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How to save a kitten from fleas: advice on treatment and prevention

Рассмотрим методы и средства, которые помогут быстро и безопасно избавить котенка от блох

Soft and fluffy, kittens, of course, can sometimes scratch and even bite, but overall, they are cute and positive creatures. Fleas in kittens usually appear right after their birth, jumping over them from the fur of a cat-mother. But even if the cat is not infected with fleas, at a certain age the kittens begin to go out into the street and communicate with other animals, practically necessarily receiving a portion of parasites. This is where the pet owners come up with an apparently seemingly simple task, how to get rid of fleas from a kitten, which, however, turns out to be not so simple.

It is important to understand that the treatment of kittens from fleas is required in any case when they are infected. Fleas cause severe itching in the animal, sometimes - allergy and dermatitis, and with serious infection lead to malnutrition and development of blood diseases in it.

Блохи далеко не безобидны, и могут вызывать серьезные заболевания у котенка

Зуд, сопровождающий укусы блох, может привести к аллергиям и дерматитам

In addition, fleas carry deadly and for cats, and for human disease, as well as intermediate hosts of many types of worms. Often, the kittens that are very infected with fleas simply die, unable to withstand such a parasitic load on the still fragile body.

On a note

Fleas in a kitten do not necessarily belong exactly to the species of cat fleas: small animals can also parasitize rat, canine, human, rabbit and some other types of fleas . And all these types of parasites are almost the same for the layman, and the flea's symptoms in the kitten do not differ from species to species. From the species of parasites does not depend on the method of getting rid of the kitten from fleas.

The most dangerous are fleas in newborn kittens - in large quantities they can lead to the freezing of babies. Disposal of newborn kittens from fleas can be done only by physical methods - combing and bathing, which, as practice shows, not every landlord will engage in (use of chemicals at this age should be avoided in every possible way, as their use is fraught with poisoning of kittens and dangerous allergic reactions). However, there is good news: for newborn kittens, there are special methods for removing parasites, which we will talk about in more detail.

In the photo below - the flea in the kitten in the coat:

Скопление блох у котенка в шерсти

To get rid of flea kittens today, a large number of effective remedies are produced and sold, they all have their own specifics and require a careful and deliberate approach to application. One must at once be prepared for the fact that the treatment of kittens from fleas requires a little more effort than in the case of adult animals - because of the need to observe increased security measures.

Symptoms of Fleas in Kittens

Find out if the kitten has fleas, it's quite simple: with their bites they cause constant itching in the animal, and the baby often itches legs behind the ears, tries to bite the insects out of the wool. From especially strong bites the kitten can jerk and wake up, abruptly break away from food and play.

Постоянные укусы делают поведение котенка беспокойным, он часто чешется и кусает свою шерсть

Other symptoms of fleas in kittens are visible red dots and wounds from bites of parasites on the skin under the coat , and sometimes - dermatitis and an allergic reaction to multiple bites. Strongly infected kitten looks painful and exhausted, from constant scratching, he has bald patches on his coat.

Below the photo shows fleas close-up - the culprits of the kitten's torment:

Фото блохи крупным планом

Кошачья блоха при сильном увеличении

А так выглядит блоха непосредственно на шерсти животного.

On a note

If the kitten is itching, and he does not have fleas, as there are no them and the cat-mother, it is necessary to show the baby to the veterinarian - the cause of the itch may be subcutaneous mites or dermatological diseases. Treatment for these diseases should be done in completely different ways.

Indirect signs of the presence of kitten fleas are helminths. This is especially true for kittens who have not yet begun to eat meat and fish. For example, in a monthly kitten, fleas and worms usually appear simultaneously - first fleas start feeding on the animal, and within a week or two of them the baby is infected with worms.

But, perhaps, the easiest way to detect fleas, simply by carefully considering the animal's fur. Fleas in a kitten 1-2 months old are particularly well marked: the hair of these babies is short and parasites can not even hide in it. Usually the flea in the kitten's fur can be seen with the naked eye.

При обилии блох у котенка паразиты хорошо видны даже невооруженным глазом

An important point: when a small kitten finds fleas, you can not immediately rush for the first available means and handle them crumbs. Specificity of breeding fleas in kittens is strict adherence to strict security measures.

Safety rules: when drugs are more dangerous than fleas themselves

In order to get rid of fleas from a kitten, you should first of all be well represented, due to what this or that drug from insect parasites turns out to be effective. In most preparations from fleas, the active ingredient is insecticides, although relatively non-toxic to adult animals, but capable of causing strong side effects in kittens.

For example, some organophosphate insecticides (Malathion, Dichlophos), as well as pyrethroids (Permethrin and its derivatives Cypermethrin, Deltamethrin, Alfametrin) are dangerous for kittens. If the medicine for fleas for kittens contains these components, it can not be used for young people under the age of 6 months.

Препараты, содержащие пиретроиды и фосфорорганические инсектициды, эффективны против блох, но их обычно нельзя применять до достижения котенком 6 месяцев

It should also be remembered that to treat kittens from fleas can only be after weaning them from the mother: all the funds from the fleas remain on the baby's hair for some time, and if the mother cat lick it, part of the drug will necessarily fall into her milk. At the most nursing cat also it is impossible to poison fleas by chemical preparations.

Не рекомендуется лечить котенка от блох до отлучения его от матери.

In any case, you can not get rid of fleas with insecticides if the kitten is less than 1 month old. If the kitten has a lot of fleas - so much that they can be a threat to his life - for a few days, until the parasites fight, he should be weaned from the mother and allowed only for the time of feeding.

If even the monthly kitten fleas appeared, but not in a very large number, it makes sense to carry out preventive actions, and before the complete disposal of parasites wait until the kitten at least a little older.

Kittens of different breeds and ages: what medicines suit them?

Depending on the age and breed, the kitten should get rid of fleas by the best means for it.

Consider the main:

  • Treatment of flea kittens at the age of 1 month is made only by mechanical means - the parasites are combed out of the baby's hair with a thick and soft crest. Usually a kitten of this age does not have a lot of fleas, and such a mechanical treatment gives a good result.
  • In addition, you can shave the fleas from a kitten over 1 month old with flea shampoo. Kiss.
  • To etch fleas from a kitten older than a month and a half can be special drops from fleas Stronghold. This drug is safe (it is believed that a cat can drink several Stronghold pipettes without harm to itself). However, during the treatment procedure, the drug may cause increased salivation due to the alcohol contained in it. Капли от блох Стронгхолд для котят и щенков
  • To fight fleas in kittens older than 2 months can be using powder and spray Beaphar, shampoo Phytoelite, drops Hartz for kittens.

Шампунь Фитоэлита от блох для котят

Finally, from the age of three months, it is possible to save the kitten from fleas with Advantix drops, BARS for kittens, specialized drugs Hartz and Blochnet.

Капли инсектицидные для котят Барс Форте

British kitten, bobtail, Persian, Himalayan kitten get rid of fleas usually with the help of shampoos. Kittens with short hair are easier to treat from fleas with drops or sprays.

Котят с короткой или средней шерстью удобно лечить от блох с помощью инсектицидных капель


"We got on the arrangements of the wife of a British kitten. We took in a nursery, with a pedigree, healthy. Within a month, the kitten discovered many fleas. Whence we do not apply our minds, but it is clear that they are disturbing it. My wife bought some powder, but I could not even start to process it - it needs to be rubbed into the skin, but with such a coat like Bob, it's impossible. Everything ended with Phytoelita shampoo - half an hour of screaming cries under the tap, fleas in the bathroom and everything, not a single parasite. "

Gennady, Tver

On an individual basis, a kitten may have an allergy or side effects from one or another remedy. In this case, the drug should be discontinued and the drug should be purchased with another active substance. With a strong reaction to the drug should show the kitten to the vet.

On a note

It is believed that the safest way to save kittens from fleas can be with the help of special insecticidal powders. However, their use in kittens of longhaired breeds is problematic enough.

Removal of fleas with sprays

Spray the kitten should be treated after a good feeding. The kid should hold his head so that he does not accidentally place it under the spray of the drug, carefully spread the hair and spray openable skin areas.

При обработке спреем от блох нужно раздвигать шерсть котенка и стараться не попасть ему в глаза и в рот

Care should be taken to ensure that the spray does not hit the baby's eyes. After treatment with a kitten, you should play for half an hour and then immediately buy it.

One of the optimal sprays for fleas for kittens is the Beaphar spray, at a reasonable price providing a reliable disposal of parasites.

Спрей Beaphar тоже хорошо подходит для избавления котят от блох

Also good are Hartz and Frontline sprays, but only for kittens from the age specified in the instructions for their use.


"The easiest way to cure a kitten from fleas is with a spray. This pshikalka is slightly more expensive than drops, but it gives an almost instant result - fleas either die on the kitten, or jump off it. We splashed our miracle with Harts, there were no problems from him, the fleas disappeared immediately ... "

Irina, Moscow

Powders for kittens and rules for their use

Powder from fleas to kittens is suitable in most cases. Usually to get rid of kittens from fleas use Hartz or Gamma powder.

Инсектицидная пудра от блох Hartz

The latter can be applied to a kitten for up to 1 month, provided that within a few hours after treatment it will not contact the mother.

Remove fleas from the kitten with an insecticide powder can be according to the following plan:

  1. Rub the powder into the coat or skin of the kitten.
  2. Then shake off the powder, which remained on the tops of the hairs.
  3. At the end of the procedure, comb out the kitten. После нанесения инсектицидной пудры следует вычесать мертвых блох из шерсти котенка

If the kitten continues to suck mother during this period, after treatment it should be put in a separate tray and in an hour or two to bathe. After that, it can be put under the cat again.

How to wash a kitten from fleas?

To wash the kitten from fleas is best with Phyto-Elite shampoos or Mr. Kiss - they are as safe and practically do not lead to side effects.

Bathes a kitten with shampoo from fleas in the same way as with conventional water procedures.

Инсектицидный шампунь вспенивается так же, как и обычный, и наносится на тело котенка

It is important only to carefully foam the remedy and make sure that all the kitten's hair is treated.

A few minutes the foam is kept on the pet, and then washed off with a lot of running water.

Пену нужно смыть с котенка под проточной водой

What should I do if the kitten is poisoned with a remedy for fleas?

In rare cases, the kitten may accidentally swallow drops from fleas or lick the shampoo or powder from the wool. This in most cases does not lead to serious consequences, but sometimes the baby has an allergy, vomiting, drooling, anxiety, shortness of breath, discharge from the nose and eyes, as well as other signs of intoxication. If it seems to you that the kitten has poisoned with flea beads, he should give more water or milk and as soon as possible to show the vet. Preliminarily, the drops from the kitten's skin can be wiped off with cotton wool with vegetable oil.

And finally, if the fleas at the kitten were successfully withdrawn, it remains to consolidate the result. The first - to buy anthelmintic drugs and etch helminths in the baby. The second - to look for fleas in the apartment, and if they are found - withdraw them in any way, up to processing from the fleas of the entire room. In the future, the kitten should buy a special "child" collar from fleas and let out into the street only in it.

Выпускайте малыша на улицу в специальном инсектицидном ошейнике для защиты от блох

So the baby is sure to be protected from fleas in the future.

If you decide to fight against fleas on your own, then we recommend using only proven in practice tools that have shown their high efficiency:

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    Thank you very much, it helped a lot, now a kitten without fleas.

    • Anonymous :

      And what kind of tool did you use? I did not understand well.

  3. Anonymous :

    Talk to the veterinarian about the remedies for fleas. A veterinarian can help you find a safe and effective remedy. It's also good to get a veterinarian-appointed remedy right in the veterinary clinic, since some anti-flea drugs from pet stores can be dangerous for cats. Against fleas, you can use external drops and even oral medications.

  4. Anna :

    At me such problem: to kittens of only 15 days, but on them fleas already run. What do you advise me to do? How to get them out, without harming either the kitten or the mother?

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    Hello! I have a kitten, he is in three days a month. He has dehydration, and the doctor said to withdraw the fleas and worms. But how to do it, did not answer. Is not it too early for him that he's dehydrated?

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    Just put the wormwood.

    • Anonymous :

      My kitten is two months old, and fleas are running on it. It has already been mentioned that there are many different drugs that can be bought in pharmacies, but I'm afraid that this may affect the health of my lump. Are there any other methods?

      • Max :

        Tar soap kills fleas better than any means and is not toxic! Lather the kitten and hold for 5 minutes, the fleas die instantly.

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