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All about bed bugs and methods of dealing with domestic insects

Welcome to the site, which is entirely devoted to the methods of fighting insects in the apartment, and above all with bed bugs! Here you can find comprehensive information on ridding your home of bedbugs and approach the issue, as they say, fully armed.

But why is this topic still relevant? After all, the 21st century is already in the courtyard, and domestic bugs still alarm people. Although it would seem that raising the standard of living and hygiene as a whole should have long led to the complete destruction of these insects, at least in the cities.

But statistics show that this is not the case: hundreds and thousands of apartments in large cities are still teeming with domestic bugs, and people are actively trying to get rid of them. And no one is immune from the appearance of bedbugs in the apartment: they can get into the house along with imported furniture (including new from the store), on the folds of clothes when returning from work or after visiting a warehouse, and they can even just run across from their neighbors .

Anyway, when the bugs appear in the apartment, the tenants immediately have a question - how to get rid of them and what means to destroy the bugs to choose? It is important to understand that not only the comfort in your home, but also the health of you and your loved ones directly depends on the correctness of the answers to these simple questions and their timely resolution.

Actually, we will talk about homebugs and effective methods of getting rid of them on the pages of this site. But first things first…

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Bed bugs are often also referred to as household or bed bugs. They have a flattened body shape, the size of an adult individual is on average from 3 to 8 mm, and strongly depends on the insect's saturation with blood.

The bed bugs have a flexible segmented body, which increases their resistance to mechanical compression. The wings are absent, the color of insects varies from dirty yellow to red-brown, depending on how long the bug used to feed on blood.

Фотографии постельных клопов

Eggs of bed bugs have a size of about 1 mm, have a white color, which, as it matures, turns into golden. To detect the laying of such eggs is sometimes quite difficult. The female bug sticks eggs to various surfaces with the help of special mucus. During the day, the female on average lays 5 eggs each, and in her entire life - about 250-500 eggs.

Яйца постельных клопов

Bedbug larvae hatch from eggs on average in 5-20 days, depending on the room temperature. At first, the larvae are white; as they grow, they often molt and become golden in color. They can fast for a very long time - up to 18 months.

Личинки постельного клопа и их жизненный цикл

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Cockroaches in the apartment


If the bugs for some people are some kind of exotic, then cockroaches for many are much more common insects, and for some - almost native. When there are many of them in the house and tentative attempts by tenants to get rid of parasites do not work, cockroaches can become so familiar “interior element” that they no longer cause disgust or desire to grab the nearest sneaker.

This situation is unacceptable. Today, a person does not need to rack their brains, thinking about how to get rid of cockroaches in an apartment - there are a large number of quite affordable and effective means on the market to destroy them. Therefore, the presence of cockroaches in the house for a long time can partly speak about the disdainful attitude of the owners to the rules of hygiene and their health in general.

If you seriously decided to get rid of cockroaches and are looking for something more effective than regular boric acid, in this case, welcome to the section of the site related to cockroaches.

Reviews of effective modern tools, instructions for use, reviews - all this will help to quickly become a real owner in your home, not giving this place to insects.

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How to get rid of fleas


Fleas can also become unpleasant and often unexpected guests in an apartment, which appear even in houses where animals have not been kept for a long time. Not everyone knows, but fleas and their larvae can feel great and actively reproduce, biting only a person - and they don’t necessarily need a cat or dog in the apartment.

It is often more difficult to get rid of fleas in an apartment than from cockroaches: the lack of knowledge of the biology of these insects affects most people, as well as the small size of pests and their ability to multiply very quickly. Sometimes there are cases when one unclean apartment or a neglected basement are flea breeding grounds in an entire apartment building.

How to get fleas out of the house and what to do if they are got from your cat or dog, which flea remedies are most effective and how to use them correctly - read more about all this in the “Fleas” section of our website.

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How to get ants out of the apartment

Домашние муравьи

Against the background of the fight against bedbugs and fleas, the presence of red domestic ants in the apartment may seem like a minor nuisance. However, this is only a seeming harmlessness that will last only until the ant colony in the apartment (and beyond) expands to an impressive size, having organized a network of interconnected anthills. Such a network of anthills is also called the super-grass, and when it is formed, it will be very problematic to get rid of household ants to the owner of a single apartment.

At the same time, as with other insects, not every insecticidal agent will be effective from ants. So, for example, not everyone takes into account that when removing them from an apartment, you must first focus on the means that will get rid of the uterus of domestic ants, because it is she who continuously and at high speed produces more and more of their hordes.

Well, since you are reading this text, then the matter remains for the small - take a look at the “Ants” section of our website and see how to get ants out of an apartment and what means for this should be used first. After studying the relevant information, getting rid of ants will be only a matter of time for you.

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How to get rid of moths


Another unexpected guest in the house is often the mole - an inconspicuous insect, but who loves to eat not only cereals in the kitchen (food mole), but also an expensive fur coat in the closet (clothes moth). And usually it turns out that, having noticed one or two moths of moths in an apartment, at best, the owners will find the strength to rise from the sofa and nail insects with a newspaper. Only tenants who have learned from bitter experience are immediately taken to inspect all cabinets with things and stocks of food - and they do it right, as butterflies usually start to pester only when the moth larvae are already teeming somewhere in the room and are massively preparing to “get on the wing”.

It is necessary to get rid of the moth wisely: illiterate spraying of drugs in the kitchen can threaten food poisoning, and processing clothes in the closet - irreparably damaged things. In addition, when choosing a moth remedy, in addition to the features of its biology, it is also important to take into account a number of standard points regarding insect repellents in general.

For example, some anti-moth products have a very unpleasant, persistent odor, and it is better to know about this in advance, as there are always equally effective and not so odorous preparations. There are very toxic products that can get rid of moths that can lead to insecticide poisoning, but there are also many drugs that effectively destroy moths and are relatively safe for humans and animals.

You can learn about how to effectively and safely get rid of moths in the apartment and in the kitchen in the section of our website “How to get rid of moths”. There you can find a lot of useful information and in relation to the funds that should be used for this.

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Порошки для уничтожения тараканов: обзор эффективных средств

Often, experienced cockroach fighters purposefully look for insecticides in the form of powders, while ignoring aerosol preparations, gels, and sticky traps. And this has its own logic: first, the people of the old school remember the poisonous Soviet dust, from which not only cockroaches, but even mold on the ceilings died out. Secondly, many cockroach powders can be bought relatively inexpensively, and the effect, when properly used, can be really high. And, finally, most of the powdered drugs used for baiting cockroaches are practically odorless and do not emit harmful substances into the atmosphere (which is not true, for example, of many eerily smelling aerosol products). Let's see how, in general, insecticidal powders are good in fighting cockroaches in practice and see what are the most effective among such drugs ...

Белые тараканы в квартире – что это за альбиносы такие?

A meeting with a white cockroach in an apartment for many people is a big surprise: a red insect will surprise few people, but a strange translucent albino can be perceived almost as a mutant that has emerged from the sewers or has become such from the use of toxic chemicals. In fact, everything is not so scary - let's see why domestic cockroaches are sometimes white and how this is explained from a biological point of view ...

Дихлофос и его применение от тараканов: отзывы и инструкция

At one time, in the absence of worthy counterparts, Dichlorvos, as a means of cockroaches, was so popular that its name became a common name among the people - even today aerosol insecticides in cylinders are often referred to as Dichlorvos in the old manner, even if the drug has nothing to do with brand name. And we must pay tribute to the old Soviet Dikhlofos: he worked really well, and mowed cockroaches reliably. Today, the market can be found in the sale of new modern dichlorvos (Varan, Neo, Eco, etc.) - let's see whether they have become better, whether they can effectively kill cockroaches and than, in fact, differ from each other ...


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