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How can you get fleas from a kitten?

Важно не просто вывести блох у котенка, а сделать это максимально безопасно для малыша

It is not trivial to remove fleas from a kitten. Here, a lot needs to be taken into account and act with the utmost care: the baby's organism up to a month and a half or two months can react very sharply to any undesirable substances that he has to face.

If you decide to remove fleas from a kitten not yet excommunicated from the mother, it should be remembered that the baby is very tightly in contact with her: the cat constantly lickens it and cares for it. Accordingly, if any insecticides remain on the baby's wool, they will surely fall into the mother's body, and then with milk - into the digestive tract of the kitten itself. Therefore, when breeding fleas in cat-fed kittens, this point must be taken into account

Нужно учитывать, что кошка вылизывает котят и может слизать инсектициды от блох


Before combating fleas, kittens always take into account the degree of their infection with parasites and the potential harm they cause to babies. With the normal growth and development of the kitten, a small number of parasites will not be particularly dangerous, but using drugs can create a risk to the health of a small pet. Usually it makes sense to wait for the kitten to reach a certain age, in which it is possible to safely apply modern effective insecticides.

Methods of breeding fleas in a kitten

The main methods of breeding fleas in kittens are few. These include:

  • combing and mechanical destruction of fleas
  • Bathing a kitten with special shampoos
  • and the use of drops from fleas for young over a certain age.

Кошачья блоха

The most reliable way to protect a kitten from flea infestation is to remove parasites in the house and the place where the mother cat is most of the time, as well as the constant and timely disposal of it from insects themselves.

It is very effective to etch from a flea cat before the very pregnancy, and then keep the place of its habitat clean. During pregnancy, you can not use parasite-destroying drugs, but keeping cleanliness and order alone will ensure, if not complete protection, the minimal risk of contracting the mother's fleas, and with it, the kittens.

Do not worry too much if on a small - a few days old - the kitten found several fleas. Single insects will not cause him any particular harm, and literally in a month or a year and a half the baby can be treated with reliable means.

Getting rid of fleas kittens for up to two months: accuracy above all

When getting rid of parasites of a kitten fed by a mother, you can not use any products containing insecticides.

Для котят до 2 месячного возраста нежелательно применение химических инсектицидов

Single drugs, permissible for use for kittens younger than two months, imply their use in pups already excommunicated from the mother. As long as the kitten lives with the mother, the drugs that it will be processed will fall into its own organism.

The most reliable and safe, but also the most time-consuming method of removing fleas from a kitten is combing the baby with a soft but dense crest with catching and crushing parasites. This method is quite effective: fleas are combed out perfectly, but this requires time and a certain skill. The specific structure of the body of these insects is such that it is practically impossible to crush them with your fingers. They are destroyed only with nails or with hard objects.

У блох прочный хитиновый панцирь, их сложно раздавить

On a note

In newborn kittens, fleas should be removed only with the help of a comb.

You can comb out the kitten from the age at which the mother allows it. It is also important to remember that on a very small kitten, fleas will not be much in any case - the cat constantly lickens it and bites the parasites.

For kittens already excommunicated from the mother, at the age of over a month you can use insecticides. One of the safest, but at the same time, effective enough is a shampoo. Kiss Swiss made. It can be used for kittens older than four weeks by the usual procedure:

  • 1 ml of shampoo is diluted in 300-400 ml of water
  • mixed until the appearance of foam
  • the kitten is planted in water and washed so that it does not get wet eyes, mouth and nose
  • Shampoo is aged on the coat of the kitten for 3-4 minutes, and then washed off with plenty of warm water.

Шампунь от блох для кошек Mr. Kiss

Kitten after bathing should be dried with a hair dryer and make sure that 8-10 hours he was not in a draft or in a cold room.

You can not bathe a kitten with Mr. Kiss more often than once every ten days.

In a month and a half the kitten can already be rubbed into the wool on the withers drops for kittens Stronghold.

It is important!

At such a small age, you can not immediately apply the recommended even for kittens norm of shampoo or drops. The first treatment of the baby should be done only as a test - will not his body react to the insecticide drug. And only then the agent can be used in the amount recommended by the manufacturer.

All means for fleas for kittens can be used not earlier than two weeks after vaccination.


"Sometimes even my kittens have fleas. Still, visitors often enter into the kennel an infection. I take Stronghold and rub each kitten with one drop. This is enough to prevent fleas. I never noticed any side effects after that neither in Siamese, nor in Persians. It is very important to carefully rub the drops so that when the kitten is returned to the cat, they are already absorbed into the skin and it could not lick them. "

Maria, Kaluga

A kitten from two months to three: specificity of the fight against parasites

After two months of age, the range of remedies that can be controlled against fleas is expanding significantly. Deciding how to remove fleas from a kitten during this period, you can look at the following drugs:

  • Shampoo Phytolite is one of the most effective shampoos for cats in general. For kittens should be used in small quantities. Шампунь от блох для котят Фитоэлита
  • Powder Beaphar, a remedy that can be used immediately, as soon as the kitten stops communicating with the mother. The powder is poured on the wool and rubbed into the skin with fingers. Пудра от блох Beaphar


"I tried, probably, all the remedies for fleas for kittens. The most trust is caused by powder. They are easy to rub, fleas disappear immediately, and allergies in animals never arise. "

Olga, Tula

  • Spray Beaphar. They do not need to sprinkle directly on the kitten - you should sprinkle the drug on your hands, and already they wipe the baby. Спрей от паразитов Beaphar
  • Drops on the withers Hartz. They are allowed to be used for kittens from three months. Капли на холку Hartz для кошек

Only by these means is the choice of the koetter not limited. You can buy analogues from other manufacturers, carefully studying the instructions, contraindications and side effects. And before full-scale application - it is necessary to conduct a test treatment of a small pet to identify possible allergic reactions.

Kittens older than three months: a full arsenal of funds is available

After three months, the kitten is no longer a baby, but a kind of feline "teenager". He is already almost completely independent, walks by himself, and by himself captures fleas at every corner.

At this age for a pet, you can use almost any anti-blockade drugs used for adult cats:

  • Drops on the withers Advantix, very effective and "long-playing".
  • Drops and sprays Beaphar, which have the most mild effect.
  • Collars of fleas. For example, Hartz collars (protection effect - up to 4 months).

Ошейники от блох Hartz для кошек и котят


"I keep a cattery of angora cats. We regularly conduct preventive procedures for animal safety, and also provide quarantine for purchased animals. From fleas we use drops on the Hartz withers. When we export animals to exhibitions or for sale, we put on collars. By the way, flea collars can not be withdrawn, in any case it will be necessary to etch. But you can protect new ones from attack. "

Irina, St. Petersburg

It is especially difficult to protect the kitten from fleas, which is planned to be demonstrated at exhibitions. For example, sphinxes are not recommended to wear collars, and Angora cats do not want to rub the drops. In cats with a pure white hair after treatment with aerosol, an ugly shade of whiteness may appear, which will disappear only after the next molt.

All these features of each breed must be known and taken into account when choosing a preparation for a kitten: in a young animal, the effect of the remedy on fleas will be more pronounced than in an adult.

But, as you know, preventing any trouble is easier than getting rid of it. Much more reasonable:

  • remove fleas from a cat before pregnancy and take care of it before and after childbirth
  • Watch out that the kitten does not communicate with the fleasy relatives
  • keep clean where the pet is most of the time
  • take measures to deter fleas.

And then you will hardly have to worry about how to remove fleas from a kitten with the help of insecticides. These measures will be less labor-intensive, and safer for the pet.

If you decide to fight against fleas on your own, then we recommend using only proven in practice tools that have shown their high efficiency:

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  1. Olga :

    Thank you!

  2. Valeria :

    We took a kitten from the street and had one flea, but there's no money yet. How can you remove fleas without any shampoos, etc.?

    • Light :

      Decoction of wormwood

    • Anonymous :

      Drops from fleas stand up to 5 gr ...

    • Predybai Elena :

      We need to steal the wormwood and wash the kitten, but that the water does not get into the eyes, ears and nose. Soak the wormwood for 10 minutes.

  3. Anonymous :

    You can even wash with tar soap kitten and rinse well.

  4. Victoria :

    Vegetable oil helps. Just pour into the palm and cover the kitten; after 5-10 minutes wash it under a stream of warm water. Fleas get out on the surface and wash off. Cheap, harmless and effective.

  5. Nastya :

    My kitten also had 2 fleas waiting for the s / n to buy anti-flea remedies, but for the time being I bathed it with the usual cat shampoo (not insecticide). As a temporary method - normal, the fleas swam away, but then again appeared when they were in contact with another cat (or maybe they were left on the stove), so I think everything will be processed immediately.

  6. Alexey :

    I watched the video, as they wash, I did not quite understand - what if the cat scratches hard with its hind legs? I have it when my (though not so) - constantly scratching when it breaks out ...

  7. Olga :

    We did not look after the cat, picked up the fleas, already pregnant. Kittens are flea, they are three days old. How now to be? ((

  8. Love :

    Many years I use delix drops, anointed for ears, on the scruffy, so they could not lick - and beauty ... Quickly, not expensive, efficiently and safely. Try it.

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