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Fleas in a cat: how they look on the photo and how to deal with them

Если кошку одолели блохи

In most cases, fleas in cats belong to one of the most common types of fleas in general - cat flea or Ctenocephalides felis in Latin. This kind of insects actively parasitizes not only on cats, but also on other animals - dogs, rats, rabbits - and just as easily and freely feeds, at a convenient opportunity, human blood.

At the same time on cats you can meet other types of fleas - dog, rat, human, rabbit. However, for an ordinary owner of a mustached pet, all these fleas in a cat have one face - the difference between the species can only be viewed under a microscope. But from other parasitic insects these bloodsuckers differ strongly enough, therefore doubts that the cat are being harassed by fleas should not arise.

Так выглядит кошачья блоха при увеличении

It is interesting

In the choice of owners of fleas are generally unpretentious. One species can parasitize dozens or even hundreds of different animal species. The main thing is to keep the blood warm. Of the more than 2000 species of these parasites, there are only about 30 such that are very attached to one type of hosts and can not exchange it even for close relatives. As a rule, these species parasitize at-bats and are very narrowly specialized in habitats and reproduction.

Fleas in cats: appearance and photo

Externally, fleas in cats resemble very small, smooth and shiny grain of plants. If not for their mobility, many owners of cats would not even suspect at such points of insects.

Тело у блох гладкое и блестящее

In the photo below, several parasites on the skin of the animal among the wool are clearly visible: even with some increase in them, it is difficult to examine the feet and the head:

Блохи пьют кровь

A typical flea in a cat, regardless of the species, has a body length of about 2-3 mm. Different types of fleas differ from each other in the structure of the head and the number of bristles on the legs.

To consider in detail how fleas look in cats, you can only take an insect in your hands or put it under a microscope. In the photo you can see in detail how the flea looks like in a cat, and study the characteristic features of the body structure of this parasite:

Фотография кошачьей блохи под микроскопом

  • absence of wings - it is because of this that the insect is very difficult to catch, hold between fingers and crush
  • elongated in length and flattened from the sides of the body, ensuring the ease of movement between the hair of the host animal
  • very long hind legs, allowing to make giant for the size of the insect jumps
  • color of the body covers: all fleas that occur on cats have a dark brown or black color.

It was the leap of fleas that became a byword. An insect can make a jump that exceeds the length of its body by 150 times. If a person had such abilities, he could jump to a distance of 300 meters.

Jumps themselves are good signs for identifying fleas. If the tiny creature found on the animal's body simply disappears from where it was just now - it's like a flea. The human eye can not see the insect jump itself: we can only detect a parasite within a radius of 20-30 centimeters from the last place of its location.

Flea in a cat differs from other possible parasites in the following ways:

  • Small sizes - ordinary pliers several times larger
  • dark color and mobility - fleas and lice in cats are almost everywhere, but the louse has a light color of the body and is extremely inactive. Funniness distinguishes fleas from withers.

On a note

An additional difference between fleas and lice is the placement of parasites on the fur itself: fleas move around the skin, not climbing the hairs, and lice, on the contrary, sit mainly on the hairs of the animal.

Biology of the cat flea

All fleas in domestic cats have a similar biology in general. They are all obligate parasites, capable of eating only the blood of their hosts.

Взрослые особи блох питаются исключительно кровью

В экскрементах блох содержится непереваренная кровь

Reproduction of fleas occurs with complete transformation: the female lays a portion of eggs, from which in a few days vermiformes, unlike adult insects of the larva, are removed. They feed on either organic rotting remnants or the blood of adult insects left in the feces.

It is interesting:

The word "postpones" does not quite correctly characterize the way the eggs are spread by the female flea. She, rather, shoots them: eggs fly from the body of the insect in different directions with great speed. This ensures that there is no spread of eggs in sufficient area, the removal of one larva from another and the reduction of competition between them for food resources.

Photo of feline flea eggs:

На фото крупным планом показаны яйца блохи

Яйца блохи: натуральный размер

Photo of flea larvae :

А так выглядят личинки кошачьих блох

Фото крупным планом: личинка блохи

The fleas of a domestic cat themselves are present on her body all the time. They jump on the animal in order to feed, and leave it when they are full. Larvae develop in the litter of the nest of an animal or simply in piles of debris. On the cat itself, you can not find the larvae.

Variants, from where fleas are taken from cats, a lot:

  1. Infection from street animals.
  2. Attack of parasites living in rest areas or walking an animal: a cat can just lie down near a mouse hole, from which the insects jump on it.
  3. The presence of parasites in the house. As a rule, in this case parasites bite people.
  4. Accidental drift into the house of insects by a man - on clothes or with objects of everyday life.

Already these reasons are enough to understand that no animal, even completely domestic, is immune from parasite infestation.


"My Sonya never went out on the street. Once, two years ago, she was taken to our house with a cat. I was shocked when she saw fleas on her. Where does a cat flea , if it does not communicate with other animals? A veterinarian arrived, looked, and said that we have all the loggias in fleas. I could not believe it: it's unheated. But nevertheless, the doctor himself from the corners began to sweep the garbage and showed us the larvae of these filth. "

Julia, Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky

Fleas as carriers of dangerous diseases of cats

The most dangerous flea in biology is their connection with other parasites and pathogens of various diseases.

Блохи являются переносчиками гельминтов и опасных инфекций

So, fleas and worms in cats always exist side by side: eggs of worms are transferred by jumping parasites on the paws. And in the organism of a tiny parasite from one host to another, the pathogens move:

  • plague
  • brucellosis
  • typhus
  • rickettsiosis
  • anthrax
  • tularemia
  • salmonellosis
  • encephalitis

... and about 200 different diseases, among which - deadly for both cats themselves, and for people who hold them. Therefore, the condition of the pet should always be carefully monitored, and at the very first signs of the presence of parasites in it, start to fight them.

Signs that the pet has fleas

Find out if the cat has fleas, it's easy. Even with a small number of them on the body of animals, they already cause unambiguous symptoms:

  • itch - the cat begins to worry and itchs constantly
  • rashes on the skin between hairs in the form of red dots
  • dermatitis on the ground especially strong bites. This sign develops quite rarely and with prolonged parasitism of insects
  • severe anemia
  • The excrement of insects in the form of tiny black dots between hairs
  • and finally, the fleas themselves, subtle, but constantly seen visually in the wool.

Если кошка часто чешется - это может быть признаком наличия у нее блох

Usually itching alone and the constant anxiety of the animal makes it possible to understand what a cat has fleas. Unequivocally determine the fleas in a cat can a veterinarian after inspecting the pet.

On a note:

An indirect way to find out what a flea cat has is revealing helminthoses from it. Among the cat's worms there are those whose eggs are carried only by fleas, and therefore the identification of these parasites unambiguously testifies to the pelicosis in the animal.

Immediately after the detection of fleas in the cat must start to fight with small bloodsuckers.

Means of fighting fleas

If a domestic cat has fleas, you must first choose the right means for removing them and treat them with the animal. And after that it is necessary to clean the premises of parasites.

Today, there are many effective anti-fleeces. All of them can be divided into several basic types:

  • anti-flea collars - the most effective for preventing infection of a cat. It is convenient to put such a collar on a cat, which only occasionally and briefly goes out into the street. In this case, the remedy will effectively deter parasites. The disadvantages of collars are that they can cause irritation on the neck of the animal. The best known collars are Hartz, Beaphar, Bolfo. Ошейник от блох для кошек Hartz
  • Insecticidal drops on the withers are an effective tool for both destroying and deterring fleas. Very easy to apply - they just need to rub into the animal's skin to protect it from parasites for several weeks - but can be toxic. Very effective drops Advantix, Stronghold, Hartz. Капли от блох на холку для кошек Stronghold
  • Shampoos against fleas are the best remedy for cats. They have a very mild effect, are not toxic, effectively destroy parasites already present on the wool. Fleas in a pregnant cat are almost always removed with the help of shampoo. Quite popular shampoos are Celandine , Phytoelita, Lugovoi. Шампунь от блох Чистотел
  • Sprays from fleas are the most radical and quite toxic agents. They are used when there are too many fleas on an animal and they need to be etched quickly and immediately. They require very strict compliance with the instructions and have many contraindications. For example, fleas in a nursing cat or in kittens should not be excreted by any of these remedies. Спрей от блох Фронтлайн
  • Mechanical methods of flea removal: combing and catching fleas by hand. A very time-consuming and time-consuming method. But, for example, in kittens aged up to a month only with its help you can get rid of parasites.

Борьба с блохами механическим способом трудоемка и часто малоэффективна

In general, if a cat has fleas for the first time, it can be difficult to choose a remedy, because it is not always possible to predict if it will cause an allergy or not. It is not advisable to act by trial and error, but it is better to consult the veterinarian right away.

How to deal with fleas in cats

It is important to understand that if a cat has a flea, only by deducing their business is not limited. The fight against these parasites implies a whole sequence of actions:

  1. It is necessary to choose the right tool, focusing first of all on its safety for the pet.
  2. The tool itself must be applied in full compliance with the instruction.
  3. After this, it is necessary to carry out measures to remove insects from the premises. For this purpose, special aerosol insecticides are used.
  4. Ensure the prevention of infection by fleas and the pet, and the entire room in which it lives: lay out in the room branches of wormwood or use insecticide dust, wear an animal collar, monitor the cleanliness of the house.

In any case, if found in cats, fleas must either be changed, or thoroughly washed up with her stool, toilet and litter. It is in these places that parasites multiply with great probability, and they will become a place of secondary infection after insects are destroyed only on the animal.

If you decide to fight against fleas on your own, then we recommend using only proven in practice tools that have shown their high efficiency:

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  1. Masha :

    What terrible fleas!

  2. Tatiana :

    Today I discovered that my cat has some white little insects on the fur. They crawled all over my pillow! A pillow case in bleach, a cat in its place, but I can not sleep! It's bad for me, it all seems like someone creeps up on me. The whole Internet turned over, but I did not find any. They are like insects, do not jump, but just creep. So many of them! The cat is calm, it does not itch even.

  3. Varya :

    I tried various medications to lime fleas on two cats, stopped on the domestic drops Bars. They are not expensive and they last for several months. Shampoos and collars do not give such an effect, they are more like additional protection. With the spray, we did not become friends, unfortunately, he is very problematic in the application.

  4. Maria :

    Varya, what you are writing, in Barmetrine permethrin, he is very poisonous and many cats are poisoned with a fatal outcome.
    The same goes for most domestic shampoos, sprays and powder - permethrin in the composition. In foreign preparations for a long time have refused it or him.
    I recommend drops Advantage - without restrictions.

    • Sergey :

      You are advertising Hartz here, but in the United States against the products of this company, a website has been created, to victims, that is, to animals that have died or suffered from the use of collars or drops of this company. I advise you to be careful and do not risk your pets.

  5. Nyuta :

    Help! I took a kitten in the village, the fleas simply swarmed. It seems to have led, but in the room it's just horror, I can not sleep. Already bought wormwood, however, in a pharmacy, dry, because now it's winter and nowhere to snatch. What should I do? Save!

    • Tatyana Loginova :

      We somehow also could not get rid of fleas, then as a result, we dispelled a whole bottle of shampoo from fleas and wet the whole floor. The palace had to remove everything. After two hours I came home and washed clean water. And, oh miracle, the fleas were gone. And so for about a month they were tormented, all my legs gnawed me, it was summer, wormwood drills too, there was no sense from it at all.

  6. Natalie :

    Frontline spray can be used from the 2-day age.

  7. Christina :

    We took a cat (kitten), she had fleas, we took out shampoo and it still itches. I did not think that there would be such problems with the cat, I wanted a cat for a long time, but now it would be better if we did not take it. But we love her very much and so no one can throw her away ... She goes to bed every night, always shaking her, and now she understands what I'm doing right. She sleeps with her brother or her mother. We had a cat in a private house (now we are in the apartment). So he always walked, every night left, and nothing - there were no fleas. And no one bit us.

    • Tanya :

      If a cat has lice, I sleep with it: they will not cross me? And how to get them out?

    • Mind :

      How can a question be raised about throwing a pet out of the street because of BLOUS? Are you out of your mind, in general? Remove your child from the window if he suddenly has a cold!

  8. Christina :

    And now her skin really began to itch. And so many problems. When they took her, they did not bathe for a long time, for a very long time and now I understand what a mistake it was. I do not know what to do, how to take them out of the apartment. Prompt! When she was taken out of her fleas, they jumped around, and now they spread, probably. I do not know what to do. And I was not so afraid when I thought that they did not bite a man! And now I learned that they can still bite a man, now I can not walk normally around the apartment at all. Tell me, but they can live like lice (human) in the head of the owner and just bite?

  9. Vasya :

    Throw out all the cats and dogs from the apartments, especially if you have children. This is a constant source of infection in the house.

    • Stanislav :

      Infections within reasonable limits are the source of immunity. No need to throw out anyone. Care is needed for pets, that's what.

    • Anonymous :

      Go to hell, Vasya. What the garbage: throw out of the house? If the child has lice from the kindergarten or from the school, will you also throw it away? All insects are removed, there is nothing terrible.

    • Anonymous :

      Vasilissa, close your mouth, and go throw yourself!

  10. Victoria :

    People! Why do you think that you are worthy to live, and the beasts are not? You need to take care of them, but do not throw them away! And the infection - yes, you too much more than yourself. I hate those who offend animals.

  11. Diane :

    Hello! I am 10 years old. Our cat had fleas. Do not know how! Either picked up on the street, or else where ... The pups are all in bites, the cat was bought a collar, a week ago they washed all the linens and sorted the mattresses. And again they appeared, but there are fewer bites. And thank God, no larva ... What to do?

  12. Natalia :

    God, I'm so scared. From the balcony heard the squeals of kittens, decided to look for, found the kittens, they had 3 days total. The cat died, apparently right after delivery! I felt sorry for them, took them home, raised them and distributed them later. But after a couple of days I found out they had fleas, washed everyone, and I still have my half-year-old cat, I'm afraid that he will pick up. What to do, tell me? Will they stay at home? I'm on my fourth month of pregnancy. People, I ask you, help.

    • Anonymous :

      Hello, we also took a fluffy kitten, but they can not be treated anything until they do not weigh 1 kg. I had to comb it out. She took a comb from fleas, put the kitten on her knees and combed it for three hours. Today I found again fleas on an already grown cat, my colleague advised me to comb the comb with a comb moistened with a solution of balsamic vinegar. For two liters one lid of balsamic vinegar and scratch. Good luck and patience to you!

  13. Inna :

    In my experience I will allow myself to give advice to all those who are confused by the appearance of fleas in animals and in the house. Wash the animal with shampoo from fleas, etc., then dilute this shampoo, not necessarily the whole bottle, in a bucket of water. Wipe with this solution carpets, floors, skirting and near them - especially, and you will be satisfied with the result. Shampoo should be, of course, good. If it helps the animal, then everything will be all right in the house. Then put a flea collar on the animal. Fleas can be easily picked up in the grass, so the collar and pet help you!

    As for the procedure with the animal - it is better to wash the wash after a week. It will not be superfluous.

    THE MAIN THING! Do not forget to protect small children after processing the floor, carpets and others. After all, they crawl and always pull their fingers and toys into their mouths. All good and love! )

  14. Camille :

    Hello, do not need any shampoos and other useless and not tested means! The best solution is OIL. Fleas disappear without a trace, the main thing - clean the room. Economically, and most importantly - effectively. I advise everyone!

  15. Vano :

    Tell me, are eggs themselves, larvae and pupae borne? So is it possible to bring it home in clothes, for example, if it accidentally sticks? I spent the night in a house with a man who has a cat, and fell asleep on the couch, on which she often jumps. Could I, having fallen asleep on, say, on a pillow, where could there be fleas or their eggs and larvae, bring all this home?

  16. Olya :

    I'm so afraid of all these parasites, we therefore always have a cat in a collar of fleas, and spray it even further on its pillow and cat for preventive purposes - we live outside the city and the cat walks wherever it wants. I'm very much afraid that I will pick someone up ...

  17. Vlad :

    I read the comments and I burn with you! Bought a drop of fleas, dumped the cat and put the collar on. In the apartment they themselves will rest, because they need to eat, and the cat has already been processed. That is, they will eat poison! And then the panic was dissolved, do you have a car flea?

  18. Olga :

    Hello, I read your comments and understand you well. Today I washed my cat and found black small dots. And when I saw, immediately surprised and climbed the Internet, I found many different means. And I decided to buy shampoo from fleas. After 2 weeks, everything passed.

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