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We select a collar from fleas for a dog

Поговорим об ошейниках от блох для собак

The appearance of fleas from your favorite dog causes a lot of trouble to the animal and its owners. Ways to get rid of this scourge a lot: from tablets to medicinal solutions, it is important only to be able to choose the appropriate effective and safe drug.

In this regard, special attention deserves special collars from fleas and ticks. For dogs, this remedy is often preventive, and opinions about its effectiveness are divided: some are satisfied, others consider it a waste of money.

Инсектоакарицидные ошейники рассматриваются прежде всего как средство профилактики от блох и клещей

To understand how justified the use of an insecticocaricidal collar, let's find out in detail: what is a remedy, how does it affect the parasites and how much it is generally safe for your pet.

The principle of operation and the types of collars

For reference: a dog flea collar is usually a plastic product in the form of a flexible band with a buckle, sometimes having a characteristic smell due to the presence of highly toxic chemicals in the formulation.

Классический пример ошейника от блох

How does the flea collar work? After some time from the moment of putting on the product, the dog becomes protected from fleas and ticks: insecticidal and scaring components are extracted from the collar and distributed along the wool and the surface of the pet's skin. The substances retain the necessary concentration all the time while the collar is put on the dog.

How much should I wear a flea collar? It is recommended to wear it constantly, without removing even for the night - only in this case a reliable result will be achieved.

Collars are:

  • Chemicals containing substances harmful to parasites. Used for adult dogs.
  • Biological, the action of which is based on the medicinal properties of medicinal herbs and essential oils. Can be used for puppies, sick individuals and pregnant dogs.
  • Ultrasound - universal, odorless and no chemicals, but more expensive. However, it must be borne in mind that many consider this type of collar to be the least effective option.

Фото ультразвукового ошейника от блох для собак

A wide range of dog collars often puts owners at a dead end: what to choose? There are several criteria that can help in this.

Flea collar: which is better?

A good flea collar is primarily selected individually and wisely. When choosing, you can follow the following criteria:

  • Study reviews about a particular firm.
  • Choose a collar in size.
  • Read the information on the package - the collars differ in the concentration of the substance and are suitable for specific dogs.
  • Do not skimp. A cheap collar can only be called anti-fleet, but in fact will not contain any substances; Also, poor-quality composition can poison the pet.
  • Choose products of proven manufacturers, but do not forget about a possible allergic reaction regardless of the brand of the product.

Ошейник нужно подбирать с учетом индивидуальных особенностей своего питомца

It is interesting:

Even a high-quality collar can cause a severe poisoning of a dog or a small child, if one of them accidentally chews the tip of the collar, so bona fide manufacturers indicate in the instructions the name of the antidote, so that doctors and veterinarians can help in time.

Among the variety of different brands of collars, the following are the most popular:

  • Collars against fleas and ticks Kiltix. They become most effective after 24 hours after putting on, they last up to 7 months. Suitable for healthy adult dogs; pregnant and lactating dogs, as well as sick animals are not recommended. Противоблошиные ошейники для собак Kiltix
  • Collar for dogs and puppies against fleas and ticks Hartz UltraGuard Flea & Tick Collar (including with a reflective strip). This collar is waterproof, has a pleasant fresh smell, starts to act immediately after putting on. Protects against insects up to 7 months; Not recommended for puppies under 6 weeks. Ошейник от блох Hartz UltraGuard Flea & Tick Collar
  • Collars SCALIBOR. Provide protection against flying and crawling insects for half a year; The greatest protective effect is achieved 7 days after putting on. Can be used for pregnant and lactating dogs; are not recommended for puppies under 7 weeks. Ошейник Scalibor
  • Collar Beaphar Ungezieferband from fleas and ticks. It guarantees protection from 2 to 5 months and has no restrictions on the weight and size of the animal. It starts to act after 5 days from the beginning of application. It is not recommended for sick and pregnant dogs, as well as for puppies under 6 months. Ошейник от блох и клещей Beaphar для собак
  • Rolf Club, a collar of ticks, fleas and withers. Low toxic, odorless, protection up to 4 months. It is not recommended for use in combination with other drugs, and is also contraindicated for puppies and sick weakened dogs. Антипаразитарный ошейник для собак Rolf Club


"For half a year after buying the collar, we do not worry at all - there are no fleas. But about ticks a controversial issue, we need something extra. But the main thing is that my dogs do not have allergies. "

Anna, Krasnoyarsk.

When choosing a collar, it is important not only to give preference to a certain brand that has been tested by the time and experience of other dog breeders, but also to carefully study the characteristics of the product, as well as take into account the age characteristics of your dog and the state of its health.

How to properly use a flea collar

No matter how expensive and quality the flea collar is, and the reviews about it are the most positive, the incorrect application of the tool will reduce the result to a minimum and can even lead to serious problems.

How to properly wear a flea collar: unpack, remove plastic jumpers, lightly stretch the product and put on the dog, fitting the neck to the size with an interval of 1.5 cm. The remaining free end of the tape is cut off.

Properly put on the collar excludes the manifestation of contact dermatitis and insufficient distribution of the substance on the skin.

Правильно надетый ошейник исключает проявление контактного дерматита

Helpful advice:

In the presence of fleas, you should wash the pet with a special anti-block shampoo, and then use the collar, otherwise fleas will go to the tail and can survive there.

For detailed information on how to use a flea collar, please read the instructions. It will also be useful to consider the following nuances:

  • simultaneous use of shampoos or repellents based on essential oils and collar (if the instruction does not prohibit) will increase the effect.
  • During the first 2-3 days of use, it is necessary to protect the dog from forest walks and, if possible, not to bathe.
  • Violation of the instruction reduces the protective characteristics of the collar and can lead to poisoning of the dog.


"Strong smell from the collar in the first days of use greatly upset me, and the dog was clearly not at ease - I had to shoot. But over time, and the smell is weakened, and the fleas are gone. We are happy to walk with a dog in the forest. "

Vera, Kaluga.

The flea collar is most effective when the rules of its storage and the period of use are strictly observed, as well as the fleas and tongs that were on the dog are previously withdrawn, since the collar is more of a preventive measure.

Перед применением инсектоакарицидного ошейника блох у собаки желательно вывести

It is because of the prophylactic properties that collars are often considered ineffective, and even harmful for dogs. Is it really?

Benefit or harm?

Despite the fact that the chemical composition of the collar is safe for humans, some substances can sometimes cause an allergic reaction - children, pregnant women and allergies are at risk.

Some veterinarians note the so-called delayed consequences: diseases of various organs and systems of the dog due to the ingress of poison into the blood through the skin. At present, the key influence of the collar composition on the dog's health has not been fully proven, but the veterinarian's preventive examinations are mandatory.

Инсектициды, содержащиеся в ошейнике, могут вызывать у собаки аллергию

Individual intolerance of the components is an essential but rare flaw that leads to the development of an allergy to the dog's flea collar. The first hours of animal socks should be under control, since alarming symptoms (itching and rash) appear almost immediately. Local reactions take place in an easy form and are not dangerous - just replace the collar.

Collars from fleas and ticks for dogs have a lot of positive sides - reviews of experienced owners and the great demand for them fully prove this. Besides:

  • This is a comfortable, simple and relatively inexpensive way to prevent fleas and ticks.
  • This is a hygienic method: you do not have to wait until the wool dries, or be afraid that the dog will stain the furniture upholstery.
  • Modern bio-collars are absolutely safe.
  • Most collars have a wide range of action, and are effective not only against fleas, but also mites, withers.
  • Modern products do not have systemic effects on the body, and the daily dose of insect-acting substance is extremely low for the development of pathologies in the dog.

Thus, in general, a dog flea collar can be considered quite safe, and it really helps reliably, but only if the instructions are strictly observed.

It is important to remember that the collar is not an independent means of destroying insects, but as an effective preventive measure it justifies itself - it is much easier and cheaper to prevent the appearance of parasites than to fight them long afterwards.

If you decide to fight against fleas on your own, then we recommend using only proven in practice tools that have shown their high efficiency:

To the record "We select a collar from fleas for a dog" left 13 comments.
  1. Eugene :

    Well, I bought a doggie for my pet Scalibor's collar, but still one tick sucked to the muzzle of the dog, that is, to the nose from the outside and very deeply penetrated the skin of the nose, but immediately died. And today the dead mite was removed (veterinarian in the clinic). But the fleas are really not on my favorite pet, and earlier I used the collar Kiltix, not one tick my dog ​​caught.

    • Alla :

      Eugene! Spring has come, and it's time to think about the collar of fleas and ticks for the pet. My advice to you - buy a collar "Trixi" (Trixi). He is 6 months and moisture resistant.

  2. Albina :

    And my dog ​​has a dog collar Foresto. We like it very much. Very convenient, safe. For the entire period that we carry, I have never found anyone (I mean fleas with ticks) on the dog. Therefore, I can say with confidence that the collar protects the dog perfectly.

    • Retta :

      Someone's collars are suitable for someone, but some do not. Individually.

  3. Svetlanka :

    I do not have confidence in the collars, how the drops of Advantix dripped to my Alpha, so I'll drip them, never let them down, ticks and fleas - it's not for us! Even mosquitoes and flies do not stick to it. Maybe the new collars are better, but not yet ready to change the remedy and risk your dog's health. And thanks for the article, very informative!

  4. Elizabeth :

    I'm my dog ​​only with shampoos from my fleas, I have a small child, and I'm afraid to treat all sorts of preparations with a dog, the kid is constantly bothering her. So while we do so, like fleas do not watch.

  5. Katerina :

    The collar very well saves from fleas and protects against ticks. We bought a collar for our dog, and everything was fine, but after some time she began to fall out under her collar. I do not know what this is connected with, but I think that the allergic reaction has gone. I had to take it off and go to the drops from the fleas. Experienced that they will also have a reaction, but so far, everything is fine, here half a year and spring they met without a single tick, and about fleas - so generally long ago forgotten.

  6. Olga :

    We switched from drops to the collar, after our Mark (corgi) started a severe allergy. In my experience I can say, collars - this is the best means of protection. We like last year. the doctor told about them, so we use it. Change it every 6-7 months, that's all. Neither fleas nor ticks in the summer season - Mark feels comfortable. There were no side effects either. We use a collar that does not need to be removed when it comes into contact with water, and it does not stink.

  7. Olga :

    We have our dog got a collar and are very happy, it perfectly repels both mites and fleas, you can not worry about the health of your dog. What I liked was that it lasted 8 months, you do not have to bother with the handling of frequent ones, it keeps tight, but it does not interfere with the dog either. In general, it's nice to read that people care about pets, well done.

  8. Irina, Moldova :

    Today I bought a forested collar, it's us at once - I have am. staf. I wonder if these collars are more than 70 cm. Now next time I will ask. The box says up to 70 kg. It would be sad, if only one cm more he would be less - all pipets. At someone so it was. And the reflectors do not hold. It seems that I'm catching it right, but it's opening. Tomorrow I'll go to the wind. to the doctor and all I learn or I find out. If he is really so good, then these reflectors, the main thing is that my Zeus is comfortable. Later I'll write what it is, good or not.

  9. Svetlana :

    Collar FITODOK has never failed! In it, my dog ​​is safe, I answer for the words) We've been using it for a year now, and I've never had to remove parasites. Only prophylaxis I take.

  10. Elena :

    And we used a collar from Rolf club, and we have a terrible allergy to the dachshund, we could not understand what it was all about. We applied to three clinics, and there they did not help us until we guessed. The dog is covered with blisters, then short, and begins to grow bald. They are very, it turns out, toxic, and you can ruin an animal. Similarly, my mother and kitten almost died, well there was some green, or with mint, or the smell of lavender. Also the whole neck got to the point, stopped eating. They took off the collar and it was all ok. Take care of your pets.

  11. Anonymous :

    Is the collar for pregnant women harmful?

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