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Remedies for fleas in the form of drops for cats and kittens

Капли от блох позволяют быстро избавить от паразитов кошек и котят

Among all the remedies for skin parasites, drops from fleas for cats are considered one of the most convenient, safe and effective. Indeed, due to the fact that such drugs are applied practically in an unattainable place for the animal (usually in the withers area), they contain insecticides that are not toxic to warm-blooded animals and are very simple to apply, today they are used more often than other means.

Moreover, today they even let out drops from fleas for kittens, almost absolutely harmless for them, and for the mother cat, which makes it possible to get rid of feline fleas in any situation.

However, the use of drops from fleas requires compliance with the correct procedure for their application. In addition, the preparation of each manufacturer has its own characteristics.

Let's try together in the most popular drugs available on the market. But first it makes sense to get acquainted with the basic information ...

Flea drops: general characteristics of the remedy

In fact, flea beads are solutions of strong insecticides that are not toxic to warm-blooded animals. Most often they contain the following active substances:

  • Permethrin, which is rapidly degraded in the gastrointestinal tract of the cat (if it suddenly lays off the remedy) and does not fall into the blood.
  • Fipronil, a more modern and safer insecticide.
  • Piriproxifene, now increasingly the basis of droplets, although before it was mainly placed in the composition of the team's saltwort venoms on the cat's anti-flea collars.
  • Ivermectin, remarkable for its universal action against most parasites, in addition to fleas including ticks, withers and nematodes.

Инсектициды, используемые в современных препаратах, очень токсичны для блох

Some of these substances have not only a poisonous effect against fleas, but also frighten them away with their odor. Thanks to this, it is possible to apply a spot on the body of the animal: usually, drops against fleas for cats are applied once to the skin of the neck, at the base of the skull. After that, most of the fleas leave the covers of the animal, in the truest sense of the word, jumping in different directions.

The main advantages of droplets are their ease of application, safety and a wide range of applications.

Usually these funds smell quite strong, and the cat can try to reach the neck to the neck and wipe the drug, but with careful rubbing it will not succeed.

Drops are convenient to use for absolutely domestic animals, and for cats, which often walk a lot in the street. The most demanded are such drugs for those animals that go out on the street occasionally - several times a year, getting to a dacha or in a private house. In this case, drops and help to save the cat from the already attacked fleas, and will warn the infection of new ones.

Drops against fleas also have some drawbacks. Thus, they are characterized by a low toxicity and the ability to sometimes cause an allergy in the animal. So, individual funds can not be used for patients or nursing cats, most of them are contraindicated to kittens, and in any case there may be an individual intolerance of the drug to animals. Therefore at once it is safe to smear a cat or, especially, a kitten with a neck such substances it is not necessary.

With the help of anti-block drops you can prevent the infection of the cat with mites and withers. Usually one use of drops is enough to protect the cat from fleas for two months, and from mites and withers - for a month.

General rules of use

In order for the drops from the fleas for the cat or cat to work well, it is enough to spread the wool of the pet on the withers, to drip and rub fingers into the skin with a certain amount of the remedy. After this, the cat should not be washed or combed for at least two to three days.

Капли от блох обычно наносят на холку кошки

Some drugs (usually domestic) are applied in several places along the spine of the animal in the same way. In this case, a more pronounced effect is achieved.

The amount of applied drops always varies from drug to drug. Therefore, before dripping drops from fleas to the cat, you should carefully read the instructions for their use.

On a note

There is almost no such thing that drops from fleas do not help. This can happen if immediately after using the product, the cat or cat will get very wet under the rain and the product will wash off without having to soak properly. But given the accuracy of cats, such cases can be considered exceptional.


I somehow bought my Dym drops from fleas Bars. She dripped on her neck, and two days later she decided to check it, and caught some fleas from him. I thought that the remedy does not help. And then my son explained to me that the Smoke is getting wet and the drops are being washed off. Probably, when in the mornings through the garden to the neighbors goes to catch mice. Yes, I also inflicted them wrong. They need to be rubbed, and I just dripped on the skin. He once showed me how to apply these drops, and after that, really no fleas have a cat.

Lyubov Sergeevna, Severodvinsk

When using all drops from fleas, care should be taken to ensure that they do not enter the nose, mouth or eyes of the animal. If this happens, flush the affected organ with plenty of water. Also remember that many drops from fleas are not designed for kittens.


If the animal has developed an acute reaction to the drug, and its signs do not pass within 1-2 days, it should be shown to the vet.

Safety and toxicity rules

Do not worry if the cat lapped drops from the fleas: not only that the amount of the active substance in them is small enough, besides most of the insecticides used in the drops are relatively harmless to the animal.

A dangerous situation can arise if the cat has drunk drops from the fleas that were processed by her kittens (especially if all at once and abundantly). Therefore, most drugs are forbidden to use for kittens before weaning them from the mother: here as a cat can get poisoned by licking all the kittens, so each kitten in the game can grab another by the neck. And if the kitten licked the drops from the fleas from his brother or sister, they can act on him much more than an adult cat.

Запрещено обрабатывать препаратами от блох котят до отлучения их от матери

Of course, if, for example, a healthy adult cat has drunk drops from fleas, in the worst case it will vomit and not eat for a couple of days. Lose a little ...

On a note

Drops from fleas for cats can cause irritation and allergic reactions in humans. Therefore, it is recommended to apply these products in gloves, and if there is itching or redness on the hands, coughing and sore throat - drink as much water as possible.

However, in individual cases, insecticidal drops can lead to allergic reactions in adult cats. They may develop itching at the site of application, hair fall out and even dermatitis may occur. Nevertheless, such cases are extremely rare, and it is always possible to firstly apply one drop to check how the pet's organism reacts to it.

But for fleas drops are extremely toxic. Most insects when dropping onto an animal die, only hitting the place where the drug was ripped. The rest try to leave their master very quickly, fleeing from the unbearable smell for them.

But in order to choose the most effective drug, it is not necessary to know how the flea-droplets act: the most well-known means have been tested both by laboratory tests and by many cat lovers, and therefore can be safely recommended for the protection of mustached pets.

Let's look at these tools in more detail.

Beaphar drops, characteristics and reviews

Beaphar - the famous Dutch drug, different versions of which are intended for cats, kittens and weakened animals. Its main distinguishing feature is the active ingredient: the manufacturer instead of chemical insecticides decided to poison fleas in cats with an absolutely natural Margoza extract, safe for furry pets. So with Beaphar you can not worry at all if, say, a cat suddenly licked the drops from fleas.

Beaphar: капли от блох для кошек

As a result, today Beaphar confidently conquers all new and new cat lovers, and the manufacturer diligently expands the line, developing drops against fleas for kittens and protection means for nursing cats.

Beaphar drops last 1 month. Every four weeks a new portion of the drug should be applied to the animal's withers. Beaphar is sold in ampoules, the entire contents of each of which is enough for exactly one treatment of the animal. To apply the drug, it is sufficient to break off the tip of the ampoule and pour the liquid onto the cat's withers.

The price of the Beaphar ampoule is 102 rubles, the ampoules Beaphar Bio Spot On - 115 rubles.

Hartz Drops

Perhaps these drops from fleas are the most publicized and well-known today. American production has decided to concentrate on Meptoprene-based products, and therefore even the softest HARTZ UltraGuard OneSpot can not be used by kittens under the age of 12 weeks .

Капли от блох для кошек Hartz

Hartz drops are produced in tubes of 200 rubles per tube. They are applied not pointwise, but a strip on the spine. According to the manufacturer, the death of insects occurs within 24 hours.

Frontline in the form of drops: reliable protection against fleas

Frontline - known drops from fleas and worms. A typical preparation, sold in pipettes with a polyethylene tip with a capacity of 0.5, 0.67, 1.34, 2.68 and 4.06 ml. For cats, only a remedy is used in half-milliliter pipettes.

Капли от блох Frontline

Allowed to use kittens after 2 months. Interestingly, Frontline is also used to treat ear wounds.


"I always buy droplets from Front Line fleas. Twice a year I process a cat, in the beginning of summer and in the beginning of autumn. In winter, she has no fleas, and in the summer helps. Two years ago I was told about him, and now I do not have problems with parasites at all. "

Yana, Kremenchug

It should be remembered that Frontline in the place of application can slightly change the color of the cat's fur. Therefore, for exhibition white copies, it sometimes may not be suitable.

Advantage of fleas in cats

Advantage is considered one of the most effective preparations for fleas in cats. For cats, Advantage 40 is used. The active ingredient is Imidacloprid.

Капли Advantage

The contents of the tube of the drug on the withers protect the cat for one month. It is important to ensure that for several hours other cats do not lick treated.

It is interesting

Advantage 40 is used not only for cats and kittens from 8 weeks, but also for decorative rabbits. Only for rabbit means can be used from 12 weeks of age.

Leopard: domestic development

Of the great number of domestic drugs in scrupulous cat lovers, only Bars drops have gained sufficient confidence: unlike competitors using severe insecticides and acaricides for cattle, the Barca producer places insecticides that are safe for pets.

Капли Барс от блох для кошек

As a result - for 50 rubles the owner of a mustached pet gets a tool that is not inferior to the untwisted foreign analogues in efficiency.

But with all the safety of drops from fleas and the rarity of the occurrence of side effects, consultation with a veterinarian before using drops does not hurt. And when choosing the drugs themselves, one should first of all be guided by the effectiveness and safety of the remedy, not by price and availability. This will guarantee that a fluffy friend will be rid of parasites quickly and without unpleasant consequences.

If you decide to fight against fleas on your own, then we recommend using only proven in practice tools that have shown their high efficiency:

The note "Remedies for fleas in the form of drops for cats and kittens" left 20 comments.
  1. Catherine :

    Very competent article. Especially in terms of individual selection of funds. Unfortunately, not all veterinarians in this matter are competent, many advise that means, for which advertising they were paid. I'm not going to say what we were recommended, but in the end we all the same stopped at the Russian analogue - Bars drops. I also want to say that cheap is not bad, so do not be afraid of cheap drugs. Price is not an indicator of quality at all.

  2. Anastasia :

    I'm worried about one question: how many days can not I touch the cat after he has been drugged with fleas? I read the whole article and did not find anything about it, damn it. If any of you know this, write in the comments.

  3. Margot :

    Until the 15th year, only Bars used and everything was always good. But last summer brought disappointment. Bars has ceased to be effective. By the autumn we, and we have six cats, have come up with fleashed, like mongrels. Frontline Combo helped. 10 days after the pipette, I put the collars on my kosher. Previously, never in the autumn-winter period did not use anti-Fleet means, but now we strictly follow this and once a month we process it.

  4. Olya :

    We veterinarian prescribed drops for cats, when Muska found the fleas. For one application, all the fleas have died, and we stopped releasing Muska on the street, for nefig.

  5. Tatiana :

    Drops are one of the most effective remedies for fleas in my memory. Drops are applied to the withers, every two months against fleas. In the summer, you can apply more often - from ticks, if the cat walks in nature, every 4-5 weeks.

  6. Anna :

    48 hours is not recommended to iron and even comb out the cat ... Maximum impact of drops is required from day to three. In general, pests literally an hour later are paralyzed, well, and slowly, but accurately, they go to the forefathers to hell))

  7. Anna :

    They tried the "Frontline" remedy, the active substance - fipronil ... My low bow to the manufacturer! Our pet is free from this infection - fleas - the combs are tightened. Before that, we used shampoo, spray, collar, on the recommendation of a doctor! They only poisoned the animal with this rubbish and threw it away. The poor animal was suffering from allergies. Then I took on the job myself, I studied all the Inet, all the tools, testimonials, recommendations, details of the application - and here's the result: buying drops "Frontline" and the health of our pet. I recommend it to everyone, if you have been visited by the problem of parasites. Health to you and your cat!

  8. Elena :

    I want to say that the "Bars" has become a complete sucker now. Last summer, they dropped on the withers, a feeling that "flea flies". They were 3 times more than they were, and even flea shots fell from him, just horror. I bought Front Line, fleas die of it, even those that jumped off, and my cat was enough for almost 3 months. It is also very good. Now I want to try something cheaper. Thank you article, now I know what to buy.

  9. Michael :

    I used a leopard for my kitty. Fleas very little on her was visually. After ten minutes after applying the drops, it was possible to notice how one flea fell dead. The drug is clearly working. Only, unfortunately, the first time did not work out very well. Most of the drug remained on the fur. I hope that's how it turns out.

  10. Faith :

    After drops of "Leopard" kitten began to itch, constantly meows ... Help, what to do? ((

  11. Anna :

    The "Leopard" dripped, after a while the cat started to itch, what should I do?

  12. Semen Semenych :

    Judging by the stylistic analysis, the comments were written by the same person ...

    • Constantine :

      Yeah, and your comment, apparently, also wrote the same person :)

  13. Galina :

    I have a cat called Manyasha, I brought 5 kittens. A week later, I noticed that Manya was often scratching. She began to inspect the kittens, and they were strewn with fleas. Began to shovel inet, tk. how Manya fed the kittens, found the drug Advantage for nursing cats, well studied the instructions. While I took out this drug, the kittens went to week 3. Manya fed the kittens, I carried her out into the street, drank her withers and was on the street for two or three hours, she did not let me in to the kittens, and then she let me go. The next morning all the litter was strewn with dead fleas, the kittens were more active and did not sleep, as it was before, began to crawl around the cat. I treated everything with domestos, I dipped the bedding in it, cleaned the kittens on the veranda, and processed the rooms with raptor, that is, according to the instructions. Already the 3rd month has gone, I want to treat for prophylaxis, became Manya to scent. I do not advertise the drug, I tried it.

  14. Hope :

    Bought Stronghold drops adult cat, and a young cat Inspector. The cats we had before just went crazy, did not sleep, at night I heard them scratching without end. The whole neck of the cat was scraping. We pumped through them and all ... It's over. The cat went to sleep right there, the cat too, and as a result the fleas did not seem to have happened.

  15. Laura :

    Bars were bought and dripped. It's been two weeks - how the cat scratched, and it itches. Question: can I drip again or not?

  16. Anonymous :

    Have made an injection from fleas, lice, worms. It's been 10 days, and it's all itching. Can I drop a celandine and how much ?!

  17. Anonymous :

    I bought an inspector, an hour later it began to scratch very much all over, there are a lot of them crawling around the muzzle. For how long should they disappear?

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