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Means for breeding fleas in a cat at home

Выводим блох у кошки в домашних условиях

Elimination of the fleas at home by the cat is laborious, but it is quite feasible for almost every owner procedure.

It is important to know that fleas are insects that are very sensitive to smells and poison, quickly dying under the influence of insecticides. And most importantly, what distinguishes fleas from ticks and withers is that they are extremely mobile, and in an emergency situation they are ready to leave the animal in a matter of seconds. This must be taken into account.

Once having understood how to remove fleas from a cat at home, it is quite possible to conduct this procedure regularly, quickly and with very good results.

Let's look at this procedure in more detail.

If the cat has few fleas ...

In all cases of breeding fleas in cats , special insecticides are used, either causing death of parasites or repelling them with their odor. Only sometimes to fight fleas you can simply bathe a cat, as these insects do not tolerate immersion in water and tend to move to those parts of the animal's body that remain dry.

Купание поможет избавиться от блох лишь в том случае, если их очень мало

This approach can be effective only when the cat has just picked up several fleas, and they have not yet multiplied.

However, if small black dots are found in large quantities on the pet's skin - excrement of insects, and white balls with a diameter of a quarter of a millimeter - eggs, and noticeable wounds from bites and redness around them, this is evidence of a serious infection that needs to be quickly and actively treated.

So, for breeding fleas in cats and kittens at home there are several ways ...

Special flea collars

Collars are the simplest means for getting a mustached pet from fleas. The collar weighs very little, and the animal quickly gets used to it. The whole product is impregnated with a rather large amount of insecticide (each collar has its own type), from which the parasites on the cat's body die, and the survivors try to leave the animal.

Ошейник от блох для кошек

As a rule, collars work for 2-3 months, after which the insecticide is exhaled and the animal needs to buy a new product.

Collars of fleas are great for animals, regularly and long time on the street - in this case, the collar provides permanent reliable protection for the pet.

In general, we can conclude that such a collar allows you to effectively remove fleas from a cat or a cat at home, and also to prevent a second infection of the pet when walking on the street.

On a note

Insecticidal collars are also effective against mites and gnats. However, the duration of their effect is most pronounced precisely against fleas.

Disadvantages of collars from fleas are few:

  • risk of developing irritation of the skin of a cat or kitten at the location of the collar. This occurs rarely, but even cases of dermatitis development from these agents have been documented. Here everything is individual, and you just need to be careful, I carefully test the product for the first time.
  • The difficulty of getting used to the collar of those cats that have never worn it before - a cat can feel restless and uncomfortable in it.

Flea collars today are one of the most popular ways to remove parasites from a cat. On sale in the markets, in pet stores and the Internet there are products of different manufacturers, but the most famous are the following:

  • Hartz - the most, perhaps, effective, but also expensive.
  • Bolfo, a universal collar, for both cats and dogs.
  • Diaz - has an extended life, protecting the animal for five months. It can not be used in conjunction with other insecticides.
  • Kiltix - able to protect the cat for 7 months.

Flea collars can not be used for patients or convalescent animals. Apply them to nursing and pregnant cats only with the permission of the veterinarian.

Drops from fleas for cats

These funds are also very simple to use: from the ampoule enough to drip the liquid on the cat's wit, or on the manufacturer's recommendation - at several points along the spine. This will already be enough for the parasites to poison themselves or escape from the animal.

Барс: капли от блох

Капли от блох Beaphar

All manufacturers try to make drops from fleas as safe as possible for the animal, so their use for cats is safe. However, in rare cases, the cat may experience allergic reactions to the drops themselves and even signs of mild poisoning.

Therefore, before active use of the drug, it is advisable to test it in the smallest possible amount - apply cotton wool to the cat's skin literally half a drop and observe for several hours the behavior of the animal and the condition of its skin at the application site.

The most famous drops from fleas are:

  • Hartz
  • Frontline Spot on Cat
  • Leopard
  • Bayer Advocate.

Flea Sprays

Of all the agents, sprays are the most effective, but also the most toxic. To remove fleas from a cat at home with them can be fast enough - for this you need to process all the pet hair from the can and then do not let the animal wash for several hours.

Пример спрея от блох (Фронтлайн)

The owner himself should use gloves and a cotton-gauze dressing.

Sprays provide almost instantaneous effect - fleas perish from them, even without having time to get out of the coat. They are no less effective against ticks. All sprays are strictly contraindicated for pregnant, lactating, sick, recovering cats and kittens.

Today, cat lovers mainly use:

  • Front Line
  • Leopard
  • Flea & Tick
  • Delix.

Special flea shampoos

Although for cats special shampoos against fleas are used quite rarely, nevertheless, they have a number of advantages:

  • with them, the cat can not practically be poisoned - the shampoo is completely washed off after bathing.
  • Shampoo works in conjunction with water, which fleas are also poorly tolerated.
  • Shampoos from fleas almost never cause side effects.

Пример инсектицидного шампуня от блох

This is enough to once suffer a terrible scream of a pet and make him take a bath. It is advisable after this procedure to carefully comb out the cat, in order to remove the parasites remaining on the wool with the help of the crest.

Popular shampoos from fleas today are:

  • Rolf Club
  • Delix
  • Shampoo B
  • Demos-Lux
  • Flea & Tick Cat Shampoo.

On a note

For cats who love or are accustomed to swimming, shampoos are the optimal solution to the problem with fleas. Even if the cat is constantly on the street, bathing it once a week will guarantee that the fleas on it will not multiply.

Injections and pills

For home use, these drugs are the least suitable: the animal may have an atypical reaction to the remedy, the injection may not be done correctly, and in general the administration of the drug inside is not the simplest procedure.

As a rule, such means are used in veterinary medicine when external processing of the animal is impossible.

In addition, some companies today produce powders, which can also remove fleas from the cat at home, but in practice it has been found that, compared to drops and collars, they are less effective because they are easily crumbled or licked by animals.

Getting rid of fleas of pregnant cats

The main feature in anti-block treatment of a pregnant cat is to prevent the drug from getting inside. Even being harmless to an adult animal, the remedy for fleas can affect the course of pregnancy and cause miscarriage or abnormal development of the fetus.

Бороться с блохами у беременных кошек нужно особенно аккуратно

In this regard, the optimal means for breeding fleas in a pregnant cat are:

  • collars
  • shampoos
  • and under the permission of the veterinarian - drops from fleas.

The first two types of drugs do not affect the development of kittens, some drops can penetrate the skin and blood vessels, and from there - into the milk.

In any case, it's easiest to put a collar on a pregnant cat, but do not forget to remove it in the future.

Shampoos for a pregnant cat at home should be used only in cases where bathing does not lead to stress for the animal.

It is important!

Removing fleas from a pregnant cat is the primary task of the owner! If the kittens are born from an infected mother, fleas immediately begin to bother them, causing itching and infecting them with worms. As a result, babies will grow slower and in general will be restless than peers living with a clean and healthy mother.

If the cat feeds ...

It is the most difficult to remove fleas from a nursing cat. Even collars are not suitable here, as kittens can involuntarily lick or bite them when playing or searching for the nipple.

It is more advisable to use such drops that do not penetrate deep under the skin. When choosing a drug, ask the seller or veterinarian if it can be used for nursing cats.

The safest way to remove fleas from a nursing cat is to wait for this age in kittens (3-4 weeks), when the cat leaves them for more than three hours, and after the next feeding of babies to buy a cat with shampoo from fleas, wash it thoroughly, and pet gently blow dry with a hairdryer.

At the same time, the kittens themselves will have to be treated from fleas, since parasites have time to infect their ...

Fighting fleas in kittens

Perhaps the only means for fleas in kittens are shampoos, which can be used only after the kids open their eyes.

Вывести блох у котят можно с помощью специальных шампуней

Many manufacturers produce special shampoos from fleas for kittens, but experts unanimously claim that only proven and safe Front Line and Stronghold should be used, since domestic products contain not time-tested insecticides and supplements, which may not have a positive effect on the condition of the kitten. Few people want to experiment on their pets.

On how to remove fleas from a kitten at home, it is best to learn from a veterinarian, since in most cases it is convenient to combine the fight against parasites in kittens with a helminth dressing.

Many cat lovers prepare anti-block shampoo on their own: they buy the most inexpensive shampoo for kittens and add Neostomazana to each 150 ml of ampoule. Such a mixture is guaranteed to be harmless to young, and when bathing kittens with it works as effectively as expensive imported products.


The best way to protect kittens from fleas is to get rid of parasites from a pregnant mother.

Getting rid of fleas in sick cats

Fighting fleas in patients or convalescents is the only time when homosexuality is strictly forbidden. It is never possible to know exactly how and to which remedy the animal, weakened by the disease and receiving additional medications will react.

Therefore, first of all, if fleas are found on a sick cat, cat or kitten, you should consult a veterinarian. Usually in these cases, special sparing shampoos and drops from fleas are prescribed, or they recommend waiting until the pet recovers.

It should always be remembered that cats are generally cleaner than dogs, and therefore fleas suffer less often. But they are also more sensitive to different drugs, and therefore, before using any product, it is advisable to try it in small amounts, and only if there are no acute reactions to the animal on them can we safely proceed to combat the parasites in full.

We wish your pet to get rid of fleas as soon as possible!

If you decide to fight against fleas on your own, then we recommend using only proven in practice tools that have shown their high efficiency:

The note "Remedies for breeding fleas in a cat at home" left 45 comments.
  1. Vyacheslav :

    Frontline spray is optimally suited for the destruction of fleas in nursing cats and newborn kittens (from 2 days). Shampoo from the first time does not usually help, but to bathe several times - an additional stress for the cat family. The price bites, but we must take into account that even 100 ml is enough for 1-2 years, saves time, the effect is 100%, and fleas do not appear for 3 months.

  2. Yulya :

    I do not know if the collars will help the pregnant cat, who already has a kitten!

  3. Olga :

    Visiting the basement, absolutely domestic cat dragged along with fleas. He walks in a collar, will he help ...

  4. Alexander :

    We just bought a kitten and found the fleas. In the city of Lugansk, to buy a collar is difficult, the veterinary services have been bombed, which I do not know what to do.

    • Maria :

      Alexander, wormwood can be withdrawn. Make a decoction of wormwood and apply to the skin of the kitten. To not lick, put on a collar. After a couple of hours, wash it off. You can also boil the garlic - 2-3 cloves, crumble, pour warm water overnight, and then apply to the skin of the kitten and after a couple of hours wash it off. You can rinse with water with wormwood.

    • Maria :

      One nuance, with these remedies fleas jump from the animal, so it's advisable to be side by side in order not to let them run away. I spread the herb of wormwood near the cat's couch. Yes, and pour garlic 3-4 glasses of hot water, not warm.

  5. Mila :

    Yesterday the decoction wiped out the fur seal and spread wormwood everywhere ... And yet it did not help, what to do?

    • Elena :

      Comrades, I want to share my discovery! 2 months ago my husband gave me a kitten. Since we live in a private house, he picked up fleas in the yard. Bathed in spetsshampunah, dripping drops - it's useless. One way out is to the street, and everything is new. One evening they decided again to bathe the kitten. As it turned out, the shampoo was over, they began to wash with ordinary household soap, 72%. I always have it in my house, since my dishes are only for them, for all other means, a terrible allergy. AND ABOUT THE MIRACLE! Already a week, but no fleas. All good luck and health to you and your pets!

  6. Zhansaya :

    Well done, well done, I liked it! ))

  7. Tatiana :

    Tar soap also helps! Good luck in this difficult business! :)

  8. Anna :

    The people, but what to do when swimming? How to remove fleas from the muzzle? I bathe a second time, they just attack ears, a nose and after a bath safely live. What to do, how to get rid, the animal suffers ...

  9. Mashulya :

    When my cat fleas appear, then I immediately have my anti-block shampoo. And so I try to prevent dana ultra wear from fleas. The cat is mostly sitting at home, so I do not often bathe it. Collar bypass.

  10. Olga :

    I dabbled several times with shampoo - nothing happened ... So now also in the house of fleas, all my legs bitten me. Who faced this? How to rid the animal of fleas and how to get them out of the house?

    • Margarita :

      Olga, buy a drug Butox at the pet store, it helps! Itself only brought them.

      • Elena :

        With butoksom carefully! It is necessary to observe proportions. Our vet generally prohibits use for cats, birds, etc. Our cat poisoned with butox and barely saved it - took 5 IV and 20 injections. Butoks is used for large animals and for processing premises for cows, pigs ...

    • Marina :

      At me the same trouble, here, I sit on the Internet and I search for agents which can help. Almost all the family's legs are bitten + and even before the guests uncomfortable.

      • Anonymous :

        If the house is private, then put under the floor wormwood, and the problem as it has not happened, for a long time. Only this I have been saving for many years.

      • Anonymous :

        It can still be seasonal fleas from the basement or attic, they themselves had this. They bought a spray "CLEAN HOUSE", they scraped the whole apartment and left for 3 hours, then washed. Every year in September we had it. Only then did they get rid of it.

    • Anonymous :

      Here I have the same problem. Could you manage it somehow? Tell me))

    • Marina :

      I dicadiated the fleas in the house. Only so saved.

  11. Natalia :

    Bought "Butox", processed already 3 times, fleas disappear for 2-3 days and again appear. Tell me how to get rid of it? I have small children, it's dangerous, they bite.

  12. Vyacheslav :

    But look: I found a cat in the street, beautiful straight. Here, brought home, and at home (I rent an apartment), even more fleas, they populated on it - and on the back, and on the head are now black things, there are a lot of them, and there are a lot of fleas. I washed - did not help. What is the probability that a cat will heal from these fleas? She just can not sleep at night, bite her. Tell me all how to do? To the vet is expensive!

  13. Sasha :

    I dripped drops, and the collar put on, still the number of fleas does not decrease. I do not know, nothing helps. Even bathed, but the cat still itches ...

  14. Nastya :

    And what if the children have found kittens, but there is not much money? How to remove fleas?

  15. Inna :

    People! To have cats in the house is a lot of positive emotions, but often the negative prevails over the positive, and we live.

  16. Lyuda :

    I once had a friend, she smeared pups with lean oil, fleas died. The dog licked the puppies, and everyone, all are well. Try lean oil.

  17. Paul :

    Kosik in the basement ran away running, and then returned. I scratched him on the neck, and I even got my fingers stuck in lumps, and from there they jump, yes, right at me! Now I'm going to buy up all the bojagi and wash this filthy koshar. Forgive me, for the first time. I myself itch!

    I myself, probably now, and shampoo, and drops ... Up to the collar. Horror, I have not seen this yet. I thought that just the wool got tangled, and there ...

  18. Paul :

    Kosik tore my skin off my hands, how angry, but now happy ... I have never seen such a thing in my life)) And more, when you drip BlochNet, wash your hands, I went poisoning. I thought he would get mad from the collar, but on the contrary, like "tsatski" wears it. Result: sadomasochistic washing with shampoo (with a deplorable loss of your favorite towel), as well as watering incomprehensible tubers from the tube (I repeat, wash your hands), well, and hysterical chase throughout the apartment in a wet pigtail (pity furniture) will bring joy and love to your pet. A flea, like, not yet, but I'm following.

  19. Hope :

    We used insecticide drops for the found. They just applied everything, then after two days they washed it out of the wool of the dead. They bought an ultra neo for cats. They read that they act on the larvae - they do not allow them to develop. While waiting for the second wave, maybe, and do not wait. Drops on fipronil and two other substances (thiamethoxam and pyriproxyfen).

  20. Tatiana :

    We have a domestic cat, we only go to a veterinarian, where do fleas come from? I can not withdraw, and the "Leopard" dripped, wormwood in the apartment laid out in the corners, everything was processed by the Combat, bathed the cat with shampoo, and after a while the fleas again appear. I can not get rid of it, all my legs are bitten. Tell me the right way to get rid of this scourge.

    • Anonymous :

      You have seasonal fleas! The cheapest and most effective way is dichlorvos. Pshake into the water in the bucket and wash it with the floor. Abundantly pour floors (if there are no carpets) and leave for 3 hours.

  21. Mila :

    Faced this problem, and my daughter also has an allergy to bites. Put out butox, but you have to fill in all the cracks, microcracks in the floor, carpets and under them, plinths, etc. These reptiles love to hide in the most inaccessible places and can not spend one winter in the cold, while there is no food, and under favorable conditions are activated. For complete excision I treated the house three times during the month, drove all out, splashed, aired. I played it, heartily. But she won.

  22. Marina :

    Thank you all, read it.

  23. Marina :

    To be honest, I take dysthosphosome from the cat fleas and also in the house. Just need to gently wrap the cat in a towel, so as not to inhale. And then very well rinse. Repeatedly.

  24. Alina :

    This, probably, was withered away from flea remedies. I live in my house, keep the cat constantly, so that the mice do not get impudent. Only 3 days ago I took a flea capsule of a leopard, smeared - the effect of zero. Yesterday we put a collar on. It's scratched, poor, incredible than to help I do not know, I think it's time to go to the vet to give her a shot, no strength. Previously, this was not, the capsule smeared - and everything is ok.

  25. English :

    I did not defeat anything at all (

  26. Oksana :

    We also have a big problem. The cat is thoroughbred, does not go to the street. We live on the 5th floor, far from the basement, porches are constantly washed with bleach. Where they came from - it's not clear. Have a veterinarian, zasshikali, but it did not help. After bought drops of 3 kinds. Once dripped - they did not even leave her for a day. After a week still dripped, the same situation. Another week has passed - has washed with a shampoo from fleas, effect 0. After even one and a half weeks still dripped - they still torment the animal. What to do? Collar? But I think that he can not wear it, because they bought a decorative collar, the cat went crazy, had to withdraw.

    And if the cat is shaved? Will it help get rid of fleas?

  27. Kira :

    The cat brought home the fleas. We diluted in an atomizer usual salt with water. But very strong concentration, and sprayed the whole house! They removed all access to open water. And that's all, there are no fleas. They die of salt. Everything is cheap and very effective. Calm all life without these monsters.

    Excuse me, I'll add: after the salt procedure give the time to the fleas, the salt paralyzes them, and if there is no water, they die. We stood for a day and a half, then vacuumed, and that's it. Sometimes we repeat the procedure - once a year, it's very real muck, these lodgers ... I do not want to see them again. And for cats, dogs - all this is not burdensome, and not chemistry. Good luck everyone!

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