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Collars against fleas for cats and kittens

Поговорим об ошейниках от блох для кошек

Of all the antiparasitic drugs, the flea collar for cats has managed to gain fame of the easiest to use and safe for the animal. Indeed, what could be easier: he bought a collar from fleas, put on a pet and forgot about insects, and about continuous scabies in an animal, and about the danger of infection with worms.

Most cat owners sincerely believe that the collar against fleas frightens off insects only with the smell and is therefore absolutely safe for animals and people.

Is it really?

How a Flea Collar Works

In fact, in principle, flea collars are no different from drops, sprays and shampoos. Fleas they destroy and frighten off with the same insecticide poisons, which are contained in other antiparasitic drugs, and therefore can not be considered either safer or less allergenic.

Ошейники от блох содержат инсектициды и отпугивающие вещества

The essence of the work of such a miracle of veterinary thought is that the insecticide to which the collar is impregnated, poison the fleas that sit on it, and scare away with its odor those that are on any part of the animal's body. Judging by the feedback from users who have been fortunate enough to observe how such flea collars operate, serious contamination of the animal immediately after putting on it means that fleas start to flee in large numbers from the cat, and adult insects do not remain on the cat for half an hour.

But against the larvae and eggs of fleas, the cat collar is ineffective. Even if the larvae suffering from the smell of an insecticide simply can not physically leave the animal. They can be said to achieve a measure: it is only the larva in such an unhealthy situation turn into an adult insect, as she immediately tries to escape from the animal.

Яйца блохи

The action of the flea collar is also good for its versatility: such adaptations work well both to rid the animal of parasites and to prevent infection by them. No flea will jump from an attractive shabby and dirty street cat to a homemade luminous homemade cat with a "nightmarish ribbon" around his neck. That's why forums of cats lovers are literally torn from the abundance of reports on how well a flea collar helps.


"Every summer in a private house the cat starts to itch, and in my hair I find fleas. It's disgusting. But it is enough to buy a blue collar on the bird, dress and boldly let the cat out into the yard. All the old fleas are running away from him, and the new ones are not jumping. The main thing is, do not wear it at home, or these little creatures themselves will start biting you at night. "

Inna, Moscow

On a note…

A collar for cats and cats from fleas is first of all a collar, and only then - "from fleas". While wearing a cat, he will definitely let the brigades know about the trapping of stray animals, that in front of them is someone's pet. And such protection is sometimes much more important than protecting from some insects ...

Terms of use and precautions

The instruction on the use of flea collars is quite simple: the product is taken out of the package, unfastened, put on the cat and fastened so that it snuggles on the neck of the pet, but does not cause him any discomfort. If the product is removed for a while, it should be packed in a plastic bag so that it does not fizzle out.

Пример ошейника от блох

Different collars for cats from fleas operate for different periods of time. The standard period of effectiveness of the product is two months, but some American and German products remain effective for 6-7 months.

In addition to fleas, these products are able to scare off mites, lice and withers, but from all this fraternity fleas are the least resistant. But against such, for example, ixodid ticks such a collar is usually effective no more than one month.

On a note

There are reports that some domestic companies produce very severe collars from fleas and ticks for cats, some of which can harm not only parasites, but also the animal itself, causing allergic reactions and dermatitis. The reason for this lies in the fact that often the manufacturer does not particularly bother about the delicacy of the product, using for its filling standard insecticides for cattle. Therefore, supporting the domestic manufacturer, you should choose a collar from fleas and ticks for cats, which is at least checked by other users, recommended by veterinarians and is not in the minimum price category.

When using a collar, do not use other insecticides against fleas: a synergistic effect may affect the condition of the animal. And in general, individual cats can respond to such protection by allergic reaction, hair loss and even skin diseases. This is not evidence of the toxicity of the collar, but only a sign that this particular brand does not fit a particular cat.


"This summer, bought a fashionable American collar Hartz. His cat regularly all the season carried and never scratched, but after I got this miracle out of the package and put it on Rink, sprinkled and there was a runny nose. The cat had to be left for the night on the street, because if she went into the bedroom, my nose swelled and I could not sleep. Allergy, in short. Although the fleas were not exactly. "

Anna, Ryazan

Choose the collar that fits your pet, you can from a large number of products on the market. Let's look at some of the more popular ones.

Collars from fleas Hartz

Hartz is considered a "star" collar and for its efficiency, most of the coders are oriented as a standard. Fleas, lice and mites from it really die very quickly. In addition, the manufacturer has managed to make its product resistant to wetting: even in wet form it continues to actively destroy parasites.

Ошейник от блох для кошек Hartz

The price of the Hartz collar starts from 100 rubles, depending on the model. The charm of a wide range of this company lies in the ability to choose the option that is ideal for a particular cat. Hartz does not release collars from fleas for kittens , and the minimum age at which a cat can be awarded such protection against insects is 3 months.


"I do not know, I do not recognize anything except Hartz. Tried and Bolfo (dear), and Bethar (too quickly exhale), but Hartz - a real golden mean. In general, buy boldly, fleas from your fuzzy just will not be. "

Lana, Moscow

Bolfo: flea collars for cats

Bolfo products also have water resistance and a separation of models by weight of the animal. But in general, these funds are more expensive and more prestigious: the price of one collar from fleas is 200 rubles.

Bolfo - ошейник от блох для кошек

True enough for a period of 4 months (to protect against ticks - 2.5), and therefore its profitability is the same as that of Hartz.

Beaphar Collar

The effectiveness of Beaphar is achieved through the use of a natural plant insecticide - Margoze extract. This substance is safe for cats, and therefore Beaphar actively produces and collars from fleas for kittens, which can be worn on a baby at the age of six months. The effectiveness of such eco-collars is comparable to the efficiency of Hartz or Bolfo products.

Ошейник от блох и клещей для кошек Beaphar

Ошейник от блох и клещей для котят Beaphar

It is interesting that the price of Beaphar products is only 64 rubles, which makes it the leader among the most famous means in terms of the ratio of value and result.


"The biggest problem in the nursery was to protect against the fleas of the sphinxes. All our cats go in summer in collars, and therefore freely move around the enclosures. Sphynxes also suffer from fleas more than other cats, but they have the same standard Hartzovskie cause irritation. The exit was found by our superintendent: his neighbor in the house dressed the sphinx in the Bethar collars, and they never had any irritation. We tried, evaluated the effectiveness and now transferred the entire nursery to Bethar. "

Marina Tomilina, Tomsk

On a note

Folk craftsmen learned how to make anti-collar collars from natural preparations with their own hands. To do this, take the flannel ribbon and soak it in a mixture of lavender, thyme and eucalyptus oils. After that, the flannel, without pressing, is slightly dried in the sun and dressed on an animal.

Bar collar

An interesting domestic product, somehow confidently giving odds to foreign analogs. At least in price and availability - for sure. However, even for 45 rubles this collar pleases many cat lovers with efficiency and the absence of side effects in animals.

Барс - ошейник инсектоакарицидный для кошек

Perfectly suits first of all domestic cats, only occasionally sticking out their nose on the street.

Collar Doctor Zoo: cheap and simple

In fact, Doctor Zoo is an analog of Barsik. It costs about the same amount, the duration of its action does not exceed two months, and while it has virtually no reviews of allergic reactions in cats. So you can apply it safely.

Ошейник против блох и клещей Доктор Zoo


"We tried many collars. The most effective are Bolfo. They do not need to be removed during the whole summer. But expensive. But Doctor Zoo is simpler, but there are pennies. Each cat has two collars for the season, and if she does not spend the night in the hayloft, the money works perfectly. "

Peter, Goose-crystal

But the main thing, from which you need to stay away - from very attractive at prices and not at all terrible for fleas of Chinese collars. They are flooding the market today, but users from such wonders of the industry from the Middle Kingdom are spat especially actively. Therefore, if you keep your pet from parasites, then do not save on it.

If you decide to fight against fleas on your own, then we recommend using only proven in practice tools that have shown their high efficiency:

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  1. Yana :

    Hello. I have a British kitten, I bought him a collar of fleas and mites "Cleanser", I put it on, and the kitten is all itch, the poor are suffering, tell me this is always so? Or it is better to remove this collar. Prompt please, I can not look as it excruciates (((

    • sleepyhead :

      It is better to remove the collar and consult a doctor.

    • Nurishka :

      Better leave, then he will get used to it. I also have a kitten. And tell me, please, and since you bought the collar?

    • Elena :

      The same theme from the collar "Cleanness". The cat scratches under it.

    • Anonymous :

      I do not need to remove Yana, he itches because fleas are getting out of his fur!

  2. Lyudmila :

    I bought a cat not cheap Dutch collar from fleas, BIO Band ticks from Beaphad. We arrived at the cottage. I took the collar from the package, put it on. Result: by the evening on a cat, on a neck under a collar has found 2 ticks or mites. Lot number 284373, shelf life up to 15/08/2017. The question is, why such a collar?

    • Eugene :

      All collars begin to act after about 5 days. Therefore, the collars, like the drops, must be worn in advance.

  3. Alina :

    We have a collar of the company "Doctor Zoo", we put it on somewhere at 16:00! We are going to the cottage at 20:00. The collar can work!

  4. Alina :

    Just written in the instruction that the collar will work somewhere in 3-5 hours.

  5. Ira :

    Hello, the problem is this!
    The cat is homely and we rarely walk, but when we go out into the street, we smear it on the withers.
    Now we are at the dacha in the village, and this "masagna" does not help him, because the cat continues to itch. They bought a collar from ticks and fleas (odorless). Tell me: do I need to wear without taking off?

    • Anonymous :

      To wear a collar it is necessary continuously, without removing for the night, or simply so that has had a rest from a collar.

    • Sabina :

      Nowadays, fleas can die from unpleasant odors from collars, so it's better to buy a collar, even with a smell, but it will be more effective)) I have such a problem: I sleep, at night fleas bite, I do not notice, and in the morning I get up - feet scratched, bitten. Even on the street short shorts ashamed to go out. We bought cats collars and dripped capsule, and the floors were washed with the drug - all bestolku. Here, we washed and covered the covers, cleaned, maybe then it will help. Still, tell me what to do to be effective, and even then all the legs are bitten. They bite their back, legs, neck, arms through the clothes. Help me please!

      • Anonymous :

        Fleas can live not only in carpets, but also in sofas and armchairs. At us such was. We got rid of it with the help of wormwood (you need to pick and spread them in bundles around the apartment). Soon you will see the effect, you will stop biting and these bastards will disappear.

        • Anonymous :

          Thanks for the advice. And they themselves were in the same situation, the fleas bitten all the legs to the daughter.

        • Anonymous :

          Yes, but you did not write that wormwood should be necessarily bitter, only her fleas are afraid.

      • Anonymous :

        Wash the floor with ammonia, the fleas will disappear.

    • Nastya :

      You can shoot, just save the package and put it there.

  6. Nurishka :

    I have a kitten, I want to buy a collar. And there are beautiful collars with kulonchikom kitten?

  7. Anonymous :

    Wormwood, lavender, lemon - fleas will not.

  8. Tatiana :

    Thank you for the article

  9. Natalia :

    And we have BARS worth 150 rubles.

  10. Sabina :

    Still tell me how to get rid of the house quickly from lice, does hair coloring help henna, what to apply? Already almost 2 months I can not withdraw my sister ((

    • Anonymous :

      In the pharmacy are sold drugs that can be processed head sisters, very effective.

    • Victoria :

      Sabina, the pharmacy sells inexpensive, but very effective water "Chemerichna". Helps the first time. Good luck!

    • Anonymous :

      No color, especially henna, from lice will not help. Special anti-pediculosis drugs are sold in pharmacies. They will tell you what is available.

    • Aqdas :

      3 liters of water + 1 tablespoon of vinegar, and that's it. In the construction squad, only this was saved. Rinse your hair and all the creatures of kaput.

  11. Svetlana :

    I like the fitodok! Affordable price, good quality, does not tear, does not flies, and most importantly does not stink!

  12. Marina :

    I have a cat and her kitten. He is almost 3 months old, but we live in a private house. I see his fleas, and the cat has a collar. I bought him a collar, but I'm afraid that the cat's mother is washing it. Is not it scary, my cat will not poison?

  13. Yulya :

    Hello! The kitten was picked up on the street, it was noticeable on it that not so long ago it was thrown out, it was still quite clean. We bought it with a special shampoo, we bought a collar. Only, in my opinion, he even more often began to itch. From what can it be?

  14. Anya :

    DokuZoo bought, there are no fleas, but something like a runny nose appeared, flowing from the nose. Cat, British, quite adult. I feel sorry for him, I think he can, take off, the fleas are not there. At the same time I'll check whether the collar is allergic.

  15. Olya :

    I bought a collar for a kitten, it already wears 2 weeks. Before I put on, I bought shampoo from fleas, but it still itches. When I walk my hand against the wool - I do not see fleas! On the street happens often (in the afternoon), mum - a cat without a collar. The question is: does the collar not scare off the fleas?

  16. Anonymous :

    Bought a cat a collar with a smell, and she with a kitten, which one month. Will not the collar hurt him?

  17. Gennady :

    The cat was kitten by the kittens - is it possible to put a flea collar on her?

  18. Denis :

    Hello, please help. Today the girl took the kitten home, quite a baby. She has fleas and some sort of creature, looks like a vsloeda. Perhaps there are worms, how can I save the baby from parasites? Can I wash it with a special shampoo and put on a collar? I want to sterilize her and do not let her into the street. I really feel sorry for her. Give, please, good advice!

  19. Katerina :

    Hello. Bought a cat collar from fleas and ticks firm beaphar. We got out of the package and immediately felt a terrible smell. But since the cat lives on the street, they thought that the smell would erode. Nothing like this. After 5 days, the cat had all the hair from the neck and the skin under the collar was very red. The collar was immediately removed and discarded. It took 2 weeks, and the hair did not even begin to grow. Tell me, please, what should we do?

  20. Nastya :

    I have a cat, she is 3 years old and her name is Kasya. I'm moving into the mansion. Tell me please, is this collar effective? And is it possible to let Kasya out on the street?

  21. Natasha :

    Could an adult cat have died from a collar? .. Literally dressed recently. He passed with him for 5 days and died. But before that, he tasted it.

  22. Svetlana :

    Our cat, the British, got a flea literally after walking in the entrance, he does not go out into the street. We live in Germany. In the pet store we sucked goods for 50 euros! Spray for the whole apartment, ointment and drops. They left the apartment all for 4 hours, while the spray "himself" was processing the apartment. Nothing! Neither ointment, nor powder, nor drops - zero effect. Friends advised the collar. Three days later, the cat again began to grow hair where he combed it, the fleas disappeared. The only danger of a collar, if the cat jumps from a height. She can catch it by the door, the window sill, etc. And I will add, from effective info about the British. They, like many thoroughbred cats, have an allergy to beef and wheat. He was also scrubbing very hard. I thought fleas. The friend advised to exclude both of the food, and the fur is again fluffy, silvery.

  23. Larissa :

    We can not take out the fleas, which they just did not try, we deduce - they appear after three days, they are already tortured. A remedy in the pharmacy is very expensive, and harmful for the child. Help.

  24. Asya :

    Tell me, please, will the collar not affect the health of the little kitten? He is only 2 months old.

  25. Olga :

    Treat the animal with Dana Ultra spray, and then put a collar on Dana too, there will be no relapse any more. I'm treating my pets just like that from parasites, and then I dress all the collars and excellent prophylaxis is obtained, no parasite is delayed.

  26. Elena :

    Tell me, please, have bought a cat collar for kittens Beaphar. Already a week, and fleas are running, as before. Maybe the collar for the cat is rather weak? Previously, on other cats, only the collar of this company was used and always the result was excellent!

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