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We deduce fleas in cats and dogs folk remedies

Знакомимся с народными средствами от блох у домашних животных

With all its diversity, folk remedies for fleas in cats and dogs are in the overwhelming majority of substances that allow parasites only to scare away. A very small number of such means is used specifically for the destruction of fleas, and among the formulations used for direct processing of animals, there are no poison preparations at all.

Nevertheless, many folk remedies for fleas can quite effectively cope with the task of getting the pet out of parasites and further protecting it from re-infection. It is important only to know how to properly apply the appropriate tool ...

General rules for the use of folk remedies

In order to get rid of fleas folk remedies, you must observe two main rules: systematic and accurate. To remove fleas from dogs and cats by means of such means it is possible, only constantly and carefully treating its wool with appropriate compounds, and even a slight disturbance of the regime threatens with a rapid return of parasites.

It should not be forgotten that some folk remedies for fleas can be very toxic to animals and much more dangerous than most synthetic insecticides. Here one should be very careful to save the cat or dog from fleas with folk remedies and not cause any harm to the health of the pet.

Уничтожая блох на собаке или кошке, обязательно нужно обработать и подстилку

It is very important when removing an animal from parasites to pay attention to the processing of its litter, booth and toilet items. The larvae of fleas do not develop on the pet itself, but in the place where the animal most often lives. And that's why even having managed to get fleas from a cat or a dog with folk remedies, you can get a new round of struggle after several weeks, when the adult insects released from larvae will start biting the animal again.

On a note

Using folk remedies to get rid of, for example, cats from fleas, it is necessary simultaneously to take care of removing parasites from the whole apartment, where they have already laid their eggs. It should be borne in mind that the means of fleas in the room are significantly different from those for processing the animals themselves.

Если в доме есть несколько питомцев, обработать от блох нужно каждого

In addition, if several cats or dogs live in one apartment, constantly communicating with each other, it is necessary to take out fleas with folk remedies at the same time.

Wormwood from fleas

The smell of wormwood is feared by most insect-parasites. And the fleas are no exception. To combat them use a decoction of this herb: in two glasses of water, cook 20 grams of dry or 40 grams of fresh leaves of wormwood, then cool and get the liquid wiped animal hair on all parts of the body.

Полынь легко купить в аптеке и сделать из нее отвар для обработки собаки или кошки от блох

During the processing of the pet, fleas will actively jump from it, it is necessary to foresee and prevent fleas from spreading around the apartment.

Wormwood is a good folk remedy for fleas and for kittens. It is harmless both for the kitten and for the cat, which after the procedure will lick the kids. However, it is advisable to keep the solution on the kitten's fur as long as possible: the stronger the scent of wormwood will be absorbed into the coat and skin of the animal, the more reliably it will be protected from parasites.


At us in Dmitrovka anybody never these balloons from fleas and ticks or pinches did not buy. And in general, it seems to me, I'm one such abnormal, parasites in a cat I bring out. I used to make wormwood in the old manner, wet it with a cloth, smeared the cat - and so every two weeks. Things for half an hour, but then safely run it into the house and I'm not afraid that fleas will come on it.

Tamara, Dmitrovka

Comb and regular combing

These are the most obvious, but also the most labor-intensive in use folk remedies against fleas in cats and dogs. The fine crest reliably combs out of the animal's fur all the parasites and their excrement.

Частый гребешок можно использовать для вычесывания блох у котят или щенков

However, the same method does not provide any further protection for the pet. Combing is considered the best folk way when you need to remove fleas from a kitten or a puppy. They can not be smeared with sharp-smelling means, and many chemical insecticides will be dangerous for them.

Garlic and the rules of its use

Garlic and its smell have a deterrent effect on parasites. It is known that people who regularly consume garlic for food are practically not exposed to flea attacks: parasites feel odorous components of garlic that have got into the blood.

Для избавления от блох нужно протирать шерсть кошки или собаки настойкой из чеснока

Similarly, garlic, as a folk remedy for fleas, can be used against cats and dogs. The only difference is that animals do not have to eat it.

To fight fleas with garlic, you need to crush a few prongs in a garlic crock, and then get a gruel to fill with three or four glasses of water and insist one night. The next day this water can be wiped off the pet's coat, basically - on the withers and back, where the animal will reach with great difficulty.


Garlic is toxic to dogs. Some wrestlers with parasites are advised to add small amounts of it to food, but this can lead to digestive disorders, poisoning and even the death of the animal. Therefore, drugs based on garlic should be applied only to the wool and in such quantities that even when they are licked, they do not cause harm to the dog or cat.

Pine sawdust

Many folk remedies from feline and canine fleas are not aimed at getting rid of the parasites of the animals themselves, but at removing insects from household items.

Блохи не любят запаха сосновых опилок

Блохам совсем не понравится, если внутри подушки для кошки будут сосновые опилки

The most famous of these tools are pine sawdust - fleas do not tolerate their smell and try to stay away from it. Therefore, it's very convenient to put a thin pillow filled with pine sawdust in the cat's bed itself or under the bedding for the dog. At a minimum, this will lead to the fact that the fleas can not lay their eggs here.

Other Useful Recipes

Even more reliable folk remedies, which allow to remove fleas from cats and dogs, are mixtures of various plant and food components.
For example:

  • In the tincture of garlic, you need to add a small amount of brewer's yeast. Such a mixture will reliably deter parasites from the pet.
  • Decoction of a mixture of herbs: tansy, eucalyptus and wormwood. Together, such a bouquet provides a pronounced deterrent effect not only on fleas, but also on other parasites (bugs, mosquitoes).

    Использование отвара пижмы отпугнет не только блох, но и комаров

  • A decoction or tincture of leaves of geranium and lavender will provide the pet with a pleasant smell, and fleas are unbearable conditions for existence.


I compared various steep insecticides and home folk remedies. In my opinion, there is nothing more effective than tansy with wormwood. Once you buy a cat in such a solution, and it is protected from fleas for a month. But how easy and cheap it is! This is not chemical aerosols, from which the dog gets sick after a week.

Anna, Kirov

Cedar oil, citronella and rosemary are also very effective, on the basis of which special shampoos for cats and dogs are prepared.

Масло кедрового ореха обладает очень сильным запахом и помогает в выведении блох у собак и кошек

However, the cost of such funds will be unjustifiably high, and to fight their help against fleas only the most ardent lovers of all natural prefer.

Folk Remedies for the Prevention of Infection of Pets with Fleas

Even when there is no need to fight fleas in cats or dogs folk remedies, it is required to prevent the infection of pets with these parasites. Given the frightening effect of most folk remedies, each of them can regularly handle the pet's fur, regardless of whether he has fleas or not. Thanks to this, parasites on the street will not attack the animal and will not come on it to your house.

In addition, as a preventive measure, it is necessary to protect the animal from communicating with homeless brethren. It is from them that clean and sleek pets are most often infected with fleas.

If you decide to fight against fleas on your own, then we recommend using only proven in practice tools that have shown their high efficiency:

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  1. Olya :

    Thank you very much, the remedy with wormwood has helped me a lot, the dog is now not itching at all. Thank you :)

  2. Olga :

    Thank you very much for useful and harmless advice!

  3. Tatiana :

    And what about essential oils? The same cedar?

  4. Jeanne :

    I have fleas in my apartment in April. They bite me, I have sores from scratching my legs. What to do, tell me.

    • Anonymous :

      Wash floors with bleach, whiteness, for example. In hard-to-reach places, spray from the spray gun undiluted. Work in a respirator or at least in a bandage of several layers of tissue, otherwise you can lose your sense of smell for a couple of months.

    • Anonymous :

      We also had small ones, all those who were bitten walked. A simple remedy helped - a spray from mosquitoes, any firm. Spraying on walls and things.

  5. Julia :

    Fall asleep dry wormwood for the cabinets, near the skirting, wherever it will not interfere. Leave for a week and vacuum. Worsted carpets, too, sprinkled, and then vacuumed. Disappeared once and for all), although I did not fall asleep directly the whole apartment. And mostly hard-to-reach places, as a small child was.

  6. Galina :

    Good afternoon. Tell me, after the procedure with a wormwood dog to bathe or not?

  7. Egor :

    It depends on what procedure ...

  8. Genna :

    Thank you to everyone who collected and published the people's councils.

  9. Evgeny;) :

    At mnya a question, and at a kitten wool will grow? And then he combed it?

  10. Julia :

    Tell me please! The cat has reached, to kittens of 10 days, it is possible to process a cat with kittens a wormwood?

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    Tell me, please: my dog ​​is very itchy, he can not fall asleep easily. Fleas have already gotten, tell me more effective way to remove fleas.

  12. Matnikvik :

    Quartz lamp, no one tried to irradiate the room?

  13. Dasha :

    My cat just barely itches, well, thanks for the help.

  14. Natasha :

    I want to treat our pets with aniseed oil. Can I do the procedure after Butoks 50?

  15. Aidoni :

    Dichlorvos - from fleas in the house.

  16. Natasha :

    Thank you very much!

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    Thanks for the advice. We will fight wormwood. What will turn out, unsubscribe.

  18. savika :

    There were fleas all over the house and a baby. Mom Mom helped a lot - she smeared the perimeter and the floor with a napkin, disappeared in two days, and on the dog too.

    • Tatiana :

      In more detail, please explain how and what you did with Dr. Mom against fleas. Two children, a cat brought from the street, it is then processed, and these creatures skip.

      • Anonymous :

        Tatyana, did you understand the meaning of your recording? I realized that the cat brought two children from the street. The cat, then, processed, and these creatures (ie children, leaves), all jump?

        • Anonymous :

          God, the woman has 2 children, and the cat brought fleas from the street and they are now jumping around the apartment. Everything is very clear.

        • Lesya :

          Well, you do, I can not rust

    • Anonymous :

      Doctor Mom, what is syrup or ointment?

    • Anonymous :

      Hello, what kind of tool, doctor momm? And then fleas, too, tortured, have already tried everything.

  19. Lia :

    Thanks for the help, treated the puppy with lavender oil, the fleas were already furious, they pushed out. I dripped for the forest the stench on the withers of the cedar. The dog feels fine, the flea kingdom is annihilated.

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  24. Mila :

    At a two-month kitten has found fleas, all over again thought, that it is insects-cockroaches. Now I found 4 fleas, pull them out.

  25. The benefactress :

    Good tar helps, soap, bleach, wormwood and all that with the smell of lavender. Dichlorvos, of course, you can, but do not - until you spray, you can move the horses themselves.

    I, for example, bring out wormwood sugars (I bring wormwood to a boil, I cool it, without diluting it with water), Ms.Properom with the smell of lavender - then it's still tasty in the room for a long time. And it happens that my floor is bleached. I sprinkle dry wormwood all the plinths, thresholds, in front of the front door, in the closets with clothes, on all the upholstered furniture. I often change bed linens, iron the bed. Coming from the street, if there was a cat next to me, I shake clothes off the bathroom - it drops a lot, and I quickly wash off with running water.

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    Fleas jumped from the dog in a plaid plaid. How to remove fleas from a rug?

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    What about mint? Can a dog's hair moisten with a mint broth?

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