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We get acquainted with shampoos from fleas for dogs and puppies

Любой шампунь от блох у собак имеет свои достоинства и недостатки

When aerosolized parasites are too dangerous and allergenic, and collars and drops are not possible to use on the pet because of constant contact with other dogs, in the struggle for peace and health of the shaggy pet, shampoo from fleas for dogs is used.

Indeed, almost any shampoo against fleas for dogs has many advantages:

  • Softness of action - these drugs almost never lead to poisoning and allergies. Thanks to this, shampoos can be used to fight fleas and puppies.
  • High efficiency from parasites - shampoos allow to get rid of the majority of wool and skin parasites.
  • Additional effects in the application - many manufacturers add to their funds components to care for the hair and skin of the animal.
  • Accessibility - most flea shampoos are inexpensive and are sold in many veterinary drugstores.

The disadvantages of shampoos from fleas are the lack of residual action - a few days after bathing, the pet can pick up new parasites - and the relative complexity of the application. All the same, to bathe a dog with careful processing of all wool is somewhat more troublesome than putting a collar on a pet.

Выкупать собаку с использованием шампуня - непростое дело! Но многим собакам нравится

However, in some cases only shampoos can help out - especially in the fight against fleas in weakened dogs or puppies.

Rules for choosing flea shampoo for a specific situation

Most often, insecticidal shampoos are used for dogs that are rarely on the street. It is rational to apply shampoos against fleas, if the infection of the pet with insects is an exceptional case. With a constant threat of infection with fleas, the animal must be treated with drops or a special flea collar attached to it.

Иногда вместо шампуня от блох все-таки придется использовать ошейник

Shampoos can be used to get rid of flea dogs with very delicate hair and sensitive skin. Toy-terriers, naked dogs, collies, small pinschers, almost no other means and will not work. For them, you should use products from the Mr. Bruno, Beaphar and Phytoelite shampoo.

Shampoos are also used to get rid of flea puppies at the age of about a month. These babies can not yet rub anti-block drops, and therefore, if they are seriously infected, they should be bathed with shampoos. Bruno or Beaphar. Shampoo from fleas for puppies should contain a reduced amount of insecticide, and it should be applied in strict accordance with the instructions.

Для щенков нужно подбирать максимально щадящий шампунь

On a note

Shampoo Mr. Bruno insecticide and Beaphar Bea Flea Shampoo can be used to get rid of fleas of convalescent and sick animals. However, their use in these cases should be coordinated with the veterinarian.

For larger dogs with less sensitive skin, you can use the products of Bim, Meadow, Purity, Leonardo. All of them have approximately the same efficiency.

Choose the product you need to take into account the individual characteristics of the animal.

On a note

In many cases, the optimal shampoo for the pet is selected by trial and error. The owner should try several tools to find out which of them does not cause side effects in the animal and most effectively removes it from parasites.

For animals regularly walking on the street, the use of flea shampoos will not be enough for reliable protection. After bathing and getting rid of parasites, the dog needs to be treated with drops or sprays for subsequent permanent protection against fleas.

Today the choice of shampoos against fleas for dogs is quite wide, but the most popular are several basic products.

Shampoo from Fleas Phytoelitis

Phyto-Elite is a classic flea shampoo for dogs. As the active substance contains permethrin, which does not have toxic effects on adult healthy animals. Does not show irritating and allergenic action.

Фитоэлита - классический шампунь от блох у собак

To date, Phytoelita has not been shown to have side effects, but it is not allowed for pregnant and lactating dogs, sick and convalescent animals, and puppies under 2 months of age.


At bathing it is impossible to suppose hit of foam and the shampoo in eyes, a mouth and a nose of a dog. For one bath it is forbidden to apply more than 60 ml of the product to the dog's body. If the litter of the animal was worn with shampoo, it is advisable to ventilate the litter for three days afterward and not let the animal sleep on it.

220 g Phytoelitis bottle costs about 50 rubles today.


I've heard many good reviews about different Biofaras and Bruno, but we do not sell such shampoos in the city. We are my two men (St. Bernard and half-breed) Phytoelith and while he is quite happy with us. Reliable shampoo, once a month to buy dogs enough that they do not wear fleas in the house. Additionally, in May we process them with drops.

Irina, Vorkuta

Doctor ZOO for dogs

As practice shows, Doctor Zoo is somewhat less effective than other shampoos because of the lack of synthetic insecticides. However, the antiparasitic effect of the drug is achieved through the addition of a large amount of natural essential oils: thyme, bergamot, chamomile, sage and red pepper. When bathing with such a shampoo, the animal gets rid of fleas, but mites and lice can stay on the body.

В составе шампуня Доктор Zoo много натуральных компонентов

On the other hand, Doctor Zoo absolutely does not cause irritation on the skin of the dog. Moreover, it has an antiseptic and soothing effect.

The cost of 250 ml shampoo bottle is about 80 rubles.


We were advised by a veterinarian to regularly bathe a dog (poodle, girl, 11 months) with Shampoo Doctor Zoo, and then to wear a collar of the same firm. And we do, for the entire summer season the fleas have never been seen.

Alla, Tver

Shampoo Bim Fito from fleas

Shampoo Bim Fito from fleas is considered a very effective tool among the counterparts. Contains powerful plant extracts, due to which it can destroy fleas and ticks in a matter of seconds.

Шампунь Бим Фито содержит экстракт березового дегтя

Use is best for adults, absolutely healthy dogs of large breeds. Birch tar in the composition not only kills fleas and ticks, but can heal wounds.

The cost of 250 ml of a bottle of shampoo is about 50 rubles.

Beaphar Bea Flea

In the line of Beaphar shampoos, the only remedy for fleas is Bea Flea Shampoo. By its properties, it almost does not differ from Phytoelite: it has the same active component permethrin and the same effect on parasites.

Шампунь Beaphar похож на Фитоэлиту по составу

For bathing animals should be able to withstand the correct concentration of the product:

  • in 300 ml of water for dogs weighing up to 5 kg must be diluted to 30 ml of shampoo
  • for bathing dogs weighing up to 15 kg - 50 ml
  • more than 15 kg - 70 ml.

With this solution, it is necessary to treat the wet wool of the pet.


I have a york and only very good quality shampoos. We used to wash ourselves with Mr. Bruno, but now we moved to Bifar. Mr. Bruno has very good shampoos to care for the hair, but their anti-block drug in Lija causes allergies. Therefore, once a month it is necessary to wash it with Bifar, so that if the fleas appear, remove them .

Stella, Moscow

Remedies for fleas Mr. Bruno

To date, insecticide shampoo Mr. Bruno is considered a tool that best combines all the advantages of competitors.

В шампуне Mr.Bruno оптимально сочетаются цена и качество

The drug is effective against fleas, ticks and withers:

  • destroys insects for one bathing
  • when used correctly, does not cause side effects and allergies
  • cares for the coat
  • removes dryness of the skin.

You are allowed to apply. Bruno for puppies at the age of 1 month, stopped eating mother's milk.

Meadow from fleas

Meadow - a natural flea shampoo for caring for animal hair. It consists of extracts of various herbs and permethrin - an insecticidal component.

В составе шампуня Луговой, кроме инсектицида, имеются экстракты трав и ланолин

There are three types of tools:

  1. "Meadow for dogs and cats" - the most universal shampoo, contains extracts of chamomile, mother-and-stepmother and marigold.
  2. "Meadow for dogs of rough-haired breeds" with dandelion, thyme, plantain, lanolin.
  3. "Meadow for dogs of long-haired breeds" with sage, burdock, St. John's wort and lanolin.

All shampoos are used only for dogs over 12 months of age, are not used for lactating and pregnant bitches.

One 250 ml bottle, regardless of the type, costs about 100-150 rubles.

Purity - efficiency and delicacy

Shampoo from fleas Purity is a remedy that differs little from phytoelitis. The same permethrin in the composition, the same contraindications, almost the same price. This drug is known mainly due to its wide prevalence and due to it - the popularity of dog breeders.

Чистотел - один из наиболее популярных шампуней от блох у собак


We went to the pet-shop, there all the shelves were filled with shampoos from fleas. I would have run out of my eyes if I did not know that I need a Purity. In fact, I have been bathing Lai for a year and have never poisoned it with any drops and sprays. The dog is always healthy, clean, without parasites. I'm sure that other shampoos are not worse, but I trust Chistotel.

Oksana, Poltava

General rules for the use of flea shampoos for dogs

Apply all shampoos quite simply. There are two methods of bathing a dog with them. The first method is good for animals that normally take a bathing routine:

  1. Wool pet rinsed with warm water;
  2. Depending on the degree of infection with fleas and the purity of the coat on the dog's body, shampoo is applied at a rate of 0.5-1 ml per 1 kg of the animal's weight;
  3. The wool is massaged with fingers to a profuse foaming and is kept in this state for 3-5 minutes, after which it is washed with running water, dried and, if necessary, combed.

The second method involves dissolving the right amount of shampoo in water, whipping foam and bathing the dog in it. This option is suitable for animals that need to be bathed as quickly as possible.

Если собаку надо искупать быстро, лучше всего подготовить ванну с пеной из шампуня

And most importantly - do not forget that for pets with a particularly sensitive hair, shampoo from fleas must be selected individually: detergents dry their hair and skin. In the optimal case, before buying a shampoo should consult a veterinarian.

If you decide to fight against fleas on your own, then we recommend using only proven in practice tools that have shown their high efficiency:

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  1. Irina :

    Good dog shampoo. We wash normally long and enthusiastically, shampoo is good. If very dirty, soap twice. Only it is necessary to wash off carefully, but it is not difficult)

  2. Light :

    Me and my pet like Shampoo Meadow! It is well foamed, easily washed off, it smells delicious and after it the wool is soft and smooth.

  3. Olya :

    And I really like the professional shampoo Wahl Dirty Beastie 2999-7580. Perfect for my pet. Very satisfied. And there is such a volume as for a year will suffice.

  4. Irina :

    We also have Lugovoy. Inexpensive, and most importantly - effectively. Of course, after washing (three days later, not earlier), you still need to fix the result with drops on the withers.

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