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Sprays from fleas in animals and for apartment treatment: an overview of effective means

Выбираем эффективный спрей для выведения блох у животных и в квартире в целом

Before getting acquainted with flea sprays, it is expedient to immediately divide them into two large groups and to understand between these groups a significant difference.

The first group is the means intended for processing the coat of animals or the plumage of birds. The composition and set of insecticides in them is selected so that the drug is as safe as possible for the animal, but it would allow the destruction of parasites quickly and for one treatment. For example, flea spray for cats usually does not contain permethrin, as cats are more sensitive to it than dogs.

On a note

There are even special insecticides for certain groups of breeds of dogs and cats. For example, for greyhounds and beagle dogs, preparations that do not contain selamectin are a substance that dogs with a large fat layer normally tolerate, but which are toxic to lean or sick animals.

But the second group of sprays are sprays for treating premises from fleas. They should be distinguished from typical aerosols already poured into cylinders: in simplistic terms, concentrated solutions are usually called sprays, which require dilution and spraying with household spray.

После разбавления инсектицидного концентрата раствор можно распылять с помощью обычного бытового пульверизатора

A typical flea spray in an apartment contains one or more powerful insecticides that can affect both adult insects and larvae.

In no case should you use sprays from one group for purposes for which they are not intended. So, for example, preparations for treating animal wool can be used to etch fleas from the kitchen or sofa, but it will be very expensive. And treating the animal with a spray to destroy fleas in the apartment can be extremely dangerous for the pet.

Sprays for removing pets from fleas: their features and specific use

Sprays for animals are characterized by high enough efficiency and safety of use. When the pet is treated properly, the flea spray does not penetrate the blood or the gastrointestinal tract and therefore does not cause intoxication. In this case, the fleas themselves die from the insecticide or leave the animal for several minutes.

При правильной обработке питомца спрей вызывает у блох паралич, после чего насекомые довольно быстро погибают

Инсектициды в составе современных спреев быстро и эффективно воздействуют на блох, не причиняя при этом вреда животному

Usually the flea spray for cats and dogs is applied to the animal's coat for half an hour and then the pet should be redeemed. Specialized sprays for rabbits or birds are not produced, but cat or dog can be used for them.

Spray for the pet should be chosen based on its age and weight. For example, flea spray for puppies contain less concentrated and more delicate insecticides, which greatly reduces the risk of poisoning the animal. On the other hand, the flea spray for cats can be used to get rid of parasites of small dogs.

When treating the animal with spray from fleas, it is necessary to spray the whole body with the preparation, spreading the animal's fur under the spray so that the product gets on the skin. The head of the pet is not treated to avoid contact with the eyes and mouth.

After this, it is desirable for the animal to walk or something to occupy it, so that it does not have the opportunity to lick or wash. After some time, indicated in the instructions for a particular drug, the product needs to be washed off with running water, sometimes it takes a shampoo.

Согласно инструкции к большинству спреев от блох, через некоторое время после обработки животное следует искупать

Typically, the re-use of flea spray is not required - parasites leave the animal's body after the first treatment. The experience of users who have already tried out different means, makes it possible to distinguish the most effective ones from the variety of today's drugs.

Flea spray Front Line

The composition of all Front Line sprays includes the insecticide fipronil, which exerts a neuromuscular effect on fleas, but is harmless enough for the pets themselves. After applying the spray to the body, fipronil concentrates in the sebaceous glands of the animal and does not penetrate into the blood. Nevertheless, constantly standing out from the skin and wetting the hair, this insecticide provides protection against fleas for several days.

В состав спрея от блох Фронтлайн входит инсектицид фипронил

The agent is low in toxicity: the dog can swallow up to 640 mg per kilogram of its weight, and the cat - up to 320 mg per kg of weight without apparent side effects. Sometimes, using Front Line, there is abundant salivation, which is a normal reaction to the alcohol contained in the preparation.

Spray from Front Line fleas can be treated with an animal's head, which is not always possible with other drugs.


"After several samples of funds, we stopped on Front Line. The cat did not react to it for the first time, but the fleas disappeared within half an hour. Once I had to handle a nursing mother, although the kittens were already grown up and ate themselves, but sucked her. No one had any side effects. "

Alina, Yerevan

Спреем Фронтлайн можно обрабатывать от блох кормящих самок

100-ml Front Line bottle costs approximately 550 rubles, and 250-ml - about 1000 rubles for retail purchase.

Hartz Spray Range

Sprays from Hartz Ultra Guard fleas contain tetrachlorviniphos insecticide and are not recommended for use in puppies and kittens younger than 6 months. For adult animals, these sprays can be considered optimal in terms of price-quality ratio. Drugs can be used for preventive purposes, for example, spraying animals before walking into the forest.

Спреи от блох Hartz достаточно эффективны, но их нужно применять с особой осторожностью при обработке котят и щенков

The cost of a bottle for 296 ml is about 350 rubles, and for 473 ml - about 550 rubles.

Spray Bars

Leopard is a spray from fleas of domestic production, developed and launched by the company "Agrovetzashchita". Available in several versions: for cats, dogs and young animals. All drugs contain permethrin as the main active ingredient and therefore they should be used with caution to treat cats, since they are particularly sensitive to this substance.

Спрей от блох Барс (для кошек)

Спрей от блох Барс для собак

Judging by the reviews, for large dogs Leopard can be considered a very good tool for regular treatment against fleas.

A 100 ml vial of the drug costs about 100 rubles.

Sprays for removing indoor fleas

Facilities for treatment of premises are much more toxic than sprays for the treatment of animals (due to a greater concentration of insecticides and a generally less balanced composition). During their use, animals and people need to remove their premises, and after the very processing of the apartment and several hours of "infusion" - to conduct a thorough wet cleaning.

Через некоторое время после обработки квартиры от блох нужно провести тщательную влажную уборку

However, it is sprays that allow very effective destruction of fleas and their larvae even when the apartment or basement is heavily contaminated. In this case, such treatment will not be too expensive, in contrast, for example, from the use for the same purposes of aerosol formulations in cans.

Executioner from fleas in the apartment

The executioner today is considered one of the most powerful means of insects available in free sale (in the market there are also counterfeits of this tool). The drug is issued under a German license and was originally aimed at the destruction of bedbugs - the most difficult to breed domestic parasites.

Средство Палач эффективно в борьбе с самыми разными насекомыми-паразитами, в том числе и при уничтожении блох

As it turned out in practice, fleas destroy it as efficiently as possible, and when properly applied, it often does not need to be re-treated in a few weeks.

The Executioner's bottle costs 70 rubles, and when ordering more than 50 pieces - 60 rubles. Usually for the treatment of a two-room apartment requires about 20-25 bottles, so it is advantageous to order the owner of several apartments. One bottle dissolves in half a liter of water.


"I advise you to take the drug Executioner. He and fleas, and any other infection from the house will lead. I first poisoned them with cockroaches, and then a year later the dog fleas appeared. So after one treatment, even the moth died out in the kitchen, and the fleas never again appeared. "

Victor, Yelizovo


Cucaracha is a household analog of Tetriksa, a very powerful insecticide for professional use. Cucaracha is adapted for use in domestic purposes and copes well with fleas.

Инсектицидное средство Кукарача

The drawbacks of the remedy include toxic and a sharp enough unpleasant odor, but with proper use of any side effects from the use of Cucarach's remedy can be avoided, and the smell is eroded from the premises in two or three days.

Cucaracha is sold in 50 ml vials worth about 300 rubles. When diluted in the indicated on the package, the concentration of the contents of one bottle will be sufficient to handle an area of ​​100 square meters. m.

Get and the rules of its application

Perhaps, Get can be considered one of the optimal sprays for treating an apartment from fleas. This tool has several important advantages:

  • High efficiency and duration of residual action: the drug acts as it enters the respiratory tract of insects, and simply sticks to their body when moving. At the same time, keep your Get effect until it is washed off the surface.
  • Safety - the tool does not cause poisoning in humans and animals, virtually no side effects.
  • Virtually no odor (concentrate may have a faint smell of oranges).

Инсектицидное средство Get имеет ряд существенных преимуществ по сравнению со многими другими препаратами

It is not surprising that it is Get who is chosen for treatment of premises from fleas most often, even despite the relatively high price - about 750 rubles per 100 ml bottle. A properly diluted bottle is enough to handle 100 square meters. square meters. Nevertheless, with respect to an ordinary apartment, the cost of processing the room is comparable to that of the Executioner.

Classical obsolete agents such as Dichlorvos or Carbophos (the latter is sold even in the form of a powder that should be diluted with water) today do not stand up to competition with preparations based on pyrethroids, fenthion, chlorpyrifos and other modern insecticides and slowly disappear into the past. If none of the described drugs can not be purchased, look in the section of our site "Fleas in the apartment" - there you will find a lot of additional useful information on this topic.

If you decide to fight against fleas on your own, then we recommend using only proven in practice tools that have shown their high efficiency:

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