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How and what to bring out fleas in a cat

Как и чем можно вывести блох у кошки

Many owners of a mustachioed and furry miracle, deciding how to get fleas from a cat, often try to find a means that will help solve the problem forever. Of course, such searches are initially doomed to failure: even a tool that provides complete disposal of fleas in cats can not guarantee that in a week or month the pet will not pick up parasites on the street, or the insect will not jump on it accidentally, being brought from the street to clothes of the owner.

But to get rid of a cat from fleas is simple enough: today for this there is a huge number of various drugs and drugs that work quite effectively and are available to almost everyone.

The whole operation to get rid of the pet from parasites should be carried out in several steps, each of which is important and necessary.

So, even before you remove the fleas from cats, you need to accurately determine that the pet is disturbed by fleas, and not by other parasites ...

Step 1. Determine that the cat really fleas

Among other skin parasites of cats, fleas are distinguished by several features, according to which it is possible to determine exactly what it is they are.

Symptom 1 - itching in the animal and constant combing of the body on the back and sides. If the cat is bothered by mites, it tries to comb out behind the ears or bite the parasites in the groin - it's where the mites bite most often. In fleas, such a gravitation is not observed: they bite with the same desire for any part of the body.

Если кошка часто чешется - это может быть одним из признаков наличия у нее блох

Sign 2 - excrement and eggs of fleas on the body of an animal. To notice them, you should spread the wool and carefully look at the skin of the pet. If between the hairs small black dots (excrement) or white (eggs) are noticeable, it means that the adult parasites in the cat are accurately present.

Экскременты блох на шерсти

Яйца блох: фото крупным планом

Sign 3 - the appearance of noticeable skin irritations. Flea bites cause itch and local allergic reaction in cats, and in some animals they can lead to dermatitis, eczema and in the most rare cases - anemia. To withdraw fleas from a cat, of course, should be long before the appearance of such symptoms.

... 5 (allergic dermatitis to flea bites)

Symptom 4 - visual detection of the fleas themselves. Fleas - insects are easily recognizable, although very small. They have a rounded body up to half a millimeter and weakly visible long legs, with which they can make very large jumps.

Фотография кошачьей блохи

You can find them on the body of the cat by spreading the hair or combing the animal. In addition, these insects will actively jump off the pet during bathing - no more parasites can do this.

Many people know how to catch a flea from a cat , but you need to consider that in addition to fleas there are also their eggs, so it is unlikely to hand all the parasites.

The presence of at least one of the above signs indicates that you should already start to think about how and how to remove fleas from a cat. To do this, you need to choose an effective and safe drug.

Step 2. Apply an effective remedy for fleas

The breeding of fleas in cats today is done with the help of means, different in both appearance and mode of action. The common thing in them is one: against insects in all these means are powerful enough insecticides - poisons from insects - which at the same time are not too dangerous for the cats themselves.

All these funds are divided into several groups.

Drops from fleas

Drops from fleas are popular means today, combining efficiency and ease of use. The composition of these drugs includes an aqueous solution of an insecticide, which not only kills insects, but also scares them off. Due to this application of a few drops in the neck or back area provides a panic escape of parasites from the body of the animal.

Пример: капли от блох для кошек Барс

Before dealing with fleas in cats with drops, you must first read the instructions for using the drug itself: drops can be applied differently and be toxic enough for kittens or pregnant cats.

The most popular drops today are:

  • Hartz is an American remedy, very effective even against flea larvae, due to which it is often used after using less expensive drugs with the help of which adults are killed.
  • Drops Front Line Spot it Cat, completely rid the pet of fleas within 24 hours.
  • Bayer Advocate, with whom not only the fight against fleas in cats, but also the prevention of helminthic invasions and infection by mites.
  • Bars, a domestic remedy, remarkable in that, unlike foreign analogues, it is not applied to the withers of an animal, but in several places along the spine.

Fighting fleas in cats with drops is the best solution for those animals that mostly live indoors, but for a few months or weeks they leave with the owners to the dacha or to another place where they spend a lot of time in nature. Treatment of a cat with drops here should be done literally several times over the entire period to protect it from infection and rid of those parasites that have already attacked it.

Collars of fleas

The optimal solution for animals, regularly and often on the street. They protect the cat for two months, are low in toxicity and are helpful in cases when it is necessary to remove fleas from a pregnant cat. Their main drawback is the possibility of developing dermatitis in an animal on the neck.

Ошейник от блох и клещей для кошек

One of the important advantages is that, with such a collar, a pet walking freely on the street is protected not only from fleas, but also from brigades catching homeless animals: the presence of any collar on the animal is evidence that it has owners and is not homeless.

Sprays for cats

This is a kind of radical way. Sprays on wool are very toxic to the animal itself, and it is necessary to apply them in full compliance with the instruction and only for cats that do not contact kittens or other cats.

Спрей от блох для кошек Фронтлайн

It is forbidden to use sprays for nursing cats. As a rule, they are used to control parasites only in very neglected cases.

Of the sprays are popular mainly the same brands as the brands of drops - Hartz, Frontline, Bayer, Bolfo - preparations of the same manufacturer contain the same insecticides, and therefore work well in different forms of release.

Shampoos against fleas

In cats, this type of flea remedy has not taken root much better than in dogs, but, nevertheless, it is used quite often. The main advantage of shampoos is in their safety. The redeemed pet completely gets rid of fleas, and after the basic procedure of bathing a thorough washing of the wool follows, as a result of which the shampoo is completely washed off.

Пример шампуня от блох

After bathing, the cat can not lick the drug itself, nor can its kittens do it.

Popular shampoos are Advantage, Advantix, Lawyer, Russian 4 with a tail. Deciding how best to wash the cat from fleas, you should ask owners of cats of the same breed: for long-haired animals, more effective shampoos will differ from those for short-haired.

Antiblocking Injection

Injections from fleas for cats - a tool that allows you to quickly remove parasites, but difficult to use. Few of the owners can produce injections on their own, and for the sake of doing so, the animal to the clinic is irrational.

Использовать уколы от блох следует лишь в крайнем случае

However, injections help to remove fleas from a cat, even actively communicating with severely infected animals. And these other animals will not get poisoned from the treated pet (which can happen, for example, if you use sprays or, more rarely, drops from fleas).

The injections from fleas can not be made to nursing and pregnant cats: the active substance of the drug can affect the kittens.

Pills from fleas

Tablets from fleas act in much the same way as injections, but are easier to apply. Allow to effectively remove insects, but often cause side effects in animals, for which the owners of cats do not like them.

Применение таблеток против блох часто приводит к побочным эффектам

When deciding to remove fleas from a cat using pills, you should consult a veterinarian. For each agent in a particular animal, there may be hypersensitivity, and what is most suitable by description may have an individual intolerance.

Step 3. Eliminate the consequences of infection

The main problems in infecting cats with fleas are:

  • pruritus
  • allergic reactions and skin diseases
  • helminthic invasions (fleas are carriers of helminth eggs).

All of them require different approaches to treatment.

To get rid of the itch, baths are used on special herbal infusions or with the addition of soothing agents, with pinpoint lesions - skin treatment with analgesics. In case of allergic reactions, depending on the degree of their manifestation, either special antihistamines or complex sedatives are used.

Diseases of the skin require treatment in a veterinary clinic, and measures to control the worms are regular etching them.

Step 4. Preventing subsequent infections

As all the doctors - and veterinarians, in particular - say, the prevention of the disease is always easier and more effective than its treatment. If you do not allow the fleas to infect the pet, then in the future you will not have to solve the problem, how to withdraw them.

Measures of prevention:

  • prevention of pet's contact with street and clearly infected animals;
  • regularly handle the boiling water of the means of livelihood of the animal - litter, toilet, basket for sleep;
  • at least once a month to conduct in the apartment wet cleaning with the addition of insectoacaricidal agents into the water;
  • Avoid contact with other animals, and when coming home - wash their hands, shake out the apartment clothes and shoes.

To observe such rules is quite troublesome, but the result will be the cleanliness of the pet and the absence of problems with the infection of its fleas.

If you decide to fight against fleas on your own, then we recommend using only proven in practice tools that have shown their high efficiency:

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  1. Julia :

    Collars help, but they must often be changed or infiltrated with infusion of celandine and other herbs. But to any collar should be accustomed gradually, without leading to a violent reaction. And then the animal will shy all his life and do not trust the one who brought him to such a shock and, perhaps, starts to bite and scratch - this can be the reaction to the rest of his life and to the collar, and everything that causes severe irritation ... It is necessary dress for 1 minute and see the reaction, try to distract by playing or tasty. If the animal can not be distracted from the problem in any way, then it is necessary to take it off and let it calm down, and after a while try again, but playing with it, distracting ... It will gradually get used, but you must have patience, as in everything in life! And it happens, the animal suffers, not finding an exit from the situation, trying to remove the collar. And the cruel masters will then receive an inadequate animal: clumsy and crooked. All honest!

  2. Martina :

    I do not dare to hurt my cat (i.e., an injection).

    • Margarita :

      Interesting thing, but how do you do the vaccinations? Or is it also "painful"?

  3. Milan :

    And I…

  4. Margarita :

    In front of me now the problem with fleas is very acute. Because I have six adult cats and six kitten-foundlings. Earlier, Beps pipettes did her own, but this year the drug deteriorated. And with such a large number of animals, you will not be very attracted to expensive products. I would like to know more about injections. How harmful, how long it is, whether it is possible to do weakened, and finally, I would like to know the name of the drug. We are our own wheels.

  5. Sasha :

    At me kittens, your injection to my kittens will not help or assist, only painfully will make.

  6. Maria :

    We do not get anything from us, it's a pity for a poor animal! I do not know what to do.

    • Tatiana :

      And we have nothing derived! First they pumped "Bars" - they did not leave. It is impossible to drip again, bathed in shampoo and put on the collar "Bifar", it smells strongly of lavender. But they, fleas, see, it's all the same!

      • Anonymous :

        So why did you bathe after the drops? You can not swim for 3 days.

  7. Svetlana :

    We, too, can not in any way pull out these damned fleas ... We do not already know what to do.

    How often can you bathe a cat? Even so little help him.

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