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How and what can you bring fleas from a dog

Выводим блох у собаки

Inhibition of fleas in dogs has many specific features and nuances, associated primarily with the behavior and biology of these insects themselves. Everyone who once held or holds a pet knows about how to get the fleas out of a dog, but when it comes to specific actions, dog breeders either get lost or make wrong moves.

Fleas are considered the least dangerous parasites of animals due to the fact that very rarely they lead to serious diseases. Although they carry the causative agents of serious diseases, they rarely infect them, and most pets from such diseases are usually vaccinated.

Another thing is that fleas carry helminth eggs, of which whole colonies of worms can develop between regular etchings. That is why the fleas must be disposed of, and in case of infection the pet quickly take the necessary measures to withdraw them as soon as possible.

General rules for fighting fleas

Before you rid the dog of fleas, you must first make sure that it is she who is concerned about fleas.

Фото блохи под микроскопом

This can be done according to the following criteria:

  • The animal is constantly itching, and in different places. If the dog scratches only the ear or one side, perhaps a tick is attached to it (you need to carefully inspect this place).
  • On the wool and skin, you can find white grains that look like salt - these are flea eggs, or the black and white spots that fall off the hair easily, are their excrement.
  • If the pet likes to swim, then it can be wetted, and fleas at that time will massively move to the animal's head or jump into the water. Here they can easily be seen with the naked eye.
  • Finally, the animal can simply be combed. Many parasites will remain on the comb.

Determine where the dog picked up fleas is very difficult. Sometimes even the owners themselves bring insects into the house on their clothes, and on the street fleas can cling to the pet's fur anywhere.

What is important in the detection of parasites:

  • Act immediately and quickly. The fight against fleas in dogs is the more effective the earlier it was started. These insects reproduce very quickly, and already a few weeks after infection, a pet from them may not find a place. In addition, the more fleas, the harder it is to get rid of them.
  • Correctly choose a remedy. Before you can get rid of fleas from a dog, you need to study available means and evaluate them in a specific case. It is necessary to be guided not so much by promises of sellers and manufacturers, but rather by the opinions of experienced dog breeders who have already managed to remove fleas from their pets.
  • Act strictly according to the instructions to the product. Usually they all require the dog to be re-processed after a certain period. Neglect of this indication will lead to the need for repeated complete removal of fleas after a couple of months.
  • To observe preventive measures - not to allow the dog to walk with homeless animals, to climb into holes in nature, to ride in the carrion.

Сильное загрязнение шерсти предрасполагает к появлению блох

For most people, the most difficult of these steps is to choose what to remove the fleas from the dog. There are a lot of tools on the market today, a good half of them are effective, but for any particular dog the best one is suitable. It should be used to get rid of parasites.

On a note

All of the following are excellent for those who are serious about taking fleas from dogs at home. They do not require special skills, equipment and preparation of the animal itself. Knowing how to get rid of fleas in a dog at home, you can always save a decent amount of money for which similar procedures are carried out in veterinary clinics.

It is important to remember that there are no means to take out the fleas forever. At least because the fleas themselves can infect the dog literally at every step and every day. Because even once getting rid of parasites completely, using different means from fleas will have to often and regularly.

Repellent flea drops

These tools are the easiest to use. Drops should be applied in the quantities specified in the instructions to the coat of the dog in the withers area to ensure avoidance of ingestion. After that, for a certain time the dog needs to be isolated from water and bathing.

Капли от блох обычно наносят на холку собаки

Each agent has its own active substance in the composition, which determines its effectiveness.

Disadvantages of drops from fleas: a relatively high price and in some cases - toxicity for animals and for humans. Only individual preparations can be used for puppies up to six months.

The most famous drops from fleas for dogs :

  • Stronghold (USA), as an active ingredient, contains Selamectin, a compound developed specifically for domestic animals. It is not toxic to dogs, even if swallowed, can be used to treat the wool of lactating and pregnant dogs, does not lead to side effects in puppies over 6 months old. Stronghold is compatible with all veterinary drugs and vaccines, and can be used against fleas for dogs of all breeds. Apply a few drops on the withers. After that, the dog should not bathe for at least two hours, it can be ironed only after half an hour. The cost of the drug, depending on the amount, is from 300 to 600 rubles.

Капли от блох для собак Стронгхолд

  • Bars - domestic drug, sold in pipettes cost 35 rubles each. One pipette is enough for the procedure in one dog. Drops should be applied at several points along the spine. Judging by the reviews, the tool is effective enough and with proper application it really allows you to quickly rid the dog of fleas. Капли от блох Барс
  • Frontline, the active substance in which is Fipronil, a powerful insecticide against fleas for dogs. Very effective, but when licking it can cause a dog to vomit. It requires compliance with security measures during the procedure.

Фронтлайн: капли от блох

Also known are the following preparations for fleas in the form of drops:

  • Hartz UltraGuard Drops
  • Serko
  • Advantix.

All of them have their own distinctive features of use and should be applied strictly according to the instructions. With their help, it is easier to remove fleas from dogs than with most other means.

Drops are great when the dog rarely bathes (or does not bathe at all) and lives alone, that is, no one can lick it.

Flea collars

Collars from fleas are also very effective means of scaring off these insects. Their virtues are the constancy of the action, the opportunity for the dog to bathe, at any time, ease of use.

Ошейник от блох

Collars also have certain disadvantages: they are toxic and can cause poisoning up to a shock in a dog, they are not used for puppies under 6 months and dogs over 10 years old, as well as sick and convalescent animals, pregnant and nursing bitches. In some cases, the collars can cause dermatitis in the neck, long not passing and more dangerous than the fleas themselves.

Collars do not kill fleas from the dog, but provide a deterrent effect. For one warm season, a dog usually has 2-3 collars worth 200 to 700 rubles. With their help, you can both remove the fleas from the dog, and prevent it from becoming infected again.

The most known dog breeders are Kiltix, Beaphar, Bolfo and Hartz.

Так, например, выглядит ошейник от блох Kiltix


Before you can get rid of fleas from a dog using a collar, you should consult a veterinarian about choosing a particular product, so that such a collar with efficiency would also be safe.

Shampoos against fleas

It should immediately be said that shampoos against fleas are the least effective means. Their action lasts a maximum of 5-7 days, and at the same time the dog itself needs to be able to bathe - some breeds, in principle, are not given bathing.

Пример: шампунь против блох Мистер Бруно

Behind shampoos the status of means for puppies was fixed - it is the youngest that is most easily overbought, fully processed wool. However, the first time such procedures should be carried out very carefully: the puppy can have side effects, including chills and vomiting. It is wise to bathe it once with a small amount of shampoo and test the reaction, and then use the normal amount.

Due to the fact that after swimming, adult dogs are actively licked, it is undesirable to use shampoos for them, and sometimes even dangerous. Choosing what to wash a dog against fleas, it is necessary to ask a person who has already solved this problem for the same breed.

The most popular shampoos from fleas for puppies are the following:

  • Delix
  • Leonardo
  • Mr. Bruno
  • Bifar
  • Doctor Zoo.

It is important to remember that it is not possible to completely remove the fleas from the dog with the help of shampoo, so it is worth using either with a weak infection of the pet, or in combination with other means.

Sprays for dogs

Sprays work on the same principle as the drops, remaining on the wool and scaring off or poisoning the fleas. However, they are more effective due to extensive application throughout the animal's fur.

Пример: спрей от блох для собак Frontline

Sprays are quite difficult to use: they need to be applied only outdoors and only in gloves, the dog can not be ironed after the treatment, it is advisable not to give it a lick for several hours.

Although most of the sprays are low in toxicity for dogs, licking them with a dog reduces their effectiveness and sometimes leads to side effects - chills, vomiting, difficulty breathing. In rare cases, the dog can develop an allergy and dermatitis.

The optimal situation for the disposal of a dog from fleas with the help of a spray is a pet training or a long (several hours) walk. In this case, the dog can not immediately lick, and the spray will have time to act.

Today from sprays against fleas are popular Bars, Hartz, Celestial, Front Line.

Pills from fleas

This means - very doubtful and rarely used. You can take out fleas with them, but they very often cause various disorders in dogs. Most often, tablets do not allow to completely rid the animal of parasites, only slightly reducing the number of the latter.

Таблетки при борьбе с блохами рекомендуется использовать лишь в крайнем случае


Do not exceed the dosage indicated on the package. Violations can lead to serious poisoning of the dog.

Today, in free sale on the Russian market, you can buy tablets from fleas Capstar, Sentinel, Comfortis.

Folk remedies for fleas

By their effectiveness, folk remedies against fleas are inferior to almost all synthetic drugs, but they have the main advantage - safety. From the decoction of wormwood, tansy or chamomile with a dog, nothing will ever happen, but the fleas of such recipes are afraid. Accordingly, with proper regularity, the use of such tools will help to protect the dog from flea infestation and reproduction, and with perseverance - to remove parasites with a small number of them.

The most effective against fleas:

  • pine sawdust
  • eucalyptus
  • tansy
  • sagebrush.

From them prepare various broths and infusions in which the dog is bathed or processed by her wool. In addition to safety, such recipes are also very accessible even where it is difficult to buy special medicines.


You can not use garlic for baiting: for dogs it is toxic and can lead to serious intoxication.

When using any means against fleas, it is important to remember about the regularity and compliance with instructions for their use. Many of them help and from other parasites, but using various means in the complex, it is necessary to observe security measures.

In any case, before using each remedy, it will never be superfluous to consult a veterinarian.

If you decide to fight against fleas on your own, then we recommend using only proven in practice tools that have shown their high efficiency:

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  1. Myron :

    Thank you for the article. I have never tried spray, but it seems to me sprays are not as comfortable as drops. Although this is certainly a matter of taste.

    • Asya :

      We droplet processed last year his puppy and problems with the nests and parasites were not. Dogs are not the only ones that control fleas. So this year we also treat the dog with the same droplets. He is pleased - no one bites him, worn like crazy and in the country and in the woods.

  2. Alina :

    We used the spray GreeneFort and Bars. Both sprays were a great help, and our dog was free to run around the fields and bushes)) But after fishing, we combed his ticks all day long (although we sprinkled a leopard), then he became sluggish, did not eat anything, did not play ... After visiting a veterinarian, we were told that if we were two days late we would not have a dog, so it does not always work 100%. Well, now the "dog" hovers under the bed and does not climb, afraid of these fleas) Thinks they will not find him there)

    • Tatiana :

      Alina, and how did you solve the problem this time? Our girl is also trying to hide from the fleas under the bed. Two days ago they had been pierced, but it was cheshed stronger, and my ear had already combed it up to the blood for the night.

  3. Elena :

    Please, advise: my puppy combed behind the ears so that there is no hair and up to the blood. Another vomit, the whole dinner on the floor. What to do? Is it possible to remove fleas by popular means, and if so, by what means? Bathed in vinegar, divorced with water did not help.

  4. Elena :

    What is the price, please tell me?

  5. Vetal :

    Before you poison the fleas, you must bathe the dog?

  6. Albina :

    Listen, and we save our Jack from fleas by Advantics. It drips to the dog right on the withers. The main feature is that this drug does not work through a bite. That is, he does not allow a dog to bite. For us, this is real salvation.

  7. Irina :

    Our dog is 10 years old, in September of last year we discovered skin cancer, as a result we had to remove the paw. They used Blochnet and fleas did not really exist, but there were sores that he licked fiercely. I can not say that the cancer appeared as a result of the use of this drug, the sores were earlier, every summer, there were collars, drops etc. What should we do now, what to apply for skin cancer?

    • Alain :

      These sores are most likely a fungus. Only injections will help. We have suffered for many years, believing the doctors that this is an avitaminosis. Vitamins were given different, but they regularly climbed round sores and Batty combed them. And the smell is sweet-rotten. We moved from Khabarovsk to Goryachy Klyuch, the vet here turned out to be very good, pierced three times and the problem was gone. And the smell from the mouth was gone.

  8. Anna :

    And we now, on the recommendation of our veterinarian, bought a collar against fleas and ticks Foresto. What is convenient, it can be worn without removing it for eight months. It is odorless and water resistant.

    • Anonymous :

      For the second year we use Forest's collar, it's worth a lot, but! At the beginning of the summer two mites were removed from the dog, one sucked right under the collar, and two fleas were caught. And it's all a collar that costs a lot of money and does not help ((We bought it in the same veterinary store.) Probably, and forests began to forge, although with the number on the collar, everything is as expected!

  9. Marina :

    Irina, I'm very sorry for your dog, how can she do without a paw now? And from fleas you can use folk remedies, a decoction of wormwood well helps, you can wipe them and wool, and wash the floors, and wormwood under the litter put. Without the usual means, of course, more difficult, more trouble, but there is still a way out!

  10. Elena :

    For me fleas - in general the problem is whole. I have very sensitive skin, and if a flea dog or cat lives in the house, I immediately feel it for myself, for some reason fleas always bite me. That's why I'm treating my dog ​​with drops of advantix, they do not affect my health in any way, I regularly examine my Gerda. But fleas as disappeared after the first treatment, and did not see them anymore, to their own happiness. We also save ourselves from these ticks and from ticks.

  11. Marianna :

    Girls, and that, really, the drops help? I also want to treat my doggie from fleas, and then the children do, God forbid. Which ones to buy after all? More effective to.

    • Misanthrope :

      Are you really, or are you pretending? Why the hell did the children surrender to the dogs? They are not transmitted to people! But dogs must be processed.

      • Anonymous :

        And despite the fact that the fleas are feline or psionic, and people also bite, but do not settle on it. And they have bites with saliva, and in saliva there is some substance that is released when it bites. I have both bitten children (scary bliades, and scabies, horror!) So I waded the whole house, beforehand the butoks treated the floors and the walls 1 meter high sprinkled, disappeared. Now I am treating the cat and dog with the Bars drops once every 2 months. The fleas disappeared.

      • Professor :

        Fleas bite very well and it is children. Then there will be huge sores. 5 Treat fucorcin.

  12. Elena :

    An ancient way from fleas: take a pack of tobacco, brew, cool, wet with a steamed tobacco dog, wrap and hold as long as you can (20-30 min). Then let it dry and comb it from the tobacco. Another way is to take from a wood fire (ie a fire from a tree only), ashes, rub a dog well and let it run until the ash itself falls off, do not wash.

  13. Ira :

    My helluva has become a mom for the first time: 4 girls and 2 boys, they are 2 weeks old. But I'm in a panic! Help, please, they have so many fleas ... And it is clear that they multiply. What do I do advise. I tried to comb them, but they are small, it hurts. I made wormwood, but I do not know, I'll just try. Has forgotten to write, that from fleas at them under paws and on a neck directly lumps!

    • Olga :

      I now have the same problem. The puppy has a lot of fleas and bumps on the skin. How to get rid, tell me.

  14. Anonymous :

    I read everything and understood everything, thank you so much.

  15. Sasha :

    There are a lot of fleas on the bed, we all weep because of the dog. Help, what to do?

  16. Lera :

    My cat did not have fleas, but I decided to buy him a collar (just in case). He not only fleas appeared, but also defecated under this collar.

  17. Xenia :

    We took fleas from Lugovoi's shampoo. Wash, died the first time! The room and furniture were sprayed. After 3 days, Bars Forte dripped on the withers.

  18. Olga M .:

    We took out Barsom: shampoo, then in three days a drop on the withers. Litter, furniture, floor in the house spray. Withdraw! No more start (pah-pah of course). We are now dripping for prevention.

  19. Natasha :

    Two days ago I treated my dogs with Butoks 50. There are no fleas, but our kids bite their tails. What is it?

  20. Ulyana :

    I have a dog Sonia, she is 4 years old and she is pregnant. Here, we will try to make a decoction of wormwood and buy a collar and shampoo from fleas. But I'm worried if you can take out fleas now, she's pregnant. And I know for sure that you can not bathe pregnant dogs, otherwise they will not give birth to puppies.

  21. Marisha :

    We tried different means, it did not suit us, but after reading your article, we started using eucalyptus. Thanks for the advice, it helped. So you can use soap from the tar - the result was instant! After she dried the dog, she began to scratch it, and on the comb, some fleas.

  22. March :

    I've already been tortured by the dog with my fleas ((Bars did not help.

  23. Kate :

    The safest means is to completely put the dog in water and leave only the head out. All the fleas will suffocate or try to get out on their heads, so you can catch them. I so pulled fleas from my chihuahua, do not laugh, it seems ridiculous, but it works 100%. I read about this method from one blogger. But for this you need patience and time, not every dog ​​will want to sit like that. But this can be done with puppies, since chemistry is especially harmful to them. Before you put a dog under water - soap it with anti-block shampoo, so the fleas under the water will quickly die. Good luck everyone!

  24. Yana :

    As soon as my dog ​​had fleas, I immediately made wormwood. First washed, as usual, with shampoo, and then "rinsed" in wormwood (did not wash off the broth) and on the withers the eucalyptus oil dripped, now there are no fleas and it smells nice. But ours did not have much, just in time. A drop of fleas and collars, as I understand it, only scare off fleas, but do not remove them.

  25. Tanya :

    The more powerful the vacuum cleaner, the less fleas.

  26. Diane :

    We, too, like, just bought, and fleas again here as here ((We can not understand anything.

  27. Karina :

    And our dog has such fleas, we buy him a collar from fleas, and shampoos. Nothing helps.

  28. Cyril :

    Who knows how to really fight fleas? Everything written above - garbage. I have a labrador, that just did not drip - nothing helps.

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