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Choose a shampoo for fleas for a cat and a kitten

Выбираем шампунь от блох для кошки и котенка

Along with a variety of feeds for pets, vitamin complexes and bright toys in the baskets of pet shopkeepers, shampoo from fleas for cats is often enough. Happy owners of cats and kittens know firsthand that often the desire to give freedom to your pet and let him take a walk on the street turns into a meeting with parasites.

Modern flea shampoos are the most gentle means of highly effective treatment from insects of animal wool. A good shampoo allows for one bathing to save the animal from all the fleas present on it.

Фотография кошачьей блохи

Specialized flea shampoos for kittens have a particularly mild formula that does not cause lachrymation, and bathing will be for a fluffy baby if not very pleasant, then at least not so stressful procedure.

It is important to remember that shampoo against fleas for cats by composition is a combination of both harmless and toxic substances, therefore it is necessary to strictly follow the instructions for using the product when working with it.

What substances are used in anti-flea shampoos

The most popular and mildly acting substances in preparations for treating cats' hair from parasites are pyrethroids - synthetic analogues of a natural insecticide.

Пример химической структуры пиретроидов

Synthetic pyrethroids (Permethrin, Fenotrin, Etofenprox) enter the body of pests through their chitinous shell and within 48 hours cause paralysis, and then the death of adult insects and larvae. And, for example, shampoo from fleas Purity and similar means in addition to these components also extracts of medicinal plants for full-fledged care of skin and coat of cats.

General rules for the use of shampoos

Along with the question of which flea shampoo is best to use, you should familiarize yourself with the recommendations for its use. First of all, it should be noted that cats are not always happy with water procedures and are trying to escape from the bathroom in order to thoroughly lick the wool. Allow these shoots can not, because the shampoo should always be carefully washed off the cat's fur before it can lick.

Нельзя давать кошке слизывать с себя шампунь

Almost all shampoos are very delicate and do not cause allergies in cats. Quality shampoo should foam well, penetrate to all skin areas and it is easy enough to wash off. As has already been noted above, the shampoo against fleas for kittens is a gentle formula, but even they are not recommended to completely treat the animal's head.

After a thorough rinse, the cat's fur should be combed and dried.

After reading about how flea shampoo works, you should determine the regularity of washing to prevent the destruction of the natural protective layer on the coat and skin of the animal. Also it is worth bearing in mind that most flea shampoos must be kept on the pet for at least 10 minutes before flushing.

Shampoo Barsik

Barsik is a famous domestic shampoo for cats and cats against fleas, ticks and other types of ectoparasites. The product gently cleans all types of wool, softens it and gives a healthy shine.

Шампунь от блох Барсик

When using shampoo from fleas Barsik cat skin does not get dry even with frequent washing, it does not face irritation, and the combs heal pretty quickly.

A bottle of a 200 ml volume costs about 20-30 rubles.


We washed our Barsik with a shampoo of the same name. Fleas really were pulled out at a time. Then we still sprayed Raptor with the whole apartment. Now, as a preventive measure, we bathe fluffy once every two to three months. Fortunately, he likes these procedures.

Inna, Moscow

A more expensive Barsik analogue with an extended set of properties is the flea fleece shampoo - complex with essential oils and extracts of medicinal plants for adult cats and kittens, which helps to get rid of parasites, restore epithelium and damaged hair, and prevent hair from tangling.

Shampoo from Fleas Phytoelitis

Guided by positive feedback from the Internet, many owners of cats and cats buy shampoo from Phytoelitis fleas. The agent has an intestinal-contact effect on parasites, blocks the transmission in their body of nerve impulses and thus causes paralysis and subsequent death.

Шампунь от блох Фитоэлита для кошек

Шампунь от блох Фитоэлита для котят

Shampoo should be kept on wet cat hair for about 5 minutes instead of the usual ten-minute interval, they can also process the animal's litter.

The cost of the bottle at a volume of 220 ml is about 60 rubles.

Shampoo Meadow

Familiar to the owners for good reviews cat's shampoo from fleas Meadow is effective in combating fleas, lice and withers. In addition to the main action, the agent normalizes metabolic processes in the roots of the hair and the skin of the animal due to herbal extracts.

Шампунь против блох у кошек Луговой

Shampoo forms foam at any hardness of water, it is easily washed off, eliminates wool contamination and unpleasant odor.


"My Solomon had fleas. He's a Persian, and I was afraid to spray him with sprays. Has bought or purchased some shampoos, has tried for the summer all. For some reason, I liked Lugovoi most of all. After it, not only do fleas disappear, but also the coat begins to shine beautifully. "

Vera, Uman

Shampoo Meadow from fleas is available both in pet stores, and in online sales. One bottle of it for 250 ml costs about 100-120 rubles.

BIO-GROOM from ticks and fleas

Among the components of the modern remedy for ticks and fleas of the BIO-GROOM series for cats, along with the Pyrethrins, which are able not only to destroy insects, but also prevent their reappearance, protein-lanolin - a complex for hair care, its soft cleansing, easy combing, giving fresh fragrance, as well as preventing dry skin.

Шампунь от клещей и блох для кошек BIO-GROOM

The cost of shampoo from fleas BIO-GROOM is not small and is about 1000 rubles.

Purity for cats and kittens

Another common zoo-shampoo from fleas and ticks is the trade mark of Celestial. This tool quickly and very effectively destroys ectoparasites, caring for the hair of a pet. A special formula for kittens does not cause irritation of the mucous membranes, so it was called "without tears."

Шампунь от блох Чистотел


"Quite good shampoo Celandine. Soft, the eyes of the cats do not irritate, the fleas exorcise well. In addition, it is affordable and inexpensive. In my opinion, the optimal remedy for fleas for domestic thoroughbred cats. "

Alain, Odessa

Rolf Club - insecticide shampoo for cats

Very quickly and effectively destroying parasites Rolf Club is an insecticidal flea shampoo, the price of which is about 250 rubles for an impressive 400 ml bottle. The list of components of the remedy includes soft surfactants and substances, rapidly destroying insect pests with a careful attitude to the skin and hair of a pet.

Rolf Club - инсектицидный шампунь для кошек


"We have our two Rolf-club. They have fleas, if they are, a little and very rarely, but in general shampoo is cool - soft, gentle, the hair after it directly shines. "

Oksana, Krasnodar

BioWax - shampoo for cats against fleas, lice and ticks

Shampoo against fleas BioVax is an effective insecticidal agent for cleansing the cat's fur from parasites, which also has a repellent effect on ticks, fleas and gnats. Typically, this caring shampoo veterinarians recommend using together with other insecticidal drugs - drops and sprays to fix the result of washing and prevent re-infection.

Шампунь БиоВакс от блох, вшей, клещей и власоедов (для кошек)

The approximate price of a 210 ml bottle is 100 Russian rubles.

Mr. Kiss - insecticide shampoo for cats

Flea Shampoo Kiss is characterized by very rapid elimination of ectoparasites of cats due to the basis of the modern bioactive component. Also included in the remedy is a Swiss innovative formula with a soft conditioner for deep washing of wool, maintaining a lipid balance, eliminating dry skin and facilitating the combing of the fur.

Mr. Kiss - шампунь инсектицидный для кошек

The price of 200 ml of the average amount is 130 Russian rubles.


"Girls, I recently bought my Mistochka Mr. Kees, it's a bomb. I myself would shampoo my head with soap. Pleasant smell, fleas are sent out like cockroaches from the light. But the main thing is that she is satisfied with the kitty herself. The first time I saw that she was enjoying bathing. "

Olya, Moscow

Shampoo from fleas with their own hands

The effect of shampoos on ectoparasites on the market is very effective, but this does not exclude the appearance of allergic reactions to chemicals in the cat. Guided by the composition of popular means, such as Dr. Zoo, Meadow, Purity, etc., flea shampoo can also be prepared independently using similar natural ingredients, and replacing chemistry with plant extracts.

For example, on 2 cups of distilled or filtered water brought to a boil, one and a half cups of crushed dried roots of the garden plant saponarii (soap grass) is necessary. The prepared mixture should be boiled for 20 minutes, then allow to cool at room temperature.

Broth is a full-fledged base for shampoo, it can add 20 drops of essential oils - mint, cedar, lavender, citrus or rosemary, so that the product has an odor that is unpleasant to parasites. The prepared shampoo is stored in the refrigerator for about 2 weeks, after which a new portion of the preparation should be made.

When using shampoos, always remember about the individual characteristics of the pet. For example, in a cat, even the most delicate drug will cause allergies, while the other can have stress from the very process of bathing. The fight with fleas is important to make not only effective, but also harmless for a mustached pet.

Health to you and your pet!

If you decide to fight against fleas on your own, then we recommend using only proven in practice tools that have shown their high efficiency:

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    An explanatory short article is easy to read. I'm just my cat my "meadow" shampoo, which is written. Wool is washed well, Gesha then becomes a fuzzy) From fleas and other parasites, then I dress the collar. Another plus is a pleasant smell. The shampoo is in the bathroom on the stylalka, I go one time, and my husband sniffs and says that he himself would not refuse such a thing, it smells nice of the grass)

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    And where can I buy shampoo?

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