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How to quickly and safely remove fleas from a cat

Поговорим о том, как эффективно и безопасно вывести блох у котов

Fighting fleas in cats - the task as a whole is more complicated than the same process in cats or kittens. The main problem here is the tendency of cats to have constant long-lasting amorous adventures, which is especially important for animals living in private houses and apartments on the lower floors.

Such cats catch parasites with enviable regularity and with no less diligence carry them into the house. Therefore, to think about how to get fleas from a cat, the owners of such revelers are quite often. Fortunately, today there are a lot of means for getting rid of fleas from animals, and, in fact, the removal of fleas consists in the correct choice of an effective and safe means, and then - in the competent application of it.

In no case should we treat the presence of fleas in the cat as a matter of course and to talk out, which, they say, is still hanging on. Fleas are not only constantly biting and disturbing pets parasites, but also carriers of many dangerous diseases. And a loving owner will never allow his pet to be at risk of picking up a dangerous illness because of the unwillingness to process it again from parasites.

Блохи у кота могут стать причиной не только зуда, но и различных заболеваний

Therefore, if the cat's parasites have appeared, they must be fought with. But before you remove the fleas from the cat, you need to choose the right remedy, which will surely destroy these fleas. With this, let's start ...

Remedies for fleas for cats

All the means that could be used to remove fleas from a cat are divided into several types:

  • Drops from fleas to withers are easy to use, but they are effective and safe means. Destroy fleas on the animal itself, as well as for a certain period (from several days to several weeks) provide protection against re-infection. It is most reasonable to remove such fleas from a cat that rarely visits the street and only accidentally becomes infected with fleas. It is important to monitor safety: the principle of the action of drops is based on the penetration of insecticide into the blood vessels under the skin, and in animals with high sensitivity, allergies can develop due to this. The most known drops are from fleas Advantage, Frontline, Hartz, Bars and Blochnet. Средство Фронтлайн от блох - подходит как для кошек, так и для котов
  • Sprays from fleas are a means for rapid and total elimination of parasites. For an animal, they are relatively safe, but slightly more complex to use than drops. The sphere of their use is strongly infected with parasites, but otherwise healthy cats (the presence of a disease in a pet can exacerbate the toxic effect of insecticides on the animal itself). Sprays have a weak residual effect and protect the animal from parasites at best only a few days. Most known are flea sprays, for example, Frontline, Hartz, Bolfo. Спрей Hartz от блох
  • Shampoos against fleas - especially suitable for breeding parasites in a cat with very sensitive skin and good fur. Anti-block shampoos are good for thoroughbred animals, but for their successful application the cat should at least tolerate bathing. Shampoo brands are many, well-proven Mr. Bruno, Beaphar, Rolf Club, Phytoelita and Doctor Zoo. Инсектицидные шампуни особенно подходят животным с густой шерстью
  • Collars from fleas - are more suitable for protection against re-infection, rather than for breeding fleas from a cat. However, with a mild infestation of the pet, a dressed collar is sufficient to allow the fleas to leave the animal's fur. This remedy is not suitable for cats with sensitive skin and exhibition specimens - because of the collar, wool on the neck is often erased. However, collars are literally necessary for animals that spend most of their time on the street. Often they are used as an additional means of prevention. Especially effective, but also expensive are the Kiltix collars - they provide protection for up to six months. More accessible, but also faster exhausted by Hartz and Beaphar.

Прежде чем использовать ошейник от блох, стоит проверить кожу кота на чувствительность к входящим в его состав инсектицидам

There are also special powders from fleas, but for cats they are used extremely rarely. Such drugs require laborious application and are usually not as effective as, for example, drops or sprays.

On a note

It should be prepared for the fact that until the complete removal of fleas will have to buy several funds. After all, before you remove the fleas from the cat, you can not predict whether he will have an allergy to the remedy or whether the fleas will be resistant to a particular insecticide in droplets or spray. But most often the disposal of the animal from parasites occurs quickly and does not require additional effort.

Folk remedies for fleas are mostly not effective enough and can be used only as additional drugs that enhance the effect of the main drug.

Народные средства от блох вроде дегтярного мыла лучше комбинировать с современными инсектицидными препаратами

The order of removing fleas from a cat

To remove fleas from a cat should be strictly according to the instructions for a particular preparation. Before the procedure, the animal should be combed out, its laundry should be washed, and the place where the pet rests, carefully treated with insecticides and washed.

Перед тем как обработать кота от блох, стоит его хорошенько вычесать

Drops from fleas are applied to the skin on the withers and rubbed with fingers until fully absorbed. Some drops should be spread in several places along the spine. It is important to do this where the cat can not lick the drug off the wool.

Капли от блох наносятся на холку кота

Надо стараться наносить капли не на шерсть, а на кожу животного

When treating the cat with a spray, you must constantly push the hair and splash the product directly onto the skin. Depending on the instructions in the manual, the animal should not be bathed and allowed to wash it for 0.5 to 3 hours after treatment. Then it is desirable to bathe under running water.

При обработке спреем шерсть кота следует раздвигать

With anti-block shampoo, the cat is bathed in the same way as with any other. It is advisable after washing off the insecticidal shampoo to wash the animal's hair with a simple shampoo.

After using any remedy on the cat, it is desirable to wear an anti-block collar to protect it from re-infection. If you constantly wear a collar to an animal, you should wear it at least for the duration of walks on the street (and, for example, during the same love affairs).

Safety and precautions for the induction of fleas

Most modern means for fleas for cats and cats are quite safe and do not require special precautions when using them. Nevertheless:

  • when using drops on the withers should be monitored, so that their cat does not lick;
  • the first few days of wearing the collar from fleas should be controlled so that the cat does not have wounds on the neck - an insecticide from the collar can cause allergies and skin irritations;
  • When using a spray, you should protect the eyes and mouth of the animal, but at the same time its head needs to be treated in the same way as other parts of the body.

Применяя капли и спрей от блох, нужно следить, чтобы кот не мог слизать средство

With the use of anti-block drugs, one constantly needs to check whether any side reactions have appeared in the cat - nausea, vomiting, shortness of breath, fever. If such signs are found, it should be shown to the vet.

On a note

Do not worry if there is a slight increase in salivation in the animal after the application of the spray. Most of them include alcohol, and the saliva is a normal reaction of the animal to its entry into the body.

After successfully removing the fleas from the cat, the whole house should be treated from these parasites: if the insects are left under carpets, in crevices or behind skirting boards, they will start to bite the cat again as soon as the drug ceases to function.

Preventing flea infection

And, finally, it should always be remembered that it is better to prevent the infection of a cat with fleas , than in the future to fight them. To do this, at the beginning of the spring season, an animal constantly walking on the street wears a collar of fleas, and under its stove, bunches of wormwood or tansy are put in the house, or special sections with the smell of lavender (for example, you can take sections from moths). It is advisable to regularly comb out the pet and inspect its coat: if fleas appear even in small amounts, they will be visible, and it will be possible to begin fighting them before serious infection.

Регулярный осмотр шерсти кота поможет своевременно и эффективно начать борьбу с блохами в случае их появления

Для защиты от блох можно попробовать класть под лежанку кота специальные секции от моли - они будут отпугивать и блох

It is very important not to let the cat interact with street homeless animals. But for that he and the cat, to half the life of a hooligan, and rest the rest. Therefore, every owner of such a mustached robber needs to be prepared to be able to quickly remove fleas from his cat at the first detection of parasites.

If you decide to fight against fleas on your own, then we recommend using only proven in practice tools that have shown their high efficiency:

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