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What to do if a cat has fleas

Блохи у домашнего кота могут появиться в любой момент, давайте посмотрим, что делать в такой ситуации, чтобы быстро и безопасно избавить питомца от паразитов.

Even if you regularly wash and comb out your pet, fleas from the cat can appear at any time. To this you need to be ready for every owner, then in a panic not to think what to do in such a situation.

It should be remembered that fleas are by no means the only parasites that can be found in the animal's fur (do not forget, for example, about ticks and withers). Therefore, before you start fighting against parasites, you need to make sure that the cat is being harassed by fleas, and not by some other insects.

Донимать кота укусами могут не только блохи, но и другие насекомые, например, клещи, власоеды...

So, the fleas at the domestic cat are small parasites about 2 mm long, with a shiny body of dark brown color. The main distinguishing feature of them is their ability to jump far and fast: from the place where the flea is sitting, it literally disappears. Her jump can not be seen with a glance.

Характерной особенностью блох является их способность прыгать

Фото кошачьей блохи под микроскопом

The easiest way to notice fleas is when combing an animal directly into its fur. Usually parasites are very agile and quickly escape from the place where they were found.

Below in the photo - an example of fleas in a cat in wool:

В шерсти у кота блохи выглядят как блестящие подвижные темные точки

It is interesting

Many kinds of fleas are parasitized on cats - actually felids, as well as canine, rat, rabbit, and human. All of them are very similar in appearance, and it is possible to distinguish them from each other only under a microscope.

From withers fleas are also distinguished by the fact that they keep on the skin, and not on hairs. In addition, the withers are not able to jump. The mites, which often attack cats walking on the street, are well distinguished by widely spaced apart from the body paws. In addition, the mite has 8 legs, and any flea has six.

Клещи могут нападать на кота на улице, но в отличие от блох у них восемь лапок

На фото хорошо заметно, что у блохи всего шесть лапок

If the cat itches, but there are no fleas, you can suspect that it has scabies - you can not see them with the naked eye, but they cause even more intense itching than fleas.


At us a cat for the summer was reconnecting everything, that only it was possible to pick up. First there were mites, after them even injections were done. Then fleas, all over the apartment jumped, even a child bitten. Already in September we look that the cat is constantly itching, and there are no fleas. It turned out - scabies. He was also pricked with something. In short, I already know better than veterinarians in feline parasites.

Sasha, Tver

It is important to keep in mind that fleas do not live permanently on an animal. They can bite a cat, suck its blood, and then certainly jump off and hide near the place of its rest, in order to attack the pet after a while.

Блохи не живут постоянно на коте, часто их можно найти в кошачьей подстилке

Here (under the litter, under the carpets and parquet, behind the plinths) fleas reproduce . Their larvae live in debris, feeding on rotting organics and excrement of adult insects, containing a large amount of undigested blood.

Further on, the photographs show the eggs and larvae of the fleas under the cat's couch:

Блохи и их яйца

Личинки блох похожи на мелких червей

Why are fleas dangerous for cats?

Infection with fleas is fraught with several catastrophes for your cat:

  • Itching, biting and persistent skin irritation. When a serious infection, the flea cat begins to lose weight quickly, constantly worries, itches and tears the wool with combs. Subsequently, the cat can develop allergic dermatitis.
  • There is also a risk of contracting dangerous diseases. Among them - salmonellosis, brucellosis, various trypanosomiasis.
  • Especially the likelihood of infection of the pet helminths. Fleas are the intermediate hosts of several dozen species of worms , and with accidental eating and eating of parasites, the cat will almost certainly be infected with it by these endoparasites.

При наличии у кота большого количества блох почти наверняка у него будут и глисты

For the same reasons, fleas are also dangerous for humans. At the same time they suffer such deadly diseases for people as plague, encephalitis and anthrax. Therefore, if you detect the first symptoms of infection with fleas, the cat should immediately take up the treatment of the animal.

Symptoms of the appearance of fleas in a cat

Find out if your cat has fleas, you can by several characteristic symptoms:

  • constant anxiety of the animal, combing the hind paws behind the ears and trying to bite the fleas out of the wool;
  • red dots with small papules in wool - traces of bites of parasites;
  • excrement of fleas around the resting place of the animal, as well as in different places of the apartment. They look like tiny black dots about a millimeter in size. Most often they come across in garbage when sweeping an apartment.

But the most obvious signs of fleas in a cat are the parasites themselves, which are easy to detect in the animal's fur when examined closely.

Скопление блох в шерсти кота

If the fleas appeared in the apartment, they will bite all the animals in it, including rodents. With the same ease, they will attack a person.

As soon as it becomes clear that the cat really had fleas, you must immediately begin to withdraw them, not giving chances to parasites to multiply in the room ...

Remedies for getting rid of a cat from fleas

Today, there are many tools available on the market that allow you to quickly remove fleas from a cat. The most popular among pet owners are the following drugs:

  • Drops from fleas to withers - Frontline, Bayer, Advantix, Hartz, Blochnet, Leopard. The most frequently used tools Hartz and Frontline, as the most effective. Their main advantages are the ease of application, high efficiency and long lasting effect (from several days to several weeks). The disadvantage is a high probability of developing an allergy in an animal. Капли Фронтлайн Комбо от блох, вшей, клещей и власоедов
  • Sprays from fleas are suitable for elite cats, and can also be recommended for use in those animals in which drops and collars from fleas cause allergies. Sprays allow you to remove fleas at a time, but have virtually no residual effect. The most famous manufacturers are Bars, Hartz, Advantix. Спрей от блох Барс для котов и кошек
  • And, finally, shampoos against fleas are effective, delicate, but relatively difficult to apply (some fastidious cats can not be so easy to wash). In addition, shampoos from fleas do not have a residual effect and are generally quite expensive. Good for domestic cats, rarely on the street, and usually use shampoos. Bruno, Dr.Sc. Zoo, Phytoelite. Шампунь от блох Фитоэлита

Flea collars as a means for breeding fleas are usually not considered. They are considered means for preventive protection against fleas of an uninfected animal.

Инсектоакарицидный ошейник Beaphar больше подойдет как средство для отпугивания блох

Перед применением противоблошиного ошейника обязательно ознакомьтесь с инструкцией по его применению, так как есть противопоказания и побочные эффекты.

А так выглядит собственно противоблошиный ошейник

However, if the collar on the cat is worn, the fleas will escape from it in a short time. It is important to keep in mind that the collar can cause an allergy in the animal and the breaking of the wool cover on the neck. In general, insectoacaricidal collars are well suited for cats, often and often on the street.

Противоблошиные ошейники особенно хорошо подойдут для защиты от блох котов, часто гуляющих на улице.

Other means such as special powders, injections and tablets from fleas are used quite seldom and have no significant advantages over the already described drugs.


"We returned from vacation and decided to scent our Leo. For the time of leave left him in the yard - he was used to it, spent the night on the windowsill in the entrance, fed his neighbors. But when we saw him on arrival - a typical street flea cat. Well-fed, clean, but all in parasites. They bought him a spray Bars, propshikali once - the fleas disappeared. Then they bought a collar of some kind, very expensive, they put it on him, and until the winter was enough. Now every spring we will buy a new collar. "

Alena, Moscow

On a note

The collar on your cat, often on the street, also protects the pet from catching services that are engaged in the extermination of domestic animals. He immediately makes it clear that the cat has masters.

Ошейник на коте даст понять службам отлова животных, что перед ними домашний питомец.

When choosing a remedy for fleas, always consider the physical condition of the animal. A cat suffering simultaneously with fleas from an infectious or somatic disease should be treated only with sparing means for kittens, or not treated at all, waiting for recovery.

Correct excretion of fleas in a cat

The order of breeding fleas in a cat depends on the specific nature of the remedy for parasites.

  1. When using drops from fleas, the liquid is applied from the tube to the skin of the neck at the base of the skull and carefully rubbed into the skin. In this case, the drug penetrates into the blood vessels under the skin and spreads throughout the body, poisoning the fleas trying to suck blood and scaring them off. Some remedies require rubbing at several points along the spine. Капли от блох наносятся на кожу кота у основания черепа
  2. Spray from fleas must be applied to the entire coat of the animal from head to tail and for several hours not to let the cat lick and wash. After this, the animal should be redeemed. Part of the spray penetrates the fat glands and is released after a certain period of time from the skin, repelling fleas . После нанесения на тело кота спрея от блох несколько часов нельзя разрешать животному вылизываться
  3. With shampoo from flea cat should be bathed in the same way as with any other shampoo. It is important only to make sure that the foam does not hit the animal in the eyes. При мытье кота инсектицидным шампунем важно следить, чтобы пена не попала ему в глаза или рот

If suddenly in response to the use of a remedy for fleas from a cat there were signs of poisoning - dyspnea, coordination disorders, excessive salivation, vomiting - it is necessary to stop using the drug and show the cat to the doctor.

And it is necessary after removing the fleas from the cat should etch from them an apartment - almost certainly parasites and their larvae had time to take advantage of the corners for reproduction. If, after treatment of the animal, the apartment is not cleaned of parasites, fleas will soon start biting people or the same cat again. And the previous steps will have to be repeated anew.

On how to remove fleas from the apartment, read in a special section of our site - "Fleas in the apartment."

If you decide to fight against fleas on your own, then we recommend using only proven in practice tools that have shown their high efficiency:

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