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The most effective drops from fleas for dogs and puppies

Капли от блох для собак и щенков: обзор наиболее эффективных и популярных средств

Drops from fleas for dogs can be considered the most versatile remedy for skin parasites. They combine the advantages of most other drugs:

  • effective flea control
  • repelling other parasites (ticks, mites)
  • safety for animals
  • ease of use

... and are deprived of many shortcomings of other means. For example, they have a long residual effect - after a single application of the remedy the dog will be safely protected from fleas for several weeks - and if the correct choice of a drop from the fleas to the withers is not caused in the animal allergy.

Nevertheless, these funds also require attention in the selection and accuracy in the application. For example, for puppies, flea bead drops are used only from two or three months old, depending on the breed and the drug itself, and nursing dogs can not be rubbed at all.

Modern drops from fleas and mites for dogs are mostly effective : they use insecticides of the last generation such as Permethrin, Fenotrin, Metoprene, Imidacloprid. Qualitative preparations are relatively non-toxic to dogs and humans, but they have a pronounced nerve-paralytic effect on the fleas themselves and other parasites.

Перметрин: химическая структура

However, insecticidal drops against fleas should be used in strict accordance with the instructions. If the rules for their use are violated, the dog may exhibit various side effects.

Side effects

The side effects of the use of drops from fleas are few and manifest mainly when the instructions for using the drug are violated. For example, in cases where the dog manages to lick the drug, or when a too large dose is applied to an animal of a certain mass.

Капли от блох нужно использовать в строгом соответствии с инструкцией по применению

In such situations, the following may occur:

  • Hypersalivation - the allocation of a large amount of saliva in the dog, until the appearance of foam. In this case, the pet should be given a plentiful drink.
  • Allergy - occurs usually when using drugs in particularly sensitive dogs, or when the allowable dose is exceeded.
  • Violations of the wool cover in the application area are extremely rare cases, which, however, sometimes happen.
  • Muscle trembling.
  • Lachrymation.

It is very useful to buy a drop of fleas before consulting a veterinarian about the possibility of using this or that remedy for a particular breed of dog. Even better, if the pet is constantly observed by a veterinarian who knows his features well and is likely to say which drug will be as safe as possible.

Safety measures and general rules for the use of drops from fleas for dogs

Drops from fleas for dogs are usually sold in pipettes. Depending on the weight of the dog, it needs to be applied to the skin from one-third to the entire volume of the pipette.

Капли от блох обычно наносятся в область холки животного

The funds are applied, as a rule, in the withers area. Here they are inaccessible to the language of the animal and from here the preparation itself maximally affects fleas.

Some drugs require application in several places along the spine of the animal.

After applying the drug, it must be gently rubbed into the skin. After the procedure, the owner should thoroughly wash his hands. Depending on the very means with the dog can be played, after from half an hour to two hours after its treatment.

On a note

Almost all modern drops from fleas in dogs are resistant to moisture. According to the instructions to most preparations, the animal can swim or become wet in the rain a few hours after treatment, and the product itself will continue to work effectively.

In most cases, drops from fleas can not be applied:

  • pregnant and nursing bitches
  • sick, emaciated and convalescent animals
  • puppies up to 3 months of age.

However, each drug has its own characteristics. So, for example, special tools are issued for fleas for puppies, which have a slightly shorter duration, but can be used to treat the animal at a monthly age. There are also special preparations for sick dogs.

Drops from fleas for adult dogs

For adult dogs today, a large number of products are produced in the form of drops, and the choice here is very large. Let's look at the most popular drugs.

Hartz Ultra Guard

These drops are today considered the most popular in the whole world. In the lineup, there are several drugs, of which Hartz Ultra Guard itself is used in the most common cases, Hartz Ultra Guard Plus is used to treat highly infested dogs with fleas, and Hartz Ultra Guard Pro is recommended for pets permanently living in the open air in conditions of a large number of parasites.

Капли от блох для собак Hartz Ultra Guard

All Hartz Ultra Guard products remain effective for 4 weeks after application. It is not recommended to use them for sick and exhausted animals, it is forbidden to use them for puppies under 12 months.

Price Hartz Ultra Guard is approximately 450 rubles for three bottles, which is enough for 3 months.


"I'm very happy with the drops of Hartz. I recommend them and do not advise you to use something else. I buy two packages in March and start to smear the dog from April until the fall. Never Rhea disturbs neither fleas, nor ticks, nor mosquitoes. Once I bought some other drops, he had an allergy to them. So I'm not experimenting anymore. "

Lyubov Pavlovna, Maikop

Drops from fleas Stronghold

Stronghold - one of the most effective preparations against fleas. It includes Selamectin, which destroys both adult insects, and their eggs, and even scabies and some helminths.

Капли Stronghold

Stronghold is tested on 167 breeds of dogs, including on such sensitive ones as collies. In all cases, the drug has proven its safety and effectiveness. It is applied by separate drops along the entire spine, within an hour of application it is completely absorbed and allows you to bathe and play with the dog. Can be used for puppies from 6 weeks of age.

The price of Stronghold today is about 100 rubles per pipet. Drops vary depending on the size and weight of the dog.


"We only have Stronghold in the vetaptek and are sold. But it's enough with his head. Very powerful thing. One pipette is enough for the whole summer, and this is with our abundance of parasites. The dog never even itches and brings home no fleas or ticks. "

Igor, Yakutsk

Bayer Advocate

Bayer products are widely known due to the fact that they effectively work not only against fleas and ticks but also are used for the treatment of sarcoptosis, otodectosis, demodecosis, sifonopterosis, infection of the dog with nematodes and larvae of dirofilariae.

Капли от блох Advocate

The price of one pipette of the remedy is 120 rubles.

Frontline Drops

Frontline after applying 2 months protect the dog from fleas and a month - from ticks. A day after the application, the drug spreads throughout the body of the animal. You can not bathe the dog for two days before using Frontline and for two days after.

Капли против блох, клещей и власоедов Frontline (для собак)

Frontline drops are used only for adult dogs and cost about 100 rubles per pipette.

Drops of Advantix from fleas

Drops of Advantix contain, as active substances, Permethrin and Imidacloprid, which can repel blood-sucking insects. After treating them the dog is not recommended to bathe it for a week.

Адвантикс от блох

The cost of drops is about 100 rubles per pipette.


Leopard - domestic development, in composition, method of application and efficiency, little different from imported analogues. The active ingredients in its composition are Praziquantel, which protects the animal against helminths, and Ivermectin is a substance against fleas and ticks.

Инсектоакарицидные капли для собак Барс

Bars for puppies over two months are allowed.

The price of a single pipette Barca is about 60-70 rubles.

Drops from fleas for puppies

Almost all manufacturers of drops from fleas produce special preparations for puppies. In the lines of the same Hartz and Bayer you can find drugs suitable for puppies at the age of one month.

Next, consider the means of fleas on the withers, designed specifically for puppies.

Purity drops

The active substances of droplets from Fleas Celandine are Fipronil and Permethrin. Purity is allowed for puppies at the age of two months. The remedy is safe enough and does not lead to side effects in a dog licking puppies.

Капли от блох для щенков и котят Чистотел

The price of one pipette is about 70 rubles.


The basis of the drug is Imidacloprid. The drug is used to treat pups weighing up to 4 kg or lactating dogs. When applying the product on a nursing dog, all litters are protected from fleas, withers and lice.

Капли от блох для щенков Advantage

The cost of the drug is 120 rubles per pipet.


"Once I risked treating the puppies with anti-block drops. I asked the veterinarian, I bought Adventure, they really liked me. The dog did not react to them, although licking the puppies very diligently. I think that now I will buy Adventure all the time. "

Raisa, Ulan-Ude

Drops from fleas for puppies Dan

Drops of Dan (from the company Api-san) are designed for use in puppies over 10 weeks of age. They are applied along the spine and carefully rubbed into the skin to avoid licking. Diazinon is used as an active substance in Dana drops.

Дана: капли на холку для щенков

Animals are not recommended to bathe three days before the application of drops and within 3 days - after.

The price of the drug - about 100 rubles for 4 pipettes - makes them the most affordable means of this type for dogs in general.

Due to the wide variety of drops from fleas in the market, each dog breeder can choose for his pet those who will best cope with parasites and will not affect the animal's well-being in any way. In order to avoid making such a choice by trial and error, it is most reasonable to consult a veterinarian before buying drops and show him your dog. The doctor is more likely to be able to determine which remedy will be most effective and safe for the pet.

If you decide to fight against fleas on your own, then we recommend using only proven in practice tools that have shown their high efficiency:

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  1. Potapich :

    Drops are the most effective, of course, safer and more convenient. I just think that the dog gets used to certain drops - fleas have appeared in my last year in the fall. Yes, and many dogs also say.

  2. Anna :

    Thank you for the article

  3. Katya :

    My dog ​​fleas, we sprayed on the sea, apparently forgotten, or I put it somewhere, I can not find it, I bathed it with shampoo from fleas, but then she again picked them up. Yesterday Bars bought a drop, but we drank it the day before yesterday evening, one and a half days ago, poor, can not sleep from these parasites. So, is it possible to apply drops every other day after bathing? I immediately applied the spray, but with drops like?

    • Eleanor_90 :

      Wash it thoroughly with antiparasitic shampoo (not earlier than 3 days after treatment), because it is small, choose a product that includes natural ingredients (eucalyptus, tea tree, lavender, etc.). There is a "Four with a tail," by the way, it's inexpensive at all, try it, I really liked it. It's nice to see how these small parasites are washed into the sink after washing.

  4. Marina :

    From flea spray and just spray! Reliably and effectively, plus them also litter can be processed. I was advised at the station by our Bars, so I treat them to dogs. Until let down.

  5. Tatiana :

    Thank you for the article.

  6. Vitaliy :

    To us drops Advantix well help, from fleas and from ticks protect. They used collars, ticks clung, and with these drops no tick ever sucked, very satisfied with them. We often go to the dacha, into the forest, and do not worry about the dog, and it does not suffer.

  7. Victor :

    Now a very large selection of means to protect the animal from fleas. But in the warm period of the year I want to protect my pet from tick bites as well. I just leaned on these factors when choosing protection for my dog ​​and chose drops, because they just protect against both fleas and ticks. I buy them for my dog ​​also because insects do not have time to bite the animal, because The drops discourage them, and this reduces the risk of infection with pyroplasmosis. Flies and mosquitoes also frighten off. So my dog ​​is safe.

  8. Julia :

    We also like drops more and more for efficiency and convenience in use. Collar the dog always tries to remove and combs the skin under it, and the spray must be sprayed each time. Drops we buy and drip every month from the end of March to November. The dog does not even notice that they have dripped. And ticks have never clung.

  9. Anonymous :

    I processed my puppy, he began whining and itching even more. How now to remove dead fleas?

  10. Eugene :

    My dog ​​has fleas, I can not take it out. I washed it with shampoo and dropleted it, and so 2 times. All the same they are. What to do?

  11. Veronica :

    Hello! I have been afraid of mites since childhood. Even in the camp a little did not go, t. I was afraid that I would be bitten and I would become paralyzed or even die. Year passed, but the fear remained)) As my mask appeared, now I'm trembling over it even more. Of the ticks, many have been tried, but of all the drugs I liked most of all drops. We used them that year and did not catch a tick, for the whole season, so now they are just using them.

  12. Maria :

    Good afternoon, tell me, is it possible to drip the frontline dog the other day after applying drops from the fleas of another remedy, since it does not help?

  13. Nat :

    Is it possible to drop the drops and put the collar on right away, so to speak, for a specific effect?

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