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Drops from fleas Leopard: instruction and feedback

Знакомимся с отечественным препаратом от блох для кошек и собак - каплями Барс

Funds from fleas, produced by the Russian company Agrovetzashchita, are represented by various medicinal forms: shampoos, collars, drops, sprays. At the same time, drops from the Bars fleas were the most popular among pet owners. There are several reasons for this, and the main one is that the flea louse for cats and dogs provides not only effective destruction of fleas already present on the pet's fur, but also the prevention of infection by new parasites.

In addition, the Flea Fleece, released in the form of drops, is very convenient to use. Using these drops according to the instructions, it is enough to spend only a few minutes of time to effectively combat parasites. This effect is achieved due to the presence of powerful modern insecticides in Bars.

Composition and efficiency of Bars drops

As a basic medicinal ingredient, the droplets from Bars fleas contain fipronil, which has a powerful insecticacaricidal effect and effectively destroys fleas, lice, mites and gnats. Fipronil itself is a synthetic insecticide widely used in veterinary medicine and agriculture to fight many pests and parasites in general.

Инсектицид фипронил - химическая формула

Инсектоакарицидные капли Барс могут применяться не только от блох, но и против других насекомых-паразитов

After rubbing the animal's drops into the skin, Bars fipronil is distributed on the surface of the body without penetrating into the blood, but accumulating to a certain extent in the sebaceous glands. After that, if the parasite contacts the animal's skin and starts to drink blood, the insecticide gets into the blood-sucking organism through the chitinous covers and leads to disturbances in the work of the nervous system, paralysis and death.

Фипронил довольно быстро вызывает паралич и гибель блох


Fleas can smell fipronil well and therefore they prefer not to jump on the treated animal. Thus, the drug provides protection from parasites for a period until its components are completely removed from the body of the animal.

An important feature of fipronil is its relative harmlessness to animals. Only in rare cases it leads to the development of side effects, but almost never causes acute poisoning. It should be noted that in general, cats are more sensitive to it than dogs.

Instructions for the use of drops Bars

According to the instruction, Bars drops from fleas for cats are used for healthy animals that have reached the 10-week age. There are special drops for kittens.

Капли от блох Барс для котят

The drug is well tolerated by animals of different breeds, providing active protection against ectoparasites for several months. Drops for cats are produced in a cardboard box with three pipettes, droppers, and drops for dogs are presented on the market in the form of a box with 4 pipettes.

Капли Барс от блох для кошек

Капли Барс от блох для собак

Drops Bars from fleas to domestic cats should be applied, given the weight of the animal. According to the instruction, for cats weighing up to 1 kg, 10 drops should be applied to the withers, animals weighing 1-2 kg - 20 drops, and for cats weighing more than 3 kg, a whole pipette should be used.


My kitten was only 4 months old and was told in the pharmacy that the usual Bars against fleas, intended for adult cats, would not suit him. It's good that there are drops of Bars for kittens from fleas with softer action, for young animals such as my favorite Tiger. From a strong smell, he immediately a little puffed, but then fleas on it no longer jumped.

Julia, the owner of Tiger

Drops from fleas Bars for domestic dogs are also applied taking into account the weight of the dog. For large breeds of dogs weighing up to 10 kg, 1 pipette is enough, with a weight of 10-20 kg, 2 pipettes should be used, and if the dog weighs more than 20 kg - 3-4 pipettes.

В зависимости от веса животного может потребоваться разное количество пипеток

For small breeds of dogs: from 2 to 3 kg - 20 drops, dogs over 3 kg need to drip a whole pipette.

Application rules

Drops Bars should be applied to the withers of the animal, spreading the wool so that the product gets on the skin. If several animals live in the house, they all need to be treated at the same time, and to avoid licking the drug, the dogs need to wear a muzzle.

Инструкция по применению капель от блох Барс

After processing, animals should not be allowed to enter the children, wash and iron them for 48 hours. Repeated prophylactic application of the drug is carried out strictly in accordance with the instructions - not more than once a month.


"We tried a lot of means from fleas, because the husband constantly drives dogs to hunt and on all sorts of burrows they are typed this muck kilograms. Houses with them parasites directly sypyatsya. Etched Barsik, Harts, Front Line. Barsik is good for the price, but it does not last long. Bloch displays immediately, but new ones appear on the dog within a week even without hunting. But Front Line almost for a month protects against parasites. True, if there is a hunt, no drug helps: in fox holes such monsters live, that this synthetic chemistry for them is one tooth. "

Maria, Svatovo

Contraindications to the use of the drug

When deciding to buy a flea from fleas and finally get rid of your pet from annoying parasites, it should be remembered that these drops can not be used during an animal's disease and for animals under six weeks.

Для щенков младше 6 недель капли от блох Барс не подходят

Processing of nursing and pregnant females is possible only after consultation with a qualified veterinarian.


Remedy for flea Bars can not be used at the same time with the use of any other drugs from fleas - to avoid overdose of insecticides.

At high individual sensitivity of the animal, the following symptoms can be observed: lacrimation, skin irritation, vomiting, muscle tremor. When the first signs of such symptoms appear, the animal should be washed in running water using shampoo.

Если имеет место повышенная чувствительность питомца к каплям Барс, нужно вымыть животное с шампунем


My cat lives with me in a private house, so we always have enough fleas. When I bought food in the pet store, the saleswoman recommended buying drops from fleas Bars. Since before I heard positive reviews about this product and the price was very good, I decided to try it. In the instructions of the Barsik's remedy for fleas it was written that for my 1.5-year-old Murzik weighing 2.9 kg, 20 drops of the drug in the withers are enough. Indeed, the fleas became much smaller, the cat began to squeeze less, I think, periodically to dig it to him this remedy.

Gennady Zinchenko

Other preparations of the Leopard: collars and spray

Other remedies for parasites from the Bars shampoo line, collars and spray are also very effective for fighting fleas

Для борьбы с блохами существуют и другие средства в линейке препаратов Барс

Collar of fleas Bars is very convenient because it is permanently attached to the animal and helps not only to expel already living on the cat or dog parasites, but also prevents re-infection. Such flea collars are well used for fixing the effect after sanitizing a pet by spray or flea drops.

Ошейник от блох Барс

Before you put on the collar, it is recommended to wash the animal with Bars shampoo.


After sanitizing with any drug from the Bars line against fleas for dogs and cats, you should wash your hands thoroughly with a detergent. The drug, although it is not toxic to humans, irritations and allergies cause it is quite capable.

The active medicinal substance (fipronil) located in the collar gradually enters the skin of the animal, exposing the fleas to a prolonged insecticidal effect. The collar also protects against parasites of other species: hairworms, lice, mites, it can be used for heiletiosis.

Before you put on the collar of an animal or apply any remedy for fleas from the Bars line, you should carefully read the instructions and contraindications.

Often for the destruction of fleas, in addition to drops and a collar, another means is used - a spray from fleas Bars. The feedback from the owners confirms the effectiveness of its use. Spray also helps in the fight against ticks, and it is better to apply in the open air.

Спрей от блох Барс

Applying the product in the form of a spray, you need to put a muzzle on the dog to prevent licking the drug. During the spraying, the bottle is kept strictly vertical at a distance of about 30 cm from the animal's fur, and the product is applied evenly to the coat and skin (it is desirable to spread the hair with the fingers when applying the coat).

Применяя спрей от блох Барс, желательно надеть на собаку намордник

Инструкция по применению спрея от блох Барс

During processing, the pet is closed by eyes and ears to avoid getting aerosol in them.

Additional processing should be carried out litter and sunbeds, which are usually resting the animal (there are often developed flea larvae), after which they must necessarily be washed thoroughly using detergents.

According to the instructions, after sanitization it is not recommended to let the animal close to the children and iron for 2 days.

There are several types of spray from fleas suitable for dogs and cats of different ages, so it is necessary to specify in the store, for animals of what age the drug is intended.

Спреи от блох Барс для собак и для кошек

On a note

Because the composition of spray Bars against fleas are insecticides, it should be stored in industrial packaging away from children and food.

Price of drops from fleas Bars

On drops from fleas Bars today the price is relatively low and is completely accessible to every owner of the animal: the drug can be bought at 40-60 rubles per pipet.

Do not order a lot of pipettes at once with the expectation of repeated processing of the animal. Probably, drops to the pet will not approach, and, probably, it is not necessary to make repeated treatments. Buy a few pipettes is only when the tool has already been tested, and you are sure that it will require multiple applications.

Перед покупкой значительных количеств препарата полезно испытать его эффективность на питомце, начав с 1-2 пипеток с каплями


"My cat Marquis permanently lives in an apartment, but recently she accidentally jumped into the entrance and walked there half a day while we were at work. Since there are many cats in our house, she flew decently. Since I work in a budget organization, I can not buy expensive veterinary drugs. But the price of a remedy for fleas Bars is quite affordable for me. I read the instructions, did everything as it was written there. I dripped the necessary amount on the withers. Of course, at first the smell did not like me or my Marquise, but we survived it and after a while it disappeared. In general, Barsik flea help us, the fleas are gone.

Irina, Ekaterinburg

If you decide to fight against fleas on your own, then we recommend using only proven in practice tools that have shown their high efficiency:

To the record "Drops from fleas Leopard: instruction and feedback" left 81 comments.
  1. Vic :

    I like drops the most - conveniently and without problems. And so in the article everything is detailed and available. Previously, they had permethrin in their composition, and now fipronil, it is newer and safer.

  2. Faith :

    Affordable and effective means - after the first application the result is noticeable. It was used on an adult seal, including for treatment of ear parasites.

  3. Catherine :

    A good and affordable tool. The result is noticeable after the first application. Applied to a young cat. I like it!!!

    • Lena :

      People, do not praise this drug. I also dealt it to a cat, it seemed to have flown by, but the kitty lay for 24 hours, does not eat, meows, if I touch it, I have a feeling that everything hurts inside. And tomorrow, probably, I'll carry it to the vet. I did everything according to the instructions, bought the drops in the vetaptek, the veterinarian advised them, and now my conscience is tortured, almost killing my kitten with my own hands. Yesterday I ran and jumped, but today ...

      • Elena :

        Lena, in the instructions it is clearly written: NOT to use for pregnant and lactating animals. To avoid poisoning of babies.

  4. Lena :

    Tell me, please, if the Bars drops from the cat were smeared, and he tries to lick, what will happen?

    • Anonymous :

      Give a drink of milk or inject it with a syringe.

  5. Alexandra :

    I do not know, maybe I'm buying some kind of fake, but there is no effect from these drops, neither immediately nor later. I apply strictly according to the instructions.

    • Anonymous :

      In Georgia, too, sell Bars, and many noticed that there is no effect. And I noticed. On the second day there were also fleas at the cat, and all this is said. Maybe there is a fake, and maybe the drug is not good - I do not know.

  6. Marina :

    My cat also had fleas, maybe the truth is a fake, although the smell was th-th.

  7. Eugene Harlan :

    I want to ask a veterinarian about various Bars drops. Here's the difference between ear drops Bars from drops Bars on the withers? Or is it the same thing? I want to use this tool, but I'm afraid that it will harm the pet, my dog.

  8. Hope :

    Bars - an excellent product, effective and, moreover, inexpensive. And it's great that there is a special Leopard forte for kittens. When we picked up our Chernushka, there was almost no live place on it - the fleas were swarming ((Bars rescued.) Now periodic processing is enough to not catch infection again.

    • Alexander :

      Attention to the owners of cats. Permethrin is dangerous for cats! The use of anti-block drops on the withers (spot-on) on the basis of the permethrin group often leads to poisoning.

      Permetrines and pyrethroids are widely used insecticides that are safe for some species of animals, but not cats! Cats are more sensitive to permethrin and pyrethroids than other animals. It is connected with the features of the metabolism of the substance in the liver of cats. In particular, this refers to the deficiency of the liver enzyme glucuronosyltransferase, which leads to the inability to destroy permethrin. And this makes cats more prone to poisoning.

      In many manufactured products - shampoos, drops on the withers (spot-on), drops in the ears - contains permetrin. Such drugs are quite common in veterinary clinics, vetaptekas and pet stores.

      Signs of poisoning with permethrin: cat poisoning is possible even when exposed to small concentrations of permethrin, which can lead to serious organic disturbances and lethality (death) of the animal. Symptoms of permetrine poisoning may occur within a few hours, but in some cases, one to three days may develop. Common signs of poisoning include - muscle tremors, seizures, hypersalivation, pupil dilated, impaired coordination, fever, anisocoria, etc.

      Unfortunately, many cases of poisoning with permethrin lead to the death of cats (approximately 10-40% of cases of poisoning).

      How does the poisoning of cats with permethrin? Unfortunately, preparations with concentrated permethrin are often inexpensive for the price and widely available. Problems usually arise when owners buy these drugs in pet stores or in veterinary stores without explaining how safe it is to use them. Often, owners do not understand that these products can lead to serious poisoning of cats, even to death. Sometimes owners use for cats drops on the withers intended for dogs and do not assume that this action can lead to poisoning of cats.

      In another case, the poisoning of cats is caused when the dog is treated with drugs (containing permethrin), and the cat sleeps next to the dog, presses against the dog, or licks the dog. It is recommended that when the dog is subjected to routine treatment of ectoparasites with preparations containing permethrin, isolate the cat from the dog for 72 hours.

      If there is a suspicion that the cat could be poisoned, it is very important to contact the veterinarian as soon as possible. Since cats use permethrin-containing medications on the skin, it is necessary to wash the cat thoroughly with warm water and soft washing means. The goal is to remove as much as possible the drug from the skin and stop further absorption of the drug into the skin.

      Prognosis: most of the poisoned cats survive, but this depends on the severity of the poisoning. In 10-40% of cases - cats died or were euthanized (due to the severity of poisoning and developed complications).

      • Alexander :

        Googling poisoning with permethrin ... And also that the producers of Barca on the sly have replaced fipronil with cheap Chinese permethrin. Now I sit and panic - whether the cat will live till morning. There are no more words ...

        • Petya :

          So, the producers are so stupid - the poison is given to cats, this is the first thing that comes to mind when you drip, Are the producers so stupid?

        • Anonymous :

          At me the cat at once became inadequate, pours and a saliva from a mouth, and small cramps at it or her, horror ...

      • Lena :

        Thank you! Only later I read you. What merciless these producers, sell the poison and still write that it is safe.

  9. Anonymous :

    I have been using these drops for a long time. I have two adult cats. But in the last two applications there is no result at all, fleas as they were, and remained. Apply approximately every three months. And before they helped ...

    • Natasha :

      Drops Bars years 5 I use for both cat and dog. Neither fleas nor ticks. But I always apply all the litter to the spray in parallel.

  10. Lyudmila :

    Against the background of the application of Bars drops, my paw denied a day later. And why should I raise it - do not describe it! Be careful!

    • Mcca :

      And what did you do when the cat refused to give your paws? Mine can not walk either. Drops, of course, helped, the fleas disappeared.

  11. Alexandra :

    The cat and cat were smeared with Bars drops, the cat has a terrible intoxication: drooling stream and does not rise almost, and the cat hammered into a corner and is in such a depressed state that it can not be conveyed, plus it whimpers softly. Be very careful, it's a poisonous drug! I will not take any more risks.

    • Anonymous :

      Tell me, please, how did you cure it after intoxication? I have the same problem :( The kitten is very small, the second day does not eat, sleeps, it reels, and bleated yesterday.

      • Camille :

        Carry to the veterinarian urgently, my cat died, had the same symptoms (

  12. Hope :

    Same. Paint the puppy with drops, 6 months. And he has a strong intoxication. They lost the dog. I do not advise anyone to drop these drops. No one.

  13. Eva :

    Today I treated my dog ​​in the morning, but by the evening I already washed it off - after the dog started behaving inadequately (it became some kind of shagan), constantly I was drawn to the bath. Probably burned badly. I will not bring this dog to my dog ​​again!

  14. Erkin :

    Before using drops, the leopard washed the dog, will the drug act?

  15. Maria :

    Literally yesterday bought in the pharmacy drops from fleas for the cat of this brand ... In no place ... Cat more than 3 kg, used a full pipette, no effect, as they were running herds, and continue to run.

  16. Xenia :

    Is it possible to use a leopard for a person against lice?

    • Violetta :

      No, of course ... Against lice tar soap, solidol and in the drugstore of a human ask - what they have.

      • Anonymous :

        By the way, from the pubic lice helped soap against fleas for animals.

  17. Violetta :

    Drops Leopard for cats is the most effective and affordable remedy. After digging - yes, for the first few hours the cat was scratching it terribly, but then the grace and the cotake, and me. BLOODS WERE DEATH!

  18. Micha :

    I do not advise you to use these drops, my kitten does not eat, does not drink and does not move because of these drops.

  19. Julia :

    I bought drops for a 3-month-old kitten. I dripped, at first there was no result, then they began to bite her, she began to itch, to lick, in general, behaved very restlessly! But then grace came ...)) My family uses drops for years and dogs and cats, and I say that we are very pleased with the result!

  20. Irina :

    Droplets of drops were put in. A cat's bowl was four hours ago, the cat was 5 months old. Behaves inadequately, all licked and rushes around the house, stops only to hold the tongue over the wool, and the feeling that she is now puking. It became scary, because before that other cats dripped and nothing, but Baska straight is somehow bad. I hope, will pass.

  21. Irina :

    I do not know what exactly to say about these drops. Recommended to us them who is satisfied, the result is good. But I do not have an effect on the animal, maybe not right away. Were worn in a veterinarian, asleep and sluggish, but these side effects the doctor does not associate with drops, although this reason is obvious.

  22. Guest :

    And what do you process the upholstered furniture, if there are ticks and fleas in the animals?

  23. Tatiana :

    My puppy is almost a year old. Drove drops 8 hours ago. The dog feels fine and at last ceases to itch. I'll see for what period the effect of drops will persist.

  24. Olga :

    Bars - good drops, we were saved many times. An effective tool and inexpensive. The main thing is to apply the instructions.

  25. Svetlana :

    I bought such droplets for my coteyki and oh my God, what was happening ... Worried about the house, like a rabid, yelling, terribly itching and licking. On-site does not sit at all o_O

  26. Noise :

    Yesterday I smeared the cat, the effect was zero. As it was scratched, it itches.

  27. Elena :

    The dog is 2 years old. Bars were treated with drops. The dog is very ill, does not eat and sleeps for a long time. It's too far to get to the doctor. We do not know what to do.

  28. Marina :

    I dripped drops at dinner, after a few hours I began to scratch terribly, neither to sit, nor to lie can not. Probably bite. I'll see what happens next.

  29. Natalia :

    They smeared their cat with Bars drops for the second time. All as per instructions for animals 2-3 kg. The effect is the same - a strong intoxication. He does not eat anything, he is very passive, he sleeps all the time, does not go to the contact (although usually a very tame and affectionate animal), climbs under the bathroom and sits not gets out. The first time when processed, did not think that this from this drug this effect. But twice - hardly a coincidence ?! Maybe it helps against fleas, but we did not notice a special result. We will not use these drops any more. I do not recommend it.

  30. Hera :

    I finally do not understand, after 48 hours the animal must be bathed or not? And another problem: the cat weighs up to 1 kg, and dripped a whole pipette, what should I do? And three days before it was bathed in shampoo against parasites, but it did not help much.

  31. Milan :

    In summer, the cat managed to catch lice in the dacha. I understood this after she began combing certain places, and her general appearance was unhealthy. On arrival in the city first thing went to the veterinary clinic, they confirmed my guesses about lice and discharged drops Bars Forte. The remedy helped very quickly. After a day all the symptoms went away, and the cat returned to a healthy appearance.

  32. Anna :

    I do not like cats, but what to do - gave the child a day Jam. Before that, we had that terrier, and all the time we used the firm Bars. Yesterday I smeared cat drops, I wait for the result. And about the fact that some people write negative reviews, I can say that this is 50/50, someone helped, some do not. Animals - they are like people, they can suffer from allergies, or simply the intolerance of some component. In human tablets, the instructions tend to have side effects greater than positive. I think animals have the same situation, just need to find something that is suitable for the pet the most.

  33. Irina :

    The domestic cat managed to catch fleas. I combed my whole chin to sores. In the evening I dripped to her scruff of a drop of Bars Forte. But the next day the cat began to freak out even more. I did not understand, whether the process of treatment went, or it did not help. I watch the cat on. Maybe, who knows how long it takes to get a positive result?

  34. Oksana :

    My cat is 12 years old. I've never been outside. And then he ran out and ran into the cellar with a fright, and froze there. While I rescued him from there, he caught fleas, but so much - just horror. I ran after the drops BARS and dripped on the withers. The cat tormented all night. I scribbled endlessly, in my opinion, did not sleep a minute, so it was a pity to look at it. And only by noon the next day calmed down. I think that it helped the drops. Happiness, that there is such a tool.

  35. Galina :

    For the first time in 12 years of his cat's home life the little girl has managed to pick up fleas in some mysterious way, it's not clear how. Today Bars was put on the withers, 5 hours have already passed, she became nervous, she does not want to get off her hands at all. It's scratched and washed all the time, and it's all on me ((I want to believe that the drops will help us.) So far, the results are not visible.

    • Anonymous :

      I thought, only I have. And it's true, he climbs on his hands, he itches. I'll wait for the result ...

      • Eugene :

        My cat has the same thing, in the daytime it was treated with a leopard, and by the evening it began to drive, like an abnormal one, and it constantly itch and lick. As the volunteer told me, from whom, I took a cat that the effect of drops three days, after three days all will pass. For prevention, I will use these drops.

  36. Alexander :

    Better not try. The strongest negative side effects, especially if the animal is susceptible to drugs of this nature.

  37. Tatiana :

    Well, why read the reviews after the application? At home, an adult cat, took a kitten from the street, 4 months. I dug both of them. It took three days - the kitten is fine (although it took it with exhaustion), and the cat ... 2 days toshnit, look abnormal, behaves strangely, stopped talking, puffed up, inadequate, under the bath climbs, there is, apparently, wants, but he can not, he does not drink. It was clear that the intoxication, but for some reason did not connect it with "good droplets". But at about the same time I also had problems with a stool and not passing, an unusual taste in my mouth. And I have a habit of biting a cat for ears. Well, actually, and there was 1 + 1, and according to reviews here - the picture is the same. So ... be careful, it's hard to see your favorite animal in this condition.

  38. Tatiana :

    And, yes, fleas are smaller. Immediately after the application, apparently, they jumped very gaily, tk. the cats did not stop scratching. But the fleas remained. Although the mass exodus was after the second day. There is still hope.

  39. Marina :

    I use Bars Forte, because the smell is less, and the efficiency is greater. Its main difference from simple Barca is that it has a regulator of insect growth, which does not allow them to breed and kill them at all stages of development. Excellent thing, in my opinion.

  40. Victoria :

    A week ago I treated the kitten with drops. The kitten is normal, fleas, however, also (still live, well and send greetings to the producers of drops).

  41. Alexandra :

    Try to drain with natural remedy, it's a pity to torment muck. At us the cat was ill and in addition fleas have appeared. Etched and delicate means, but he was ill. I bought a special shampoo - the hair has improved and fleas have left, and for a long time. More vitamins for wool are safe. I have a cat with a very sensitive digestion.

  42. Valery :

    To all dogs, good afternoon! Drops "Bars" use the third season. We were satisfied with everything. The dog felt good. Since last season, there was one dropper. Two days ago, her dog's contents were put on the wool according to the instructions. After 1.5-2 hours, forgetting that I had applied the drug, I stroked the dog, and the dog, after habit, licked my hand, which I stroked it. Less than a day later the dog has a liquid stool once, and today he spit a few times with saliva and bile. It's me that, most likely, one way or another the drug gets on the mucous, and then into the blood. Of course, there is some percentage of animals with individual intolerance. Maybe it depends on the manufacturer. I did not pay attention before, but now I will keep track. This year we already bought the production of Sergiev Posad, Msk. reg.

  43. Svetlana :

    We have a very unfortunate experience with the use of Bars drops. The 6-month-old cat was delivered, at first everything was fine, but suddenly, after a day and a half, the cat began to have severe convulsions, almost choking. Immediately grabbed the cat and went to the vet - though, and with the choice of the vet was not lucky (this is a separate story) - he injected anticonvulsant and antihistamines and advised to give the animal polysorb and wait. True, what - it's not clear. The normal specialist got after the cat became worse, the heat and breathing began and the spasms became frequent. As a result, our kitty in the right clinic swept a bunch of medicines and removed this dangerous state of poisoning. A lot of nerves, money and time were spent. Does not the manufacturer need to warn the consumer about possible consequences? I do not advise anyone to buy these products and not to save on really safe means for their pets!

  44. Elena :

    The people, tell me, if the drops are overwintered at minus temperature, they are no longer suitable? If they are still inflicted on the dog, will not it be harmed?

  45. Elena :

    Our domestic cat is just over a year old, and black bald spots formed on his chin. All anything, but the cat is sleeping with the baby, and we decided to take it to the vet. They said that the fleas copied the drops from fleas Bars. It took 10 days, and the effect was zero. I called the veterinarian and she suggested that this could be acne :) I think that the drug does not work.

  46. Tatiana :

    And we put on a collar of a leopard leopard, in the evening the cat became sluggish, refused to eat. They took off the collar and everything went away. And we make drops - one pipette for two cats and a dog. The dog was once swallowed a full dose, the month itched.

  47. Mcca :

    I also dripped a drop of leopard. The third day can not walk. He only walks very hard.

  48. Valeria :

    They dripped the bulldog for 4 months with these drops, pustules began to appear on the belly, the entire abdomen sprinkled, the wool along the vertebrae, where the drops dripped, rose, changed the structure and color, the bald patches appeared throughout the body ... HORROR.

  49. Valentina :

    I almost got killed from this drug my favorite. At first, palpitation increased, then convulsions began, everything ended already. Fortunately in Vite, a young veterinarian saved, gave two injections for the heart and an antiallergic strong. So not everyone approaches this preparation.

  50. Natalia :

    Do not let lick the drops. Wear cats protective collars for a day - and everything will be fine. A drop should be bought in veterinary pharmacies, and not anywhere.

  51. Valentina :

    My pet (2 years old to the dog) also gave a little oak from Barca. She stabbed a strong anti-allergenic and still some kind of an injection for the heart, then it only went limp, but began to limp on her hind paw.

  52. Anonymous :

    Bad drug Bars. She immediately smeared three cats. Everyone's itching. And two weeks have already passed - fleas as they were, so it is. Nonsense. And they warned me ...

  53. Alla :

    Very excited ... Kitten 2 months, took him off the street with fleas, advised BARS forte for kittens. Treated as it is written - ALONG SPINE! Here no one writes about the spine. Basya became sluggish, she immediately fell asleep. I woke up with scabies and licked my back as far as it gets. The allergy is already definitely there! Now I'm afraid of poisoning ...

  54. Anastasia :

    Horror of some, dribbled the cat less than in the instructions written, it all itch and runs like an abnormal. Tried to wash, she still continues. I do not know how it ends, I do not advise you to apply it.

  55. Elena :

    I have a cat for 1 year and a cat for six months, the cat has never had a flea, although both go to the street, but the cat had. Travailed 3 months ago with drops of leopard, bought in a pet store, everything went well and the fleas disappeared. And now they appeared again, they bought the same drops, but this time in a regular pharmacy. The second day the cat neither eats, nor drinks and swears, now it is still breathing, but it does not move at all, it is clear that it will not survive. It's very pitiful to lose a cat, it's not possible to take it to a doctor.

  56. Christina :

    And how long will the fleas be on the cat after the drops?

  57. Nyusha :

    I've been using "Bars" drops for several years. Very effective. Fleas disappear quickly. But a couple of times I bought a fake - the effect was not at all. Cats tolerate the drug well. From my observations: if the cat is bad from drops, then the first one - it is counterfeit, the cat should be immediately bathed in order to wash off the drops, and give activated charcoal, usually 1 tablet. Second - this drug is not suitable for a cat. Actions are the same: to bathe, give activated charcoal. And turn to a competent veterinarian.

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