroy, but are most effective for scaring off parasites. The main advantage of the collar is the provision of permanent protection of the animal from parasites. If a cat often happens on the street, such a remedy will not let it pick up insects. Collars are worn on a cat after it has been redeemed with anti-block shampoo.
  • Powders from fleas - are considered an excellent tool for kittens and almost the only one for pregnant cats. Almost never cause allergies or intoxications, easy to apply.

There is also a whole set of folk remedies for fleas, which, however, are much inferior in effectiveness to preparations containing synthetic insecticides.

On a note

Most of the insecticidal drugs that make up parasite preparations have a drying effect on the skin of the cat. It is necessary to take into account the owners of animals of especially sensitive breeds with delicate skin.

Collars of fleas

Collars from fleas provide protection of the pet for a period of two to seven months. The principle of their work is simple: the collar itself is impregnated with a large amount of insecticidal substance (usually on the basis of Permethrin or Diazinon), which scares off parasites with its odor, and constantly in minimal amounts is present on the body, poisoning any parasite biting the pet.

Инсектицидный ошейник от блох

On a note

All insecticides used in collars are safe for warm-blooded animals: they can only affect the nervous system of insects and mites. The blood-brain barrier of mammals does not allow these substances to pass into the nervous system, and therefore, when ingested, they are neutralized by the liver and removed from the body with urine. Dangerous they can only be for kittens, the protective mechanisms of which have not yet formed.

As a remedy for fleas for kittens, the collar can only be used from the age of three months. A healthy adult cat can be worn in the collar at the very beginning of the warm season and then only changed after the expiry date.

When using an anti-block collar, you should monitor the condition of the coat and skin on the animal's neck. In sensitive individuals, some agents can cause allergies, hair loss and dermatitis.

Of all the collars Hartz - perhaps one of the most effective against fleas in cats. They remain effective for 7 months after unpacking, and one collar is enough to protect the animal for the entire warm season of the year.

Ошейник от блох для кошек и котят Hartz

The cost of the collar is about 450 rubles. But at the same time for the time that is worn Hartz, will have time to exhaust three or four means of competitors.

In the Hartz range, there are collars for cats with different lengths of wool. Kittens can be worn only from the age of three months. You can not wear a collar to pregnant and nursing cats, as well as animals, in which fleas have recently been etched in any other way (in order not to exceed the permissible concentration of the insecticide accidentally).

Due to their long-term nature, these collars are somewhat inferior to Hartz products - each product is exhausted for 4 months of continuous wearing. But Bolfo is a good remedy for fleas for kittens: they can be used for animals from two months old.

Ошейник от блох Bolfo

The cost of one Bolfo collar is about 200 rubles when you buy online.

Drops on the withers

Drops from fleas are good for preventing the infection of the animal fleas, and to destroy the insects already present on the pet's body. These are the optimal preparations for fleas for cats, many walking on the street, but periodically peering into outbuildings or into a private house.

Капли от блох на холку помогают как удалить уже имеющихся паразитов, так и предотвратить их повторное появление

To apply all the drops is very simple: the wool on the withers apart, the contents of the pipette pour out onto the skin and rubbed with fingers. Some drugs require application in several places along the spine. For the treatment of kittens aged less than half a year, the complete contents of the pipette should not be applied, but only part of the remedy.

Stronghold - the most famous owners of cats drop on the withers. They provide for the destruction of existing insects on the body and prevent the infection of the pet for a period of 30 days.

Капли на холку Stronghold

Adult animals are given a whole pipette of the drug, and the young - for 6 ml of the drug per 1 kg of body weight. Stronghold is applied to the withers, and a few hours after soaking the animal can safely bathe.

The product is sold in packages of three pipettes. The cost of such a package is approximately 950 rubles. With proper use it will last for the entire summer season.

These drops are slightly simpler than Stronghold, but they cost less - about 200 rubles per packing in three pipettes. Apply them is acceptable for kittens from three months of age, provide protection for a month.

Капли от блох Hartz для кошек и котят

Do not use these drops for pregnant, nursing cats, sick and convalescent animals.

Advantage - an excellent remedy for fleas for those who like to walk in the street cats and cats. Easy to use - apply the drug to one point on the withers. In addition, the drops of Advantage can be used for kittens from two months.

Капли на холку Адвантейдж

The cost of one pipette is about 150 rubles.

Shampoos against fleas

Insecticidal shampoos are used, as a rule, for animals that are especially sensitive to chemistry, for highlybred cats with very delicate hair, and also for kittens aged one month, already excommunicated from their mother.

Шампуни от блох не только уничтожают паразитов, но и заботятся от шерсти питомца

To bathe animals with anti-flea shampoos is simple: either the cat is planted in a bath, soaks and its wool is treated with the product, aged for several minutes and washed off. Either the bathroom is already whipped foam with shampoo and the pet swims a little less time.

It is important to ensure that when bathing shampoo does not hit the eyes and mouth of the animal. After bathing, it is advisable to dry the pet's hair with a hairdryer.

Shampoos do not protect the animal from attack by fleas. They only provide removal from the surface of the body of those parasites that have already had time to jump on the animal. But while shampoos work the most delicately, and many of them are designed not only to fight insects, but also to care for the hair in certain breeds.

Almost all popular anti-flea shampoos can be considered optimal preparations for fleas for kittens.

Mr. Kiss - a Swiss drug, provides, together with the disposal of fleas, care for the hair and moisturizing the skin. Showed for bathing Angora cats, maine coons, bobtails and Persians. Can be used for kittens from a month old.

Инсектицидный шампунь для кошек Mr. Kiss

Bottle of Shampoo Kiss at 200 grams costs about 150 rubles.


"I once bathed my Lala with Mr. Kiss and do not look at any other shampoos. Not only that there are no fleas, so even her hair is better than a three-month-old kitten. "

Olga, Perm

Rolf Club - a remedy for feline fleas, similar to the previous shampoo. It is considered a more effective, but less delicate preparation, used for kittens at the age of two months.

Шампунь от блох для кошек Rolf Club

One bottle of Rolf Club can be bought for about 250 rubles.

Sprays for cats

Sprays are considered to be the most effective means for instantly destroying parasites in the animal's wool. After treating the cat with an insecticide spray, fleas, lice, withers and mites die on it. But at the same time you need to use the tool correctly, so as not to cause harm to the pet.

Спреи от блох позволяют очень быстро уничтожить паразитов

As a rule, sprays are applied to the animal, being in rubber gloves. Only some of the funds can be applied to the hands and then hands - to the pet itself. After this, it is important to check that the cat does not lick and wash for a certain period (from 5 minutes to half an hour for different products). For this, a special neck collar is usually used. Then the product is washed off with warm running water.

Sprays can not be used for kittens younger than 3 months. However, many breeders of cats in very small concentrations process these funds even for newborn kittens. This is an unjustified risk: on small kittens, there is rarely an amount of fleas that can cause them significant harm.

The drug is sold in 100ml vials. With proper use this volume will be enough to protect the animal from fleas for 13-20 months. After a single treatment, the fleas will not alarm the pet for 40 days.

Спреи от блох Фронтлайн: 100, 250 и 500 мл.

When spraying frontline cats with long hair, care should be taken to get the product on the skin. For this, the pet should be sprayed against the growth of hair, and the hair itself should be spread with fingers.


"Very good preparation Front Line. The manufacturer generally says that they can sprinkle cats from two days. I treated my cats all summer, I did not notice any side effects. Once this remedy for fleas licked the cat, while I was away, but nothing happened to it. In general, I recommend it. "

Maria, Novosibirsk

Spray Hartz is available in several versions for kittens and cats of different breeds.

Спрей от блох Hartz

It is used in the same way as other means. At the same time Hartz is famous for its safety and quality: sprays can be used for kittens from the age of two months, without fear of the appearance of allergies.

When choosing a remedy, it is important to remember that each animal is individual. What is safe and effective for other owners may not be appropriate in a particular situation. Therefore, to choose the best means for fighting fleas should be with a veterinarian, and after several careful tests - on the basis of their own experience.

If you decide to fight against fleas on your own, then we recommend using only proven in practice tools that have shown their high efficiency:

21 comments are left for the entry "Review of Effective Remedies for Fleas for Cats and Kittens".
  1. Elena :

    We buy anti-Fleet means Bars. They also have drops, sprays, and collars. And since the domestic manufacturer (AVZ), they are several times cheaper. And in composition similar to expensive foreign funds, so I see no reason to overpay for a foreign brand.

    • Anna :

      In my dog, the result of the application of drops from the fleas "Bars" was a chemical burn and the strongest dermatitis, with a complication in the form of wet eczema. The veterinarian confirmed - yes, "Bars" is an aggressive drug. "Stronghold" and "Advantage" - excellent. True, my dog ​​is allergic in itself. And the cat from the "Leopard" began a strong drooling (15 minutes went like a rabid, with foam from the mouth)) Do not save anymore.

      • Vetmag :

        Hello Anna. I am the official representative of the company AVZ. Please specify in which branch. clinic you were and the name of the veterinarian, who confirmed that the "Leopard" is an aggressive drug? "Also, please send the serial number of the drug, and better still the photo of the package. Now there are cases of forgery of our drugs.
        Thank you.

        • Marina :

          Previously, drops from the fleas "Leopard" well helped, but now do not work, and vet. the doctor said that everyone complains, restore the quality of the product!

          • VETMAG :

            Marina, it's not in our capacity. We again say that the cases of imitations of the drug have become frequent. Be careful! We have the same quality.

        • Elena :

          Means of leopard against fleas (for application to the wool on the spine) - a complete nonsense. Three times with an interval of two weeks. And the result is zero! As there were fleas, so it is.

  2. Katya :

    In occasion of the Leopard, I can say ... I experienced on my kitten and there is no effect! As there were fleas, and remained, i.e. in Belarus, too, fake brought? It is unlikely. Simply this is a cheap and useless drug. By the way, the poor cat also drooled from it!

  3. Irina :

    Normal drops, no side effects and problems from them was not. Cotops I process them regularly in the spring-summer-autumn period. Only I take them in a vetaptek, so as not to run into a fake, which is now just darkness.

  4. Anna :

    Good quality Barca, I always use it, but I also tried expensive ones, so the dog had such a burn, that now it's a scar without a single hair, about the size of 10 x 10.

  5. Julia :

    Bars bought it. Treated. No sense at all. I do not know, maybe I was wrong somewhere. I just have the first time a cat in the house.

  6. Alla :

    Hello! I have a question for the representative of the firm "Bars". How to distinguish a fake from the original? I used to always buy drops and spray "Bars", the quality was happy. But already 4 years they do not work, but on the contrary, as if specially after processing the number of fleas only increases ... ((
    Can I order at your company? I live in Baku. And how much will it be? Do you have collars "Leopard" for cats? If so, what is their cost and shipping to other countries?

  7. Nasiba :

    Hello, tell me, please, where to buy these sprays, do they sell them in pharmacies?

  8. Alla :

    Hello! Tell me, please, is there a firm that delivers these anti-block drugs to the CIS, in particular to Azerbaijan? I bought the drug Bolfo spray. It says: to process once a week, but it is ineffective. The treatment has to be done every other day ...

  9. Victoria :

    We used different methods: and washed the cat with Lugovoi, and Bars drops dripped onto the dog's withers, and the repellent collars were both. In general, hedged against the full program. It turned out that no one was picked up.

  10. Tatiana :

    My cat was now combed, found fleas in wool. The veterinarian said that it is best to sprinkle sprays, get the remedy on the skin and in the bulb of the coat. I bought Dan Ultra Spray, sprinkled everything I found. And the cat, and the sofa, and the carpet - until the balloon has not ended. The cat stopped itching, now it's been a month, the flea larvae, so it's gone nowhere. So everyone would advise the spray, conveniently.

  11. Melanya :

    I bought drops of BARS for a cat. The result is zero. Threw the money away.

  12. Anna :

    I always used only Bars drops. They worked on our village cat. They always helped, went to the street, contacted other cats, and the fleas did not last a long time, somewhere there was enough for half a year. This year in Ulyanovsk I bought a Leopard for my pet cat in the pet store, which we took from overexposure, and she had fleas ... I thought that they would help me instantly, as usual. But no. There were no burns, no drooling, but the fleas remained in their place. I was always confident in this tool, so it seemed very strange to me that this absolutely zero effect. And the price, by the way, is pretty decent for one ampoule. Almost 100 rubles.

  13. Marina :

    Hello. We are also not helped by the drop of the Leopard, fleas ran and ran. Four of us with a tail did not help us, BlokhNet, Ying Up. I bought drops of Advantage, after the application it is written in 12 hours, fleas die, passed a day, and they run. I already washed it with tar soap, nothing helps. It's a pity to look at the cat, it's fluffy, maybe because of this, the fleas are badly displayed?

  14. Anna :

    My cats also helped Bars before. In August, processed Bars-Fort - the result is zero. After 10 days I treated the usual Bars - the same effect. Now on the Internet I'm looking for effective remedies for fleas, I'm sorry for my little ones ((

  15. Anastasia :

    It seems to me that fleas are developing immunity, so you need to change the remedy. And fleas do not always live on animals, they can live in an apartment. Accordingly, while the fleas are at your home - they will wait danger and again on the animal will be transplanted. Therefore, they must also be taken out of the apartment.

  16. Fiona :

    I agree with Victoria - to use better several means and methods. I worked on the same scheme: bathing in anti-block shampoo, then drops on the Bars withers in three days or a bio-collar. Well and spray the Leopard to process the floors in the apartment. This is for sure, 100% fleas will all be etched.

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