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How to get rid of fleas from a cat: we treat your pet yourself

Несколько практических рекомендаций по безопасному избавлению домашнего кота от блох...

Eliminate the cat from fleas today, any owner can be fast enough - the entire procedure will take from several minutes to several hours, depending on the chosen means. And it is simply amazing that a large number of pets today continue to suffer from fleas because of the negligence of their owners. And yet fleas are one of the most dangerous ectoparasites, both for animals and for humans.

Few people think about it, but fleas are carriers of many dangerous infections, from plague and trypanosomiasis to encephalitis and salmonellosis. Some of these diseases are deadly to humans, some to a cat, and some of them equally successfully attack both the owner and the pet.

Therefore, generally speaking, curing a cat from fleas does not mean that it is healthy, since it is quite possible that after the removal of fleas after a while additional treatment will be required from infectious diseases caused by parasites. And the longer a cat goes with fleas, the greater the likelihood of such treatment.

Если у кота большое количество блох, то, возможно, его придется лечить и от сопутствующих заболеваний.

Fleas also carry eggs of a large number of species of helminths. And almost every parasite carries the progeny of worms. For a person, this is not so dangerous - eggs of helminths are not transmitted by bite, but here domestic cats who have a habit of biting fleas from wool on their legs and tail, receive a portion of eggs of worms every time they crack an insect.

In any case, fleas constantly disturb the cat with their bites, which can sometimes even cause allergies and dermatitis (in a cat, allergy to fleas usually does not occur immediately, but only with frequent and regular bites of parasites). So, if the fleas of the cat appeared, treatment should begin as soon as possible.

Постоянные укусы блох могут приводить к серьезным дерматитам у кота из-за постоянного расчесывания

On a note

Do not be surprised, where did the domestic cat fleas . Fleas are very mobile and can move between apartments, and in a private house - from the street or the cellar into the room. In addition, even if the pet is never on the street, it can catch fleas from other domestic animals, and in some cases from a person who can bring parasites from the street on clothes. However, before treating the cat against fleas, it is advisable to find out from where they entered the house or where he picked them up, after a successful disposal, to prevent re-infection.

The correct approach to getting rid of a cat from fleas

To get rid of a domestic cat from fleas, it is best to treat a pet with one of the most effective modern preparations containing as a main active substance a toxic for fleas, but a safe insecticide for warm-blooded animals - for example, Permethrin, Cypermethrin, Piperonyl butoxide, Fipronil, Selamectin. Such drugs act quickly, usually have prolonged residual action, relatively low toxicity for warm-blooded animals and rarely cause side effects.

Современные инсектицды эффективно воздействуют на блох и при этом относительно безопасны для человека и животных.

Как правило, препараты от блох вызывают быстрый паралич и гибель паразитов

The most gentle action is possessed by shampoos from fleas, slightly more severe for animal sprays and drops on the withers. Very delicate are considered special powders, but they are expensive and are used usually only for elite cats. Injections and tablets most often cause side effects and are inferior to the safety of application to drops on the withers and insecticidal shampoos.


"I flew at two Solomon's fleas. Once with Stronghold drops, but I did not like them, Mony had a long spit after that. Then she poured powder from fleas - a very good drug, though, it's a little difficult to rub this powder into the skin. Still, the Persian. But after it, there are no side effects. "

Alevtina, Kazan

After treating the animal with such a means and exterminating the fleas, it is necessary to wear an anti-block collar , which will protect the pet from the parasites for quite some time.

Для профилактики повторного заражения кота блохами желательно надеть на него противоблошиный ошейник.

It is highly desirable, after the procedure itself, to treat the fleas of the entire apartment or house in which the cat lives. If fleas are present in the room for a long time, this measure is simply necessary, because otherwise all efforts to get rid of a cat from fleas can be brought to nothing.

Also, after the extermination of fleas, it is desirable to etch the worms in the cat, since it is more likely that it is picked up by fleas.

Choose the right remedy for fleas

Medicines that can be used to get rid of fleas from a cat, have different forms of release and are in different price categories. When choosing, one should first of all be guided by the physical condition of the animal, its age and weight.

Usually, in order to etch fleas from a cat, use:

  • Drops on the withers Hartz, Frontline or Bars. They have earned the reputation of being the most effective and safe, however they are in the middle and highest price categories among the analogues. When using drugs, you should closely monitor the condition of the animal during treatment.
    Капли от блох Hartz
  • Shampoos Phytoelita, Barsik, Meadow and Rolf-Club. These shampoos usually enough to wash the cat once to rid it of fleas, but then you should take measures so that the parasites do not infect it again.
    Шампунь от блох Луговой
  • Sprays Barsik, Hartz, Advantage, Beaphar - in their variations for cats. Some of them, such as Beaphar, have a pleasant smell of mint and are very delicate. The lack of sprays is the absence of a long residual effect. Only some drugs provide protection for the pet for several days after treatment, but most of them allow only to exterminate fleas at the time of application of the spray.
    Спрей от блох Барсик - специально для котов

Cats of elite breeds and exhibition specimens should be treated with shampoos - after drying it looks the same as before processing, and using expensive shampoos - even better. Shampoos are also used for kittens aged up to six months.

Для избавления маленьких котят от блох обычно используют специальные шампуни.

Domestic cats, constantly and in plenty on the street, can get rid of fleas with drops - they in most cases provide enough long-term protection. You can spray the fleas from the cat, constantly living in the house and only occasionally going out into the street, you can spray.


Collars from fleas should be worn only on those animals that do not have allergies to insecticides and for which the appearance is not critical - the coat under the collar is usually slightly erased, and the neck of the pet visually becomes thinner. In addition, irritation may occur in the place of contact of the collar and skin.

We take out parasites at once: quickly, safely and effectively

Fight with fleas in the cat should be tried so that to process the animal a minimum number of times. If drops are used on the withers, they drip from the bottle onto the skin between the hairs (the hair needs to be spread) and carefully rubbed with fingers. Drops are rubbed in several places along the spine of the cat, if this is stated in the instructions.

Пример нанесения капель от блох на холку кота.

Spray is also applied to the animal in such a way that it falls on the skin. In this case, the active substances of the drug can penetrate into the sebaceous glands, and some time after treatment they will scare off parasites. However, after treatment with the spray, the cat must be washed (from the sebaceous glands insecticides are not washed immediately).

Shampoo from fleas is used in the same way as any cosmetic shampoo. It is important only to wash it thoroughly with running water from the pet's fur.

Важно тщательно вымыть кота после использования шампуня от блох.

Powder from fleas is the most laborious in applying: it needs to be rubbed into the skin in the maximum number of places in the animal. But it also provides long-lasting protection against parasites and is quite safe to use.

If it was decided to remove fleas from the cat with a spray or shampoo, you need to ensure that these substances do not hit the animal in the mouth, nose or eyes.
If, during treatment, the animal begins to behave strangely, suffocating or starting to vomit, treatment should be stopped immediately, the medicine washed and the pet taken to the veterinarian.


"We bought a drop of Hartz for our cat, but he lashed them. I do not know how, like everyone did according to the instructions, but after he was smeared on his neck, first his saliva started to flow, then he began to tear the beginning, his eyes popped. We were terribly scared, took him to the clinic right away. There, as soon as the doctor was told that the cat had poisoned with flea beads, the veterinarian exhaled. He says that this happens often, in animals such an individual reaction can be. He gave him a shot, gave him a drink, and in half an hour the cat was a new one. They advised us to buy some other drops, or even some shampoo. "

Alena, Kirovsk

How not to give chances to the younger generation of fleas?

But to save the cat from fleas - does not mean to protect it from parasites forever. Fleas can again infect it both in the house and on the street.

К сожалению, даже обработка животного инсектицидными средствами не дает гарантии, что через некоторое время блохи не появятся вновь.

The optimal option for preventing subsequent infections is wearing an animal anti-block collar (at least on the street) and the mandatory removal of fleas in the house itself. The latter procedure is even more complicated than the disposal of the animal from fleas, but it also guarantees the protection of all inhabitants of the house - including people.

It will also be useful to regularly lay under the litter of the cat branch of wormwood - it scares fleas (for the same purpose you can use tansy). If desired, the herbs can be replaced with fumigators.

Ветки полыни можно использовать для профилактики - как отпугивающее блох средство.

More information on the induction of fleas in the room can be found in the section "Fleas in the apartment".

If you decide to fight against fleas on your own, then we recommend using only proven in practice tools that have shown their high efficiency:

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